Holiday Season Means More Cardboard Boxes To Recycle

Many people buy packing boxes online because it is more convenient than going to physical stores. Packing boxes are usually referred to as cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes. Most of the boxes that are being offered online are 100% recycled to save the environment. Corrugated boxes have between 75% and 90% recycle rate.

Most of the cardboard boxes in recycling centres are composed of moving boxes and shipping boxes. Because of the overwhelming popularity of online shopping, more cardboard boxes are being shipped to residences than before. According to the projections of National Retail Federation, online shopping for this holiday season will increase by 15% over last year while overall holiday retail buying will increase by at least 4%. These means there will be more corrugated boxes, paper and packages. Add to that the growing number of moving boxes that are discarded after serving their purpose.

Before the holiday season formally begins, Regional Recycling will launch an education production on cardboard recycling for residential customers in Pulaski County who recycle regularly. The education program is very timely because of the increase in cardboard boxes every holiday season due to holiday gifts and direct-to-consumer shipping by online retailers.

The goal of the campaign is to inform residents that their used cardboard boxes will be picked up by Waste Management for recycling. Residents must break up and flatten the cardboards in preparation for pick up.

To reach residential consumers more effectively, Regional Recycling plans to use direct mail that is printed on recycled paper, television, social media platforms and how-to information on the specially created holiday website. Route drivers of Waste Management will help in the campaign by picking up stacks of flattened cardboard boxes that are placed next to the recycling carts during the regular recycling days.

There is nothing wrong about using recycled boxes when you are moving or relocating. Most of the packing boxes online are products of the recycling efforts of communities. 100% recycled packing boxes are available in different sizes, styles and configurations so that it will match with your specific needs. For example, there are moving boxes for glassware as well as tea chest cardboard boxes.