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Topeka Art Gallery Partnered With Local Artists

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A new collaboration was created between five artists from Topeka and the Topeka Zoo animals. This new challenge will test their creative spirits. The resulting crafted artwork will then be displayed at the local art gallery for the First Friday Artwalk for the month of March.

The work of the local artists will feature the animals which they have been partnered with to create a painting. These will then be featured at the NexLynx Gallery of Art located at 123 S.W. 6th. The display will start at 5 AM until 8 Pm on Friday.

According to the President of NexLynx, Lee Ryan, the concept is that the zoo animals will be the one to make the base painting and it is the artist’s task to enhance the painting. They came up with this idea only last year while they were discussing with officials from the zoo. The business of Ryan is active when it comes to supporting the local zoo.

The list of five artists with their partner animals follows below:

– Staci Dawn will be working with Tembo, the African elephant.
– Bob Hayes will be painting with the hissing cockroaches of Madagascar.
– Alexander Lancaster partnered with Tifffany, the gorilla.
– Jessie Logan will be facing the challenge with Patrick, the red-tailed boa.
– Nicole Maddox is painting with Rojo, the Sumatran tiger.

Ryan shared that the project is quite unique and presented a lot of fun. He was able to witness the painting sessions of the animals except for Tiffany, the gorilla. He was curious about the entire process and said that the artists were really on board with the idea. All of them are excited. What surprises him is that Jessie Logan hates snake yet she chose to have the boa. When the painting was done, they clean the snake and let her hold him.

Ryan shared that once the painting was finished, they put a local printing company in charge of taking photos. These photos will be given to the zoo and they can do whatever they want with it including photo canvas prints projects. The paintings, on the other hand, were framed and will be sold at an auction.


Thailand’s Tourism Revenue Grows

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has reported its tourism revenue reaching over THB 627 billion from July to September of this year.

This involves both international and domestic tourist spending.

The statistics from the report

Kobkarn Wattanavrnagkul, the Tourism and Sports Minister, mentioned that in the 3rd quarter, the earnings grew to 12.22%, which reached THB 627,037.25 million.

From this, THB 410,755.03 million came from international markets, up by 14.77%. THB 216,282.22 million was derived from domestic markets, up by 7.69%.

There were international tourist arrivals of 8,228,278, up by 13.09% from 2015 Q3.

Chinese tourist arrivals increased 14.53%, 2.42 million in Q3. This created THB 123,609 million, a 15.67% increase.

ASEAN tourist arrivals increased 14.63%, 2.20 million. This created THB 67,601 million in revenue.

European tourist arrivals increased 12.11%, 1.20 million. This created THB 86,867 million, a 15.6% increase in 2015 Q3.

The government estimated 36.48 billion Thais doing trips in Q3 for the domestic market. This is up by 5.55% from 2015 Q3.

THB 155,631.85 million, an increase of 7.57%, from domestic travel went to 10 destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Rayong, Chonburi, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Additionally, THB 13,141.70 million, an increase of 8.54%, went to the 12 destinations of Lampang, Loei, Nan, Phetchabun, Buri Ram, Samut Songkhram, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Ratchaburi, Chanthaburi, Chumphon, Trat and Trang.

THB 13,777.87 million, an increase of 8.21% went to the 12 destinations of Lamphun, Phitsanulok, Phrae, Chaiyaphum, Phatthalung, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Surin, Sa Kaeo, Ranong, Rayong and Satun.

For Q4, the ministry estimated that the tourism revenue may get to THB 690,616.05 million, which is up by 1.28% 2015 Q4.

Of that estimation, THB 389,884.43 million will derive from the international markets, while THB 219,731.62 million will derive from the domestic markets.

For 2015, it was 29.8 million international arrivals, up by 20.44% from 2014’s 24.8 million. The revenue was also estimated at THB 1.44 trillion which is up by 23.39% from 2014’s THB 1.17 trillion.


This means a great deal for all the tour operators (international and domestic), hotels and resorts, whether that be a boutique resort in Chanthaburi or a hostel in Bangkok. The tourism growth and revenue increase in Thailand is proof enough of it being a major destination for international and domestic tourists alike.



Mcdonald’s Plans To Enhance Its Marketing Content

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Over the next 12 months, McDonald’s, the giant food chain hopes to strengthen its content marketing efforts by creating and publishing at least 5,000 articles, videos and images that will deliver a unique experience to its customers. The plans were revealed by the company’s CMO, Deborah Wahl during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s IAB Mixx Conference. Also highlighted were several of the online marketing campaigns on platforms that include YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.

In the last two years, McDonald’s has created 2,500 pieces of content and it is challenging itself to double its efforts and produce 5,000 more that will be valuable to consumers. Snapchat is one of the useful channels that can drive brand awareness and influence a consumer reach for a McDonald’s meal after the fast food giant has set up geofilters with the image of French Fries across thousands of its branches all over the world.

Using Snapchat has added a degree of playfulness into the emerging culture of selected moments. Mcdonald’s has also stepped up on its content marketing efforts on Twitter and Facebook. The fast food company has stepped up with its communication to customers by creating 143,000 notes.

McDonald’s marketing is also focusing on mobile by introducing a way for customers to personalize orders using a mobile app. After the mobile app was introduced last year, it has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. Aside from order personalization, the mobile app also allows the customer to enjoy new deals and coupons through push notifications driven through data analytics.

According to Wahl, the company is defining media and marketing very narrowly. They put a label on the way they talk to people but marketing communication is no longer executed separately on digital, print, broadcast or mobile. It is totally absurd to define marketing through channel-based labels.

The marketing word is saturated with different strategies that it becomes difficult to determine where to begin. It is not surprising to be confused after browsing through several blogs, videos and stuff with the ultimate reason of increasing sales. Your best option is crewdo that is prepared to handle your customized content marketing strategies. No tricks involved, only honest and good digital marketing.


The Experience Of Teaching English In Thailand

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Sarah Dawson had no idea that when he boarded the plan going to Thailand, her job would pose such a challenge to her. She also had no idea that in a matter of months, he will be posting to Facebook to appeal to family and friends to help her in raising funds for her student who is suffering with cancer.

Dawson recounted how within a matter of days she was able to gather around $650 from donations which she was able to give to her student’s family. She also shared how it was very hard for her to keep it together while visiting him at the hospital.

Teaching English overseas is considered a mutually beneficial work experience that is currently in high demand. Students have the chance to travel and work as well s live overseas because they are fluent in English. All they have to do is share their knowledge with locals who are not familiar with the English language. There are students that decide to teach overseas once they have graduated rather than go straight into finding a career or moving onto graduate school.

According to the TEFL Iberia’s founder, Richard Davie, teaching English will help one make friends all over the globe, get to know the different cultures aside from the ones you grew up into, improve your confidence, upgrade your skills in other languages and it the experience will result to a new you – more resourceful and employable. TEFL Iberia is a training school for English teachers based in Barcelona, Spain.

Dawson decided to come back to Thailand after she was captivated with the country when she visited it for the first time for her Semester at Sea during her junior year as a student.

She shared how she does not want to jump right into graduate school so she decided to teach abroad because it will give her a chance to visit Southeast Asia once more and she will be able to give her passion a chance.

There are many programs available that can help aspiring English teacher to go abroad and teach. Dawson decided to apply to one these programs, the Council on International Education Exchange or CIEE. They are the ones that sent her applications and then she was automatically assigned a school where she will experience TEFL in Thailand.


Scotland’s New Rail Line And Its Shocking Performance

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Scotland’s newest rail line will celebrate its first birthday on September 6 amidst complaints on its punctuality and shocking performance. The Borders Railway was expected to achieve 300,000 more trips from its target of 1.3 million before its first anniversary, but its poor performance is affecting passengers.

According to the figures of ScotRail, only about one in four trains or 28.4% has arrived on time since the first of the month. At least 70 trains have been cancelled over the first 10 days of August because of track and train faults, a fallen tree and a driver going on sick leave. On the other hand, David Spaven, a railway consultant and author, has stated that the Borders Railways is a classic example of a pound-foolish project.

If the poor performance of Class 158 trains and the frequency of failure on the track and signaling equipment were taken together, there is a clear case for inquiry in order to find out how such problems have occurred and allowed to develop. Rail campaigners have expressed their concerns on the delays and cancellations that have obviously reached epidemic proportions. The concerns have been ignored and travelers are now abandoning the unreliable railway.

According to the Scottish government, Network Rail and Scot Rail, a robust recovery plan was must be established immediately in order to save the Borders Railway otherwise passengers will look for better options. A Scot Rail spokesperson has said that they are doing everything they can for the convenience of travelers and they are working to match reliability with the demand for services on the new rail line.  On the other hand, a Transport Scotland spokesperson also said that they are committed in ensuring that Scot Rail will deliver a reliable and punctual service across the network.

People usually go online when they need to Book a train in Thailand because it is more efficient and convenient than buying tickets at the train station prior to departure. The steps in online booking are very simple because the homepage shows all the tickets that you can purchase. You only have to select and click to go about with the task.


Digital Maps Now Utilized By Ambulance

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In a recent meeting that was held by the board members of the Nodaway County Ambulance District, they have decided on another important decision that will improve the health care services in the form of digital maps which will be used by the drivers of their ambulance vehicles.

In an attempt to start the digitalization, the county has purchased six units of iPads that comes with OtterBox cases. The approval was given by the Midwest Computer located in Platte City and the total purchase bill was $4,121.94 which is said to be lowest of all the bids submitted.

During the meeting which was held last month, the board had already talked about the option of using a program for the electronic mapping which was developed by Midland GIS. The developer is also the same administrator that is serving the 911 hotline in the county. The recommendation came from Rex Wallace who is the current assessor of the Nodaway County. As of the moment, the crews of the ambulance are using printed plat map book. There was a recent incident wherein the north county residence that is located near Wilcox has been plotted in the wrong location on the map. It caused a distress call after the ambulance has to travel back to the right location thereby doubling the usual response time.

The district staffs of the ambulance are now under training headed by the Midland GIS on how to use the new program. Once they have completed the training, the iPads will then be placed in every ambulance used by the county.

According to Bill Florea who is the current District Manager of Operations of the Nodaway County Ambulance, the digital map will help the crew to pinpoint the location more accurately. Every address on has a representative dot on the map which pinpoints to the exact location of the building or place.

Florae also shared how it is before the introduction of the plat book. The situation was much worse because the passenger have to check on a large map illustration of the county while it is opened on the vehicle’s dash board to be used as reference day and night in order to get to the right location.


Will The Solar Voyager Survive The Atlantic And Make History?

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Can a solar-powered boat survive the 3,000-mile journey across the Atlantic and make it to the record books? Solar Voyager was launched from Gloucester, Massachusetts early this month towards Portugal. Instead of a human navigator, a computer controls the solar-powered boat through pre-programmed GPS waypoints. A report is provided online regarding its position including data on its speed, solar power generated, battery level and local temperature.

This is the first attempt to cross the Atlantic with a boat but none so far has been successful because the waves can reach as high as 30 feet during a storm that spells big trouble even for cruise ships. Solar Voyager looks pretty robust at 18 feet long and 2.5 feet across. The prototype is made from aluminum because plastic is too fragile for the rough ocean conditions. The upper part of the vessel is given over to the solar panels of 280 watts. You can find 2.4 kWh batteries that run at night below deck. Pictures and short videos can be taken through a GoPro camera. Whatever has been captured by the camera can only be retrieved by a human. Two propellers provide the maximum speed of less than 5 mph which means that the Solar Voyager will take about 4 months to reach its destination.

Solar Voyager is an undertaking of Isaac Penny and Christopher Sam Soon. The boat was deliberately kept simple to maximize battery storage and to allow extra sensors for overnight sailing. The boat charges as much as it can and tries to sail as far as possible during the night. Hopefully, when the sun comes out, the boat is not too far from its course.

The system has been built with redundancy in mind. The solar panels are split so that if one fails, the other is still available to generate electricity.  The Solar Voyager may eventually make history because theoretically speaking; it has the capability to sail forever.

In the Canary Islands, there is ASA Sailing School where you can get your Royal Yacht Association (RYA) course certificate. The RYA certificate means you are fully competent and highly qualified to be a skipper in Europe.