How A Student’s Illustrated Map Showcased Lincoln Park

Brooke Robinson is a DePaul junior geography student who created an illustrated map of Lincoln Park to help incoming freshmen find their way around the school campus and the residential areas along Lincoln. Little did she know that the map will be featured by the Department of Geography and shown throughout the entire school.

Robinson who is a mentor at the Honors Program wanted to provide something useful to freshmen for their first quarter at college. Since the DePaul Geography Student Association had a table reserved for the Involvement Fair, Robinson realized she can give the maps to the freshmen. Most of the professors who attended the fair saw Robinson’s useful map. They suggested for it to be featured as Map of the Month for the Department of Geography. The project started in September 2013 when a map made by a student was chosen to be displayed.

Most of the maps made in the past used poverty and employment in Chicago as their inspiration while others explored the city’s agriculture and energy consumption. Robinson’s map was the first useful map intended to help freshmen. Robinson wanted the freshmen to see DePaul in Lincoln Park from the perspective of a peer, not from the official map that can be found on the school’s website.

The map in the school’s website is focused on prospective students and their parents including visitors who plan to see the campus. Robinson’s map is for students who are not yet familiar with DePaul campus and the Lincoln Park area. There are some things included in Robinson’s map that you will not find elsewhere like shortcuts. Most people do not know that there is hallway connecting the library to SAC or an alley between Clifton and Munroe/Belden that can quickly get you to Racine Avenue.

Navigating the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park is not easy even with the help of the phone’s GPS particularly if you have never been to the place. With the help of Illustrated Maps, students can explore what is around them without getting lost. When an illustrated map is about a city, it highlights landmarks and buildings along the area so that you can easily identify your present location.