Funeral Directors Take On Gun Violence And How They Cope

Funeral home directors may be used to facing deceased but they shared how they are feeling as everyone else when it comes to the rampant homicides happening and ending the lives of a number of young men residing in Birmingham.

According to the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church located in West Blocton, Korie J. Anderson, as a child of God, they cannot fathom how hard it is for a parent to be the one burying their own child. The sentiment is expressed by the pastor who also happens to be a licensed funeral director working for Aubrey Bushelon Funeral Directing and Cremation located in East Birmingham. He added that he is sad of the fact that such young lives are taken suddenly and he is bothered by the lengths people will go to just because of senseless reasons.

The president and owner of Arrington Funeral Home Inc., Rachel Arrington, also shared her sentiments and expressed that the killings are not only senseless but it also continues to happen in even higher number of incidents. She is now wondering why the killings continue to happen. The events might not be happening to her personally but in a community where everyone knows everyone, she is more concerned than ever. Despite her job and the title she carries, she is adamant to express than any human being with compassion and care will be able to know that the killings are senseless.

The Davenport and Harros Funeral Home’s president, Marion Sterling, admitted that she has never in his profession such young bodies covered with bullets. The victims are only between 15 and 17 years old which are still young. He now questions the effect it has on the spirit of those who have witnessed such crimes.

For the last three years, Birmingham’s homicides have increased by 80 per cent. Since 2006, the city is now almost to three digits in record of the number of crimes. Statistics from the Birmingham Police Department revealed that in 2016 there were 92 homicides while there were only 51 in 2014. These killings are the reason why funeral home directors are bothered and concerned. This is not surprising because a funeral director in Rockingham would also feel the same way if it were to happen in the community.