Difference Of 4 Star Resort In Pattaya From 5 Star

Ordinary tourists and travellers who may not have a background on hotel industry may not see the difference between a 5 star hotel and a 4 star resort in Pattaya. Without the expertise, one can easily say that the two are just the same with hairline difference on their amenities and services. However, with a closer look, you can tell that there are major differences between the two. Here are some of those differences.

  • It is a must in a 5 star hotel to offer valet parking, 24-hour reception, concierge and 24-hour room service. On the other hand, these are not compulsory in a 4 star hotel. They are available upon request and not automatically offered.
  • 5 star hotels need to have at least one restaurant that offers gourmet dishes and full meals to its guests and non-residents for 7 days a week. While restaurants are also available in 4 star hotels, they are not expected to offer full meals although guests can order meals upon request.
  • The amenities found in 4 star resort in Pattaya is largely similar with a 5 star hotel with minor yet noticeable differences. A 4 star hotel for instance, would have upscale amenities such as king size beds, pillow-top mattresses, fully stocked minibars, extra seating and branded toiletries. However, in a 5 star hotel, one would find double vanities, marble or granite bathrooms, sound-proofed and surround sound rooms with drapes controlled electronically.
  • 5 star hotels must offer luxury suites with three separate rooms for bedroom, lounge and bathroom. While these can be offered in 4 star hotels, these are not necessarily offered unless requested by guests.
  • 5 star hotels offer higher ratio of staff per guest and their services are automatic, not merely requested. For 4 star hotels, the hotel staff attending to guests are lesser and usual services are provided upon request.
  • 5 star hotels are generally higher in accommodation rates compared to a 4 star resort in Pattaya. If you are conscious of your budget and the slight difference will not bother you, a 4 star hotel would be a practical choice.