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Pöyry Gets Contract For Thai Biomass Power Plant

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Finnish company Pöyry Energy Inc. is a global engineering and consultancy firm with international clientele, with a primary focus on the energy and industrial sectors. Notably, the company’s been busy with research into key projects across the globe, such as the recent assessment of the Midi-Catalonia gas pipeline to run from France to Spain. Now, the global firm has another key project to work on, in Thailand, and it’s going to need to shop for things like flexible connector and other things.

Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Co. Ltd recently awarded the Finnish engineering firm with the contract for the development of a new 20.6 MW biomass power plant, under ownership by Chana Green Co. Ltd., a private energy company and subsidiary of Gulf Development Co. Ltd. The new renewable energy plant will be built on Songkla, in Thailand’s Chana District.

STECON will be handling the EPC phase of the project, which will use rubber wood as its fuel supply. Pöyry will handle the process and plant engineering, as well handling plant layout design. Additionally, and civil, structural, mechanical, and piping design will also be handled by Pöyry. Pöyry will handle the construction efforts, including procurement of any necessary materials, like any flexible connector or the like. The project has a schedule of 24 months, and, should the schedule hold, will be operational sometime in March of 2020.

Thailand’s Small Power Producer scheme, is what allowed for the new power plant’s realization, which means that the plant’s 20.6 MW power output will be sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. The project received approval from the government early in March of 2018.

Pöyry Regional Director Petteri Härkki, expressed excitement in a statement, saying that Pöyry is looking forward to their cooperation with STECON and Gulf for the biomass project. He says that this contract will strengthen the company’s foothold on the thermal power and renewable energy industry in Thailand, where the company already has had a hand in the development of 50 power plants across the country. Additionally, he says, it strengthens the company’s position as Thailand’s leading global power industry engineering consultancy firm.

The details of the deal has yet to be revealed, though it has been confirmed that the transaction is recognized by the Energy Business Group order stock for H1 2018.

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Issues With Tennis Centre Parking Blamed On Bad Signage

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With state regulations on car wraps in Brisbane, one would think that the state would make sure their car signage would good. But that’s what not opinion following the recent Brisbane International’s saying.

During the course of the event, hundreds of motorists, not just locals, were fined for parking violations in the streets near the Queensland Tennis Centre during the sporting event, with many people saying it was thanks to misleading signage near the arena.

Figures from the City Council show that 412 fines were issued for erroneous parking charges in the Queensland Tennis Centre Parking Area (QTCPA) during the Brisbane International. Drivers can only park for an hour at the QTCPA near the Queensland Tennis Centre and the Tennyson area, on event days from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

As a result, a lot of people now want the city council to fix the car signage in the QTCPA, with many saying that the signage, which say “Queensland Tennis Centre Parking Area” mean the complete opposite of what they actually mean.

Reviews following the event, like on sites like TripAdvisor, have called foul of the signage, with one in particular shaming the Brisbane City Council, as well as Tennis Queensland, for letting such misleading signage stay unfixed. Some are saying that it’s just problematic, except for the council, who are making revenue on the fines.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says that the signs complied with regulation, but admitted that they’re not really clear to the reasonable person, which is not something desirable with car wraps in Brisbane, or anything else relating to road safety.

Lord Mayor Quirk says that temporary signs were posted during the Brisbane International, with him adding that if people don’t observe all the signage in the area, then that’s their problem, and the ensuing fines are theirs to meet.

Some residents in the regulated area say that the signs made it look like the streets were set for parking visiting the tennis centre, but that was clearly not the case. They are saying that signage didn’t comply with the State Government’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control for a long list of reasons.

Quirk says that they are looking into the signage.

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Lifeguards To Patrol Phuket Beaches

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Many tourists go to Karon Beach in Phuket because of the excellent snorkelling and diving spots. Karon Beach is also the perfect place for a destination wedding because of the lush backdrop of a tropical rainforest. More than enough space is available at 5 star boutique hotel in Karon for family and friends. The most memorable experiences of a lifetime can be enjoyed in this fairytale destination.

Lifeguards are very important to patrol the beaches of Phuket. 27 lifeguards were presented to the governor of Phuket as “already working” but they are only patrolling the beaches of Surin, Bang Tao, Nai Thon and Mai Khao.

LP Laikhum, a Bangkok-based consultancy was awarded with a government contract to provide 98 lifeguards to patrol Phuket beaches from March 1 onwards. Under the contract, the consultancy will be provided 4.68 million baht to provide the lifeguards with life-saving equipment at the beaches of Muang District that includes Kata Karon and Nai Harn. An additional 4.745 million baht were provided for lifeguard services at Thalang District from Surin Beach northwards and includes Layan, Leypang, Nai Thon and Nai Yang beaches.

A further 3.807 million baht was also provided for lifeguard services Kathu District that includes Patong and Kamala. However, the provider LP Laikhum failed to uphold the terms of the contract. It was found out that there were no lifeguards on the beaches of Patong Nai Harn, Kata and Karon beaches.

However, according to the governor of Phuket, some beaches particularly those located in Patong and Karon demand to manage the beaches by themselves and employ their own lifeguards. It is very critical to have lifeguards that are experienced in ocean rescues because the Andaman region has become a popular tourist destination. Lifeguards must not only be experienced in swimming pools; they have to be certified by the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada.

Karon is an ideal place for those who seek water adventures. Aside from the luxurious accommodations provided at 5 star boutique hotel in Karon, there is better equipment to manage safety in the waters. You can enjoy the day jet skiing, snorkelling or diving without fear of your safety.

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Different Types Of Materials Used For Cremation Urns

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Cremation is a process of freeing the spirit of your loved one from the earthly bonding. Cremation is followed in many cultures across the world and is slowly gaining popularity over the traditional burial. There are a variety of emotional, monetary and spiritual reasons for choosing cremation.

A cremation urn is a vessel to store the ashes of your loved ones after the cremation. The cremation urns can be kept at home as beautiful memories of the passed away family member or they can be buried.

There are many types of cremation urns available depending upon the size, material and budget. The selection of the urn should be made on the intended location of the urn, its capacity, measurements and the aesthetic appeal. Some of the commonly used urns are

  • Metal urns – The metal urns are available in a wide variety of metals such as steel, copper, bronze, pewter and brass. These urns are durable and are suitable both for display and cremation.
  • Stone urns – These urns are great options for display or burial. They are made from quarried stones like marble, granite, quartz, slate onyx and fossil stone. The stones are imported and these stone urns are pricier when compared to other materials.
  • Synthetic Urns – These urns are also called as cultured urns and are made from synthetic materials. These urns are available in different shapes and colors as they can be easily molded. The urns are low cost options to stone and wooden urns.
  • Wooden urns – The wooden urns are suitable for display or a cemetery columbarium. The wooden urns are made using wood from trees like Oak, cherry, maple, walnut and pine.
  • Glass and ceramic urns – These urns are delicate and beautiful. They are suitable for display at homes or at cemetery columbarium.
  • Bio-degradable urns – These urns are made up of bio-degradable materials that break down over time. They are suitable for water burials and memorial tree services. The environment -friendly cremation urns that are made from recycled materials. It is advisable to read the product storage instructions carefully, when you are using a bio-degradable urn for display at home as they start dissolving when they come in contact with moisture.
  • There are other types of cremation urns such as keepsake urns and pendants that can be used to keep the remains close, custom and specialty urns are specially designed to suit the requirements like double urns, urns for babies and children, patriotic urns for veterans and personalized urns.

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Iconic Radio House In Cambridge Refurbished To Attract New Occupiers

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There are instances wherein a business can improve the working environment through office refurbishment in Sydney instead of relocating to a newer and more modern space. As the business grows, there is often need for extra space but if space is carefully planned and organized, the need to make an additional investment in real estate can be avoided.

Orchard Street Investment Management, a specialist commercial property investment manager has recently completed a refurbishment of their iconic Radio House office in Cambridge. The cost of refurbishment that reached £8.5 million was delivered on 43,388 square feet of Grade A space.

The refurbishment took 15 months to complete. The property was stripped back to its shell before the installation of a striking new double height reception room, generous shower, a new lift and a change in facilities. The floors offer a unique and efficient floor plate that extends to more than 20,000 square feet and 120 meters in height. From the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows you will see the meadows and River Cam.

The original character of the building was preserved on the first floor including the distinctive wavy roof. The key consideration throughout the design process is sustainability which led to the property gaining the coveted BREEAM Excellent rating.

According to Jamie Munday of Orchard Street, the comprehensive refurbishment project gave them the rare opportunity to be able to deliver a unique prime office asset with considerable scale to an undersupplied market that is currently experiencing good levels of rental growth.

Cambridge continues to experience increased demand from companies and new occupiers because of the presence of highly skilled workforce and the international reputation it has gained through technology and life sciences. Orchard Street believed that Radio House will appeal to a diverse range of companies that are planning to expand or set up a new headquarters in Cambridge.

Impressions certainly count from the moment that clients walk through the front door. Eye-catching and professionally designed office refurbishment in Sydney is guaranteed to put clients at ease. Well planned design can create an office that is both stimulating and relaxing not only for clients for the company’s workforce.

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Is Silver Hair Becoming The New Trend?

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Most women are extremely conscious about their hair that is why there is hair salon in Bondi that carefully crafts and styles the hair to match the lifestyle, appearance and personality. Hair is usually the first thing that people notices and this is especially true for women. Proper hair care will keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

Grey hair is frequently associated to “getting older” that is why both men and women dye their hair to hide the natural colour. However, more and more women have allowed their grey hair to show even if it is a sign of aging, which is not really true. According to Lorraine Massey, author of “Silver Hair” hair turns grey when pigment-producing cells start to die off. There is no scientific reason on why some young people have grey hair although genes play a major role.

Andrea Fishkin started to see silver strands when she was just 12 years old. She though there was something wrong about having grey hair at a very young age. However, her mother’s hair turned grey when she was 18 years old. For 12 years, Fishkin dyed her hair every 4 to 6 weeks until she decided to accept her grey tresses.

Even celebrities are not spared of grey hair. Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren were among those who embraced full silver hair along with Kendall Jenner, Pink and Lady Gaga. Silver hair is becoming a trend and many women actually look good in it. In fact, it saves them from going to the hair salon frequently to have their hair dyed.

For those who have had their hair dyed every 4 to 6 weeks, it will take about a year a half for the hair to turn totally into silver. Women need a lot of patience because the hair can’t turn gray all at once.

On the other hand, women still need to visit hair salon in Bondi for regular haircuts that will make the hair healthy. Split ends which are usually caused by regular usage of different hair styling products do not look good and makes the hair appear neglected.

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Some Information On How Mig Welder Works

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The mig welder is one of the commonly used forms of welders. Gas metal arc welding or GMAW is the process that this type of welder utilizes. The welders work by feeding an electrode wire through a welding gun. Simultaneously, inert shielding gas will flow continuously, which will safeguard the weld while it is cooling.

For all purpose welding, welders utilize the most typical gases like carbon dioxide. It is considered the most inexpensive welding gases and makes a great weld. A combination of carbon dioxide and argon are also utilized to form an arc with less splatter, providing clean welds. You can use pure argon gas to make a good weld when welding aluminium.

You can enjoy several benefits when you use the GMAW process over other typical procedures. The welding gun has a lever to handle the electrode and permits you to pull it without intentionally striking the arc. Once the welding gun is in its proper place, you will just have to flip down the helmet and pull the lever.

The inert shielding gases make the seams clean and smooth. You will notice that no slag is chipping off. The mig welders are also appropriate for thinner metals and sheet metals. The reason could be welding at lower amperage than the usual. Mig often utilize DC current to strike the welding arc. If you use alternating current, you can’t get a steady arc.

On a mig welder, you can possibly modify the amperage, voltage and speed where the wire is fed by the welder. It has a variable tensioner on the welding wire. The valve will also be used to control the flow of gas.

For the mig welder, you can possibly weld with steel, brass, zinc, copper, tin and aluminium. You have plenty of various compositions for mig wires to select from. What this implies is having you obtain the best combination for any form of welding situation. Mig should be your option if you purchase only one welder, and still be able to weld various metals. If you like to weld, this type of welder can probably be a great choice as it is easy to learn and is very versatile.