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Fishing Enthusiast Voiced Opposition Against Plan To Release Virus On Pest Fish

You may have heard of various pests being treated by a pest control in Newcastle but none have received so much concern as the plan to reduce the population of fish carps which are considered as pest. Many people view carps as pest living in the waters which are one of the causes why the rivers are clogging up and inflicts harm on native fish species that are found in the country.

Others think that carps are one form of natural resources that are not utilized properly as they can be exported and used in fighting for entertainment.

This is the reason why there are many who are concerned about the plan of the government to reduce the population of the carp in a considerable amount. Many are alarmed because they are proposing to release a herpes virus that can travel on water.

Michael Graham who is also known as Mick in their community is a carp fisherman who is passionate about these fishes. He is calling to the government that they should think about their proposal once more.

Fueled by his passion, he started a local Facebook group last year which is called Aussie Carp Fishos. The group aims to be a channel for fishermen who enjoy carp fishing as much as he does. Through the group they were able to exchange ideas regarding their fishing yarns as well as compare their catch for the day. This is the one place where they can communicate without being criticized for their passion.

He shared that he used to love posting about his catch online but he always received negative comments afterwards.

Currently, the page has hundreds of members all over the country but majority of them are from Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Maitland.

In New South Wales, carp is included in the class three of fishes that are harmful or poisonous. It means that there is no legal requirement in destroying them as soon as they are caught.

Mick is voicing his concern regarding the method of pest control in Newcastle that will be released as per the order of the government. He said that once the herpes virus has been released in the water, there will be nothing they can do about it.