Enhance The Look Of Your Kitchen Through A Glass Splashback

Splashbacks can add a wow factor to your kitchen. If you have not heard of splashback, it is the protective surface on the kitchen that is installed as protection from water, greasy marks and splatters. Installing a splashback in the kitchen can be practical and the aesthetics of your kitchen can be enhanced when glass is used instead of other materials.

Tiles are actually the more common choice for splashbacks because of the wide range of designs available. A homeowner has a choice from mosaics to full porcelain slab tiles that measure at least 3 meters in length. When the right grout is used during the installation of tiles, it can be easy to clean. On the other hand, according to Ingrid Geldof, a Christchurch-based kitchen designer, if cheap grout is used by the tile installer, the splashback may become harder to clean. There will be a need for sealing if epoxy grout is not used.

If the tile chosen is porous or textured, maintenance will be more difficult. Porous tiles are more prone to staining from cooking splashes and get dirty easily. Many homeowners opt for marble because it looks elegant and classy but real marble is an example of a porous material that easily absorbs color and grease. Porcelain tiles that are manufactured to look like marble are easier to care for.

Glass splashbacks can enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen particularly when color is baked on glass.  An interesting modern look can be created in the kitchen when a gold leaf is laminated in between two layers of glass. According to Geldof, if you want something special with the glass splashback, put some lighting behind the translucent glass. You can either use a LED for side lighting or a LED strip to make the splashback look amazing.

Splashbacks perform a fairly basic function but through glass suppliers in Melbourne, you have a material that can easily change the look of kitchen. Glass can easily be wiped down with a piece of cloth to remove cooking stains, streaks and dirt. Glass does not need any special attention to make sure that it is properly sealed against moisture.