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Wireless GSM Earpiece As A Popular Device For Cheating

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The use of wireless cheating devices is common among Chinese students. Over the years, they have been caught using wireless devices from gsm earpiece to erasers, belts and watches. A Bluetooth-enabled watch allows students to cheat without attracting any attention from the teachers. Nobody would we be surprised if you check the watch from time to time while taking the exams.

However, Chinese authorities have also gone high tech to catch cheating students particularly since millions of students will be taking “gaokao” that annual university exam that is considered as the stepping stone to gain a lucrative white collarjob. The stakes are quite high and competitive that is why some students make the attempt to cheat.

Chinese cheating tools have gone high tech that they closely resemble the James Bond gadgets. In 2014, a student was caught wearing a pair of eyeglasses that included a camera. Once the camera is activated, it can send black and white photographs of the test to an outside location. The answer will be sent back but it did not include info on how the answers were sent back to the student.

In Sichuan province, 40 students were suspected of using high tech pens that works with a gsm earpiece to send back answers. Because of the innovations on the cheating devices, Chinese authorities have stepped up their game to address cheating. This year, examination centres have deployed metal detectors, facial and fingerprint recognition technologies, blockers for cell phone signals, wireless detectors and drones to stop cheating.

Before the exam kicked off, security officers have already arrested 52 individuals nationwide. If proven, the cheaters and their accomplices may face 7 years jail time. Cheating is very common in math and English tests that include multiple choice questions. The tests are deemed so important police guards have been deployed in testing centres.

On the other hand, the gsm earpiece can be used for other important purposed aside from cheating during exams. The earpiece is a great help to provide you with confidence when you speaking before a large audience. All the necessary prompts can be sent by the personal assistance in real time.


Honda Introduces The Rebel 2017

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When Honda introduced OG Rebel decades ago, the motorcycle company’s idea was to make the bad boy cruiser aesthetic, tone it down a bit and tighten it up a little. Put a mellow engine and make the seat low enough so that anyone can easily swing a leg over it without teetering. It was apparent that Honda wanted to remove as much of the limitations as possible with just enough of the Hell’s Angels vibe so that riders will still think it cool.

The Rebel 2017 is pretty much of the same concept with a fuel injection, a slightly forwarded raked riding position and more than decent brakes. The idea is likely to gain mass appeal for the Rebel 2017 because bikes are certainly outnumbered by cars on the roads. Bikes you can see on the roads today are more specialized which best describes Rebel 2017. Honda’s Rebel is the closest thing to a single bike that can be appreciated by different riders.

While it is too early to consider Honda’s Rebel to be the harbinger of the whole motorcycle industry, it is certainly in a position to attract more people to motorcycle riding. The more bikers, the more innovations will be made on new models of motorcycles that are introduced to the global market.

Practically speaking, if you are about 5 feet 6 inches in height, you can sit on the Rebel with both feet on the ground because the seat’s height is only 27.2 inches, remarkably low for a new motorbike model. The weight of the Rebel is only 408 pounds and a few more if you order the ABS version.

The Rebel’s chassis design does a great job of keeping the rider’s weight close the road. The Rebel excels when used for city commuting, beach highway cruising and short tours along back roads because you can let the wind wash over you.

UK motorcycle dealers offer a wide range of high quality used and brand new Honda bikes for affordable financing. Even if you are new customer, you will be provided with unbeatable service. There is also a parts and accessories department for adding personal finishing touches.


Preschool Opens After Heart breaking Flooding During Cyclone Debbie

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The Evans Head Preschool, which was tragically devastated like many by Cyclone Debbie, has recently reopened this early June.

The damage done by to the school was severe, as waters brought into the school by the cyclone’s heavy rain lead to the school losing a considerable amount of its school classroom furniture, which was either heavily damaged or outright taken away by the waters.

Ms. Cuskelly, director for Evans Head Preschool, stated that the issue was preceded by the school’s near flooding, wherein water nearly broke into the school, reaching up to mere inches below the doors. When Debbie came in, she says, the school was suffering from issues with its drainage system, which led to the school being easily flooded during Debbie’s arrival.

The school’s educational  leader, Cath Gillespie, pointed out that the flooding led to the school not only having damaged school classroom furniture, but also losing its entire  outside play area, which was washed away by the flood. The school’s 16 m3 also necessitated replace due to damage from the flooding.

Ms. Gillespie lamented the loss of all of their school classroom furniture, which wasn’t the standard ‘fantastic plastic’ that was seen in other schools throughout the world, and, as such, possessed a considerable amount of sentimental value for students and educators alike.

Help for the preschool came from the local Royal Australian Air Force staff, the Evans Head K-12 school. Even concerned citizens came in to offer help, helping with the clean up process and with ensuring the safety and salvage of the furniture, whilst the RAAF went in to rip up flooded carpets, as well as sort out the items of the school.

The local Evans Head K-12 came to help, offering its classrooms for use whilst the preschool was under repair, whilst some members of its JADE team came in and helped with clean up and the setup of flat packs of stuff for the preschool.

Both Ms. Cuskelly and Ms. Gillespie extended their thanks to the people who came in to help, including their friends, families, and even their administration officer, Lisa Stewart, as well as the RAAF, the JADE team, and local tradies who put in hours of work into helping the school reopen.


Caring Tips For Melbourne Engagement Rings

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Melbourne engagement rings can be costly. Aside from its monetary value, engagement rings should also be taken care of for sentimental reasons. Wearing an engagement ring means that you are already committed with someone. It is important to take care of your engagement ring as it signifies your love and respect to your partner. To keep your engagement ring in excellent condition until you have to replace it with your wedding ring, here are some tips:

  • Make sure to remove your engagement ring if you are going to expose your hands to harsh chemicals such as bleach and other home cleaning products, abrasives, stain removers and similar products. This could damage your ring with potential scratches or the gemstones might fall off.
  • Remove your engagement ring if you are going to do labour intensive tasks such as lifting or carrying heavy loads. Removing your engagement ring is also advisable if you are going to do gardening.
  • Storage is also important to keep Melbourne engagement rings in excellent condition. To keep the rings scratch-free and to protect them from scratching with other Keep the rings in a cool, dry and clean jewellery box with compartments.
  • Have your engagement ring professionally checked by an expert jeweller at least once or twice a year. This is particularly important if your ring has gemstones or intricate design.
  • Send your engagement ring to a jeweller if it was subjected to hard impact.
  • If your engagement ring is made of platinum and it needs to be resized or repaired, make sure that the material used is platinum stock instead of white gold. Mixing white gold to platinum results to dark markings along soldered areas.
  • For platinum engagement ring, use specifically formulated cleaning agents for gold or platinum jewelleries. Another way to clean delicate jewelleries is by using warm water and mild soap and brush it using soft toothbrush.
  • Even if you are going to use soft toothbrush for your Melbourne engagement rings, you still have to be extra careful since it can still scratchor damage the ring’s surface.

Environment News

Educating Consumers on the Avoidance of Drain Blockages

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In the United Kingdom, the common reason for sewer flooding is blockages. Almost 50% of the blockages in the sewers in Yorkshire are the wrong things that people flush down their toilets and kitchen sinks. During the process of drain cleaning, the most common items found in sewers include nappies, baby wipes, condoms, sanitary products and hair.

In Yorkshire, clearing of drain blockages is an ongoing project because they want to reduce if not eliminate the incidences of sewer flooding. Yorkshire Water is asking its customers to be mindful of the way that they dispose of their trash. If people will heed the advice of Yorkshire Water, it will go a long way in solving sewer flooding in the region.

People sometimes assume that everything can be flushed down the toilet because the items are marked “flushable” on their packages. There are certain brands of baby wipes that people assume to be flushable but do not break down in the sewers. Yorkshire Water has tried to demonstrate the issue to its customers by pouring water on two bottles, one containing toilet paper and the other baby wipes. Toilet paper easily breaks down in water while baby wipes stay untouched.

Aside from baby wipes, oil, grease, cotton buds and nappies that do not dissolve in water are discharged to the environment when the streets are flooded during a heavy storm. They do not flow with the water but block drainages and sewers to worsen the flooding.

Teams of expert drain cleaners are sent out to the streets with their high-powered jets. On an average day, the drain cleaners carry out 200 jetvan visits to inspect sewers but when there is a heavy rain, the number doubles to 400. Areas that are considered hot spots for blockages are proactively surveyed and inspected using cameras.

When you eat a bacon sandwich, hot fat is a fluid state but when it cools, it solidifies. When you notice that your drains are blocked, call Budget Drains immediately and do not wait for the problem to worsen. Instead of attempting a DIY job allow the experts to handle the problem using their special equipment.


How To Find A Leisure Hotel In Bangkok

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If you are planning to take a trip to Thailand, one of the needs that you will have is a hotel where you will book your accommodations from. There are different types of hotels that you can choose from but one of the best options is a leisure hotel in Bangkok. Leisure hotels are comfortable, secure and safe with fun amenities and affordable rates. To book at the right hotel, here are some tips on how you can find one.

Web and blogsites

One way to find the right hotel in Bangkok is to check in blogsites and websites that tackle recommended hotels. You can also find web articles that discusshotel reviews as well as third party sites that offer hotel rates. You can also find reputable hotels from discussion boards and forums on the internet.

Travel and tours agencies

Another way to find an excellent leisure hotel in Bangkok is through travel agencies. You can find travel agencies in your locality for hotels around Bangkok or in your target area. The good thing about travel agencies is that they usually offer packages that allow you to get discounts and save money in the process. These packages usually includehotel accommodations, airplane tickets, airport transfers and local tours to popular tourist sites and nearby cities, if you want. Bundled packages are generally cheaper as compared to buying separate services. With bundled services, you get the total price at a lower rate since you get automatic discounts for it.

Official hotel sites

You can find hotels that offer leisurely and fun activities by checking the official website of your target hotel. Check tabs that offer promos and deals to find out how you can save money from a leisure hotel in Bangkok. Contact the managervia email to find out how you can get hotel accommodation at a lower rate. Some websites are not updated so it would be best to call the manager for upgrades or discounts that are offered to select customers.Find out if they offer membership discounts to certain groups or organizations.


Bangkok’s New Airport Shuttles Now Operational

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It was the 1st of this month when the new buses from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority started operating at Don Mueang airport. The agency was able to earn revenue of over 200,000 baht after its 5-day operation. The new shuttle service is the one responsible in hauling tourists as they arrive at the Don Mueang airport and transported to the centre of the city. Lucky are those who have accommodations that offer free shuttle service in Bangkok because they are not charged for the travel to and fro the airport.

According to the agency’s director under the Bus Management office, ChitchaiPhuaree, the BMTA was able to earn around 225,000 baht after its airport service started its operation until the fifth day of operation. This is a good start for the service that was spearheaded by the agency.

The shuttle service has two current routes – the A3 and A4. A3 is the route the departs at the Don Mueang going to Lumpini Park while A4 is the route that departs at the airport and shuttles passengers to SanamLuang.

The Don Mueang airport is known to host airlines that offer low-cost tickets as well as chartered flights. Mr. Chitchai added that the buses within the two routes were able to serve 4,506 passengers for the first five days of its operation.

Of the total number of passengers, 2,350 used the A3 route which led to revenue of 117,220 baht which means 23,444 baht is earned on average each day. The 2,156 passengers went through the A4 route and the total revenue was 107,800 baht, which means 21,560 per dayis earned.

They were not able to provide any comparable figures for the revenue earned but Mr. Chitchai revealed that they are planning to put out more shuttle routes all departing from Don Mueang airport. This is because the agency has seen that the shuttle bus seems to be the most common preference of tourists whose accommodations does not offer free shuttle service in Bangkok. There are already two routes available previously but it only delivers passengers to Victory Monument and Chatuchak coming from airport.