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Five Additional Pitches With Artificial Grass Underway

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One of the most common trends in landscaping nowadays is artificial grass and companies such as Greenside Landscaping are known to install them to make the lawn look more beautiful and green all year round. Artificial grass is also used in pitches because it requires less maintenance and does not wither as fast as real grass.

The Rugby 365 England recently announced that they are developing five more pitches with artificial grass. They are hoping to finish the five pitches before the next season starts. These pitches will benefit five different areas such as West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Durham and Derbyshire.

The Artifical Grass Pitches can be found in various locations such as the host clubs in Shelford RFC, Billingham RUFC, Stourbridge RFC, Keighley RUFC and Derby RFC. These are only additions to the first three pitches, Lancashire, Somerset and Buckinghamshire that were completed before the end of 2016.

The Artificial Grass Pitches are part of the investment that has been pledged by England Rugby to the Rugby World Cup 2015. They promise to leave a legacy worth more than £50 million in the next four years or more. They are focusing on developing a hundred AGPs all over England.

The first three pitches by Rugby 365 was opened at the beginning of this year and within four months of using during the on-season, they have been host to more than 250 games and over 30 rugby related festivals. Around 20,000 players, a combined number since the opening, have already experienced the AGPs.

According to the chairman of Aylesbury RFC which is the host club for the AGP in Buckinghamshire, Paul Milham, they belong to the first three that was opened and hosted the RFU Rugby 365. Ever since the launching, they were able to use the facility to its maximum potential.

He added that they were able to host more than 70 matches within four months and around 9,500 players have already utilized it.

Sport pitches are not the only place for artificial grass as residential properties are also hiring companies such as Greenside Landscaping to install artificial grass on their lawn.