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How Do You Know Modena Motorsport Is The Right Choice For You?

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Are there problems with your luxury car? Are you sick and tired with all the overheating and the non-stop oil leaks? Sometimes, there are a few things we can’t fix ourselves that’s why we need a mechanic to do what they can do. If you opt for Modena Motorsport repair services, they can figure out what have caused the oil leaks. They can definitely be the mechanic in the repair shop that you have been searching for. So how do you know if they are right for you? You will need to consider some factors like those listed below:

  • Manned by trained mechanics and reliable equipment: Certainly, you need to check if Modena Motorsport has efficient mechanics to fix the damaged luxury car. They also use state-of-the-art equipment to readily fix the car problem. However, a well maintained and classy facility may not mean good customer service, honest work and reasonable prices. You need to dig deeper and ask how they will go about the repairs.


  • The need to know what needs to be repaired: You need to be careful in your choices for auto repair shops as they can be tricky when doing the repairs. If they find that you don’t know anything with what they are doing, they may repair something which is actually working and will charge additionally to your bill.


  • You should also consider the feedback about the shop. If you know someone who has hired Modena Motorsport for the repairs, check if they have something positive to say. You may need to do some background check like checking testimonials and reviews about the company.


  • Ask for a written estimate for the major repairs. This is actually getting the best deals that other repair shops can offer. You need to visit other websites or do some phone calls to research a lot. You may also want to check the materials they use especially the brands of parts for your luxury car.


  • Ask for promotions and special deals to save money. Ensure that Modena Motorsport can provide you a service warranty to guarantee their repairs are high in quality. They can also offer you the best price and value you as a great customer. Ensure that they have responded to all your questions.


International Regatta Held In Koh Samui

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The tropical island of Thailand welcomed over 500 sailors last week because of the event that took place in Koh Samui. From May 20 until 27, the island was host to the 16th Samui Regatta and the best hotel in Koh Samui was booked due to the event. The fun was held in Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui which is located in Chaweng Beach. The international regatta was supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. During this time, participating sailors from over 20 countries flock to Thailand in order to take part in the regatta. This annual event is also the reason why Koh Samui is now known all over the world as a top sports destination.

The regatta is currently celebrating its 16th year but ever since the AsianYachting Grand Prix, it has always been awarded the prime position during the championship. The event is featured as the finale. The competitive sailing lasts for five days and there are a number of participants from various countries including Singapore and Hong Kong among other Asian countries. The best sailors from the continents of Europe and Australia also graced the competition. They compete in the warm waters that are circulating the Gulf of Thailand.

The island of Koh Samui is known globally because of the excellent sailing condition and the locals’ hospitable charm. This year’s regatta was hosted by Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui which offered the best venue for celebrations after the race and the final night wherein a Gala Dinner was organized for everyone involved.

The director of the race, Simon James, said that competition was quite strong during the five day event. They were able to witness top boats and skippers joining the competition once more. The sailors come with impressive resume such as winners of World Match Racing Tour, Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup among many others.

Days before the competition, the best hotel in Koh Samui was already booked until the end of the event. The participants and their team were welcomed with an opening party held at Zico’s Brazilian Grill & Bar. It ended on the 27th with the most awaited Gala Dinner organized by Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui.


Touch Screens As A New Innovation For Motorcycles

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Motorcycle driving is way more dangerous and riskier than car driving. Now, these motorcycles are getting touch screens.

New maker joining the trend

The maker of Indian and Victory motorcycles, Polaris recently announced how it is putting the touch screen displays on its new bikes and off road vehicles. It is joining the innovation BMW and Harley-Davidson started in the past years.

Ride Command will enable motorcycle riders to sync their cellphones with their bike’s infotainment system, to map out their routes, to stay connected with their friends and to even check their social media accounts through the bike’s display screen. To be able to do these, bikers might need to take their hands away from the handle.

How about safety?

According to the company, the safety of doesn’t alarm regulators or riders as it is what consumers want. Executives say, riders are more worried about the touch screens being too high tech. The system can be shut off, though, by tapping the display for 3 seconds.

How about people who don’t need it?

For people who don’t need the technology, Polaris is making sure it is not an intrusion to those people, according to its president of motorcycles Steve Menneto.

Computer gadgets or software are everywhere and in moving and electronic things. Even if the need for simplified vehicles is better, there’s still no avoiding these computer assisted or enabled transportation.

Hindrance vs. Enhancement

A car, a modern one, usually runs millions of lines in software codes, and a motorcycle runs around the same number of codes.

Even though software is what powers most aspects of people’s lives, it is a question whether it is a hindrance rather than an enhancement.

A music system is probably of lesser importance in comparison of a system that detects approaching vehicles which is a transportation necessity.

For navigation systems, Polaris wants a rider to be able to experience anything done in cars. The company is able to integrate these in bikes. The customers are the ones deciding how they can use them.

There are still other innovations worth checking for those who don’t need too much. Solo Moto parts is a great resource to start.


Understanding The World Of Cricket Bats

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world today and professional athletes aren’t the only ones who can wield a cricket bat; cricketer fans too can shop cricket bat online and play the game in their free time. Normally, one would think that these bats are just a slab of wood that they use to hit the ball but in truth, there is a complexity hidden beneath the piece of wood.

Although they can be considered as just a piece of wood, one would actually wonder why these bats can be so expensive at times.

According to a cricket expert, the situation with these bats is quite involved. These bats have existed for a number of centuries and back when the game first started, the bat was shaped in such an odd way that would appear more like a hockey stick than a cricket bat. But as the centuries passed, the rules and mechanics of the game had changed and with those changes came the modern cricket bat.

Now there are a number of cricket bat manufacturing companies in the world today. Some of them are even centuries old, perfecting the style and technique in making high quality cricket bats.

To answer the question as to why cricket bats can be so costly, the primary reason would have to be with the material it is made of. Cricket bats of great quality are always made willow and currently, there are only a number of places where you can find such material. Britain is a great example for this. The willow in Britain is known to produce high quality bats.

The best bats are made out of the purest and finest of timbre. The wood itself must be perfect in order to produce the perfect bat. A flawless bat means that the wood used is also flawless.

The process of turning the wood into the bats also contributes to the quality of the finished product. The way it is shaped and formed affects the hitting power of the bat. Even the handle itself needs to be shock absorbent.


Flashback To Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Album

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Chicago Blackhawks have done many funny and endearing things video spots similar to what they did back in 2011 when they wore Ugly Christmas Sweaters and sang without knowing how to sing. These videos are the topic of some flashback reports.
Last week, everyone enjoyed the journalistic styling of young Joey the Junior Reporter. This adorable kid was indeed funny with his interactions with current and now-former Blackhawks. This week’s video is also good for some laughs but it not exactly something you will call adorable.

The Blackhawks are fond of doing some cheesy content for timeout and intermission breaks at the United Center; however, other NHL teams also want to keep up with the holidays. Many teams like to do some kind of holiday segment and the Blackhawks were no different in 2011 with their sing-along holiday album.
The video basically looks like a commercial for a fake holiday album featuring songs that were altered so as to fit the player’s name in them. As you watch the video, you will notice that some of the players appeared interested while some don’t but all of them did not know how to sing.

Dave Bolland leads with some kind of confusing rendition of Frosty the Snowman/Dave Bolland Crossover. Bolland seemed like he has fallen out of a winter-themed version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Patrick Sharp follows it up with some nice snapping to let children that he and not Santa Claus is coming to town. The next performer is Bryan Bickell who looks interested on this video idea. He does this awesome little jive while messing with his suspender straps to the tune of Jingle Bells.

After some filler and promotions from the voiceover guy, Keith and Brent Seabrook start with their songs. Nobody has an idea on Keith’s song but Seabrook started singing I Saw Three Ships with some very interesting lyrical changes while wearing a Santa hat.

Marian Hossa is probably the worst singer of the team. Nick Leddy takes over with his Dreidel Song while John Scott follows up with a dancing shtick. Michael Frolik was given Feliz Navidad along with the most awesome of all Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Patrick Kane follows up with his rendition of Auld Lang Syne and Niklas Hjalmarsson does some fantastic dorky singing and dancing.