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Essential Equipment For Similan Islands Diving

When you go for Similan islands diving, never go down without these essential gears. Not only will they make your diving a more enjoyable one, these must-haves will also make your diving escapade a whole lot safer.

  • A reliable mask will not only protect your eyes from salt-water, it will also allow you to marvel on the beauty that lies beneath the waters.
  • Wetsuit or drysuit. The type of suit you will wear will depend whether you will be diving in cold or warm water. Warmer waters require wetsuit which is made of neoprene rubber that acts as an insulator that traps heat in the body. A thicker wetsuit, on the other hand, is needed in colder waters.
  • A regulator is also an essential equipment in Similan islands diving. It regulates air supply from the demand valve when air is taken in thru the mouthpiece. A second demand valve is also attached to the regulator for you or a peer diver can use as an alternative air supply. The regulator is attached to an air cylinder by a hose worn at the diver’s back.
  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD). A BCD is a jacket connected to your air cylinder thru an inflator hose. While at the water surface, an ample supply of air is injected into the jacket to keep you afloat. As you dive underwater, the amount of air is adjusted, whether by adding or lessening the amount to ensure that you will not rise or sink. This science is called neutral buoyancy.
  • Weight belt. This gear is also called integrated weights. It is worn around the waist and functions to keep the diver at a steady, intended depth. A weight belt can also be used with BCDs with pockets.
  • Gauges are important life-saving equipment when you do Similan islands diving. A gauge will tell you how much air you have including how deep you are in the water. Some gauges include temperature reading and a compass.

Fins. They are worn by divers to gain more freedom in movement and control while under the sea. Moving underwater can be quite a challenge without the help of fins.