First Michelin Guide In Bangkok Released

Bangkok is a food haven because, aside from the local Thai cuisine, there is a variety of international cuisine available in the city. Many tourists are staying in hotel near Arabic food Bangkok while others prefer to stay in hotels close to street food centres. It is no wonder that Michelin decided to release a food guide for Thailand, the very first in the country.

According to the international director of Michelin, Michael Ellis, it has been more than a year since the tasters went to around 500 different food establishments in order to determine the published list. The original list was gathered by the team from blogs, local reviews and everything published by media. Aside from these sources, the tasters also got first-hand information from the servers, local bakers, the butchers and the chefs. They are not just inspectors but they mainly did detective work. The good news is that they are being paid to investigate.

Food enthusiasts learned about the food scene of Bangkok after a number of the best restaurants in the city received a high ranking from Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ inaugural edition back in 2012. In the previous year, there were nine restaurants included on the list.

From there, the number of sophisticated diners continued to increase. The younger generation of Thailand is more adventurous and has travelled more than the previous generations therefore their preference in taste is quite advanced as well. There are also big changes with farmers of the produce and the suppliers of ingredients.

Gone are the days when ingredients are hard to import. Chefs these days have connections with local farmers that are happy to grow specific produce for their business.

For the 2018 list of Michelin Guide Bangkok, there are 14 restaurants that received 1 star rating while three restaurants were given the 2 stars rating. No restaurants in the country received the 3 stars rating.

One of the questions people have even those working in hotel near Arabic food Bangkok involves the star rating given to a local food stall but Ellis answered that the quality of the food and the price based on street food standard is considered a luxury.