How A Parade Of Wedding Super Cars Paralyzed A City In Romania

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It is not only in Perth where wedding limousines are the trend because in Romania, a town went on a standstill when a convoy of super cars from Ferraris to Lamborghinis lined the streets. Petrosani is one of the poorest cities of Romania that turned into a party mode for a wedding celebration of a couple whose names were not mentioned.

More than 700 guests arrived in the most luxurious and expensive cars for the opulent wedding which obviously overwhelmed the city. Super cars that include Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Humvees lined the streets and paralyzed traffic. As the anonymous bride and groom rode through town in a white carriage adorned by Romanian flags and pulled by two black stallions, all the traffic lights were switched off.

According to Romanian websites, music could be heard several neighborhoods away. What paralyzed the town was the performance of Gypsy pop stars Florin Salam and Nicholas Guta. The local websites did not mention the names of the bride and groom but it is very obvious that their wedding was the most lavish and luxurious event that the small city of Petrosani has ever experienced.

True to their Romanian roots, footage of the wedding scene showed a group of Romanian men sitting at the back of a modest blue pick-up truck wildly waving the flag of their nation.

According to Romanian website Gazeta de Dimineata that police did not have the proper authorization to shut down the town for the wedding celebration. The police were very lenient with the wedding couple and their party and in fact, the parade of super cars was led by a police car driven by the town’s deputy.