Digital Maps Now Utilized By Ambulance

In a recent meeting that was held by the board members of the Nodaway County Ambulance District, they have decided on another important decision that will improve the health care services in the form of digital maps which will be used by the drivers of their ambulance vehicles.

In an attempt to start the digitalization, the county has purchased six units of iPads that comes with OtterBox cases. The approval was given by the Midwest Computer located in Platte City and the total purchase bill was $4,121.94 which is said to be lowest of all the bids submitted.

During the meeting which was held last month, the board had already talked about the option of using a program for the electronic mapping which was developed by Midland GIS. The developer is also the same administrator that is serving the 911 hotline in the county. The recommendation came from Rex Wallace who is the current assessor of the Nodaway County. As of the moment, the crews of the ambulance are using printed plat map book. There was a recent incident wherein the north county residence that is located near Wilcox has been plotted in the wrong location on the map. It caused a distress call after the ambulance has to travel back to the right location thereby doubling the usual response time.

The district staffs of the ambulance are now under training headed by the Midland GIS on how to use the new program. Once they have completed the training, the iPads will then be placed in every ambulance used by the county.

According to Bill Florea who is the current District Manager of Operations of the Nodaway County Ambulance, the digital map will help the crew to pinpoint the location more accurately. Every address on has a representative dot on the map which pinpoints to the exact location of the building or place.

Florae also shared how it is before the introduction of the plat book. The situation was much worse because the passenger have to check on a large map illustration of the county while it is opened on the vehicle’s dash board to be used as reference day and night in order to get to the right location.