Dulux Academy Now Open For Painters And Decorators

AkzoNobel is the parent company of Dulux Trade which is a brand of professional paint in the market. In March of last year, it opened up the very first academy dedicated for painters and decorators in the United Kingdom. The official opening was led by Priti Patel, the Minister of State for Employment.

The academy will be providing over 4,000 decorators as well as apprentices the opportunity to be able to improve their skills every year by learning new skills and techniques. They will be getting expert advice and will be working alongside experts themselves in order to learn more about paint applications and coverings. Through the workshops and lessons, they will be able to understand better the importance of sustainability, design and color.

The Academy will also provide the decorators with various skills which they can use in different stages of their respective careers. Through the courses for marketing and business, they will be able to operate and market a successful business.

The school will also be offering the students a qualification developed by Dulux Academy which will be the first in the country – it is called City & Guilds Level 3 certificate in Color, Design and Professional Decorating. They will not only be training current professionals but also those who wanted to be included in the latest generation of painters and decorators in the industry. This will help upgrade the standards of the job and acknowledge the fact that there is shortage of skills in the country.

The academy will also be partnering with colleges all over the nation so they can have 350 different workplaces for incoming students to rally the next generation of decorators and painters. Tutors chosen at every college will be able to learn regarding the latest products in the market, the design technology and methods used. These learning will then be passed on the students.

According to a report published by Construction Industry Training Board, there is a high demand for skilled labors such as in the area of interior and painting and decorating. But at the end of 2104, KPMG released a report that the construction sector should improve its training by 51 per cent in order to meet the required demand until 2017. The Academy is a great way for new generation of painters and decorators in reading to improve their skills and be an addition to the current workforce.