Construction Of Family Dream House Halted By Construction Problems

Greece, NY — April 13, 2015 — Everyone dreams of the perfect home where they can settle in and grow old. Some people’s dream homes have already been built and they would only need to look for homebuilder’s display homes for sale. Most people, on the other hand, would want to have their dream houses built so that they could put every detail they want into it.

But what happens when you do decide to get your dream house built but in the midst of its construction, problems with the contractor led you to decide to stop the building the process when you have already spent too much on it?

This is exactly what happened to a family who hired a contractor to build their dream house in Greece.

Paul Lonnen had only wanted to build the home of his dream where he and his family could happily live. Unfortunately, that all became a big mess when he decided to hire the wrong contractor.

He and his wife had hired a builder last spring to build the house of their dreams but months after the finish date, the house has still not been completed. Paul said that he had been very generous with time even though they had their suspicions at first; they still gave the contractor some time.

Unfortunately for the contractor, Carl Webber of the Webber Enterprises, Paul Lonnen backed out of the project when he finally realized that their house was never going to be built.

Now the biggest issue here is that Lonnen wants Webber Enterprises to return the money he had given for the construction which is about $30, 000 but Carl Webber refuses to do so.

There was an intervention from the Rochester Home Builder’s Association through its vice president, Rick Harmon. Harmon went to the property and a code inspector posted a violation for outdoor storage of junk and debris from the town of Greece.

Harmon contacted Webber and he admitted that there was a problem with their investor that is why they couldn’t resume the construction and they plan on filing for bankruptcy. Webber Enterprises and Development was officially out of business.
Through Harmon, Webber had finally spoken to Lonnen and he promised to return the money for the orders that hadn’t been bought yet.