Ensure That Your Pool Will Not Be A Place Of Tragedy Through Pool Fence

Glazing Vision ensures that pool enclosures are designed to completely eliminate the risks of falling on the pool accidentally. Aside from being a protective enclosure, the tough 12mm glass is designed to enhance the aesthetics of the pool environment. Glass does not distract you from the view of the surroundings and you do not have to worry about the fragility of the glass enclosure.

A pool is a great place to relax, hangout and cool down but it is also a place where there is a high risk for tragedy to occur. A safety fence should always be installed around the pool with a closed and locked gate particularly when there is no adult supervision at all times.

For pool owners installing a fence mean a big investment because it can cost more than a thousand dollars but this summer season alone more than 3 dozen children have died due to drowning accidents. According to Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, Dallas-Fort Worth accounts for 14 of these fatalities.

Four of the most recent drowning incidents that took place in the last three weeks are siblings who died in an apartment pool. According to the report of Consumer Product and Safety Commission, on the average more than 20 children in the United States drown in pools and spas during the Fourth of July holiday week. Either Texans have to keep a very close watch on the children while swimming in the pool or pool owners must install pool fences.

Pool fences do not have to be very expensive. There are different types of fences to choose from. A permanent wrought iron fence can be expensive at $20 to $100 a foot but a mesh fence usually costs about $16 to $20 a foot. Another cost cutting solution is to buy a pool fence in the off-season to save at least $100 or more from professional installation fees.

If you are particularly good with your hammer drill, you have the option of cheaper DIY pool fences at around $7 a foot. On the other hand, cost does not matter as long you have peace of mind that your pool will not be a place for a tragedy to occur.