Changing Your Lifestyle With Home Automation

If you are a fan of The Jetsons, a space age show that is quite a favorite in America, then you might remember how the smart homes are operated in there. The robots are utilized as household helps while the appliances inside the house can be controlled through speech recognition. The smart home that we used to dream of in The Jetsons is now becoming more and more possible because of the introduction of modern solutions such as smart access, smart lighting as well as smart gateways. We might hear the term often but what does smart entails?

Before heading on to the topic of smart homes, let us first get the foundation clear to have a better idea of the landscape. Home automation is not considered as a new discovery since it has been a floating idea for a number of decades. The fact is that it has already been installed in our daily lives as we do our everyday routine. If you look at your surroundings, you will see the basic of home automation through the appliances you operate such as microwave ovens, air conditioning, washing machines and many more.

With the discovery of The Internet of Things or more commonly known as IoT, home automation has become a greater possibility because it has opened up to a lot of ideas. Nowadays, homes are not only connected but also secured and these are all easier to operate because of technology. IoT is simply a mixture of different technology interfaces that are operating together to make sure that human efforts are not needed in performing daily tasks.

Specifically for 2016, IoT has broken the conversation barriers and these things are now made possible. New names are cropping up with their innovative technology that will make homes more compatible when connected to different mobile devices, no matter the time, no matter where you are and with less effort.

The technology might be viewed by many as a luxury but because of the rise in adoption, a trickledown effect was witnessed in the ecosystem. Based on the latest report made by Nasscom, IoT in the Indian market is expected to increase at $15 billion in 2020 from its current value of $5.6 billion. Consumers are now able to make their homes automated through the packages for home automation that are offered by various companies.