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Book An Eye Exam This Healthy Vision Month

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Patients who are concerned with their overall health condition give their primary care physician or their pediatrician a visit. Not many are aware that regular eye exam is just as important. Book an eye test in Kirrawee now in order to check for any eye problems as well as diseases connected to the eyes. Regular eye screening will also help patients determine how to protect their eyesight.

Prevent Blindness has released a statement regarding vision and how the problems with eyesight continues to grow in an increasing rate because the population of baby boomers are already aging. We are now entering an age where in the oldest age group continues to increase in number while the minority population continues to increase as well.

Every month of May, the Healthy Vision Month is being celebrated. This is when the National Eye Institute gives further public reminders regarding the importance of preserving our vision and prioritizing the health of our eyes as well. Suggestions from the organization include the following:

  • Complete dilated eye exam should be conducted. This is very important for people who are at high risk or are known for their family members with eye problems or disease.
  • One should be knowledgeable of their family history concerning eye problems.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle is important.
  • Do not forget to wear protective eyewear while at work, playing contact sports or performing hobbies.
  • Sunglasses should be worn when needed.

According to a suggestion from the American Optometric Association, adults between the ages of 18 and 60 should go for an eye exam once every two years while those who have higher risks should have an eye test once in every one or two years. Adults who are 61 years an older should have a yearly eye exam or depending on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist.

Newborns who are high risk at the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children undergoes a paediatric eye health exam as well as vision screening for the first month of their life as well as those born prematurely and newborns with family history of eye problem. If you have a child aged 5 years old, book an eye test in Kirrawee to check for eye alignment as well as vision screening.


Thai-Licious To Promote Global Awareness For Thai Food

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In Asia, food-related festivals, campaigns and tours are arranged to attract the attention of visitors. Food has long been an important aspect of Asia’s identity and heritage. Thai cuisine has brought many visitors from as far as Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom who want to experience unique and outstanding gastronomic delights.

Over the past years, visitors to Thailand were only interested in experiencing its beaches, temples and bars but now they are attracted by local food and traditional markets. According to KitichaiSirapratpanurat, the founder of Bangkok Food Tours, the demand for food tours is growing because of the global attention generated by street food.

In fact, Thai street food has generated so much popularity that when Bangkok authorities announced that they will ban street vendors, it was met with consternation both locally and abroad. However, Yuthasak, the governor of Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) came out with an assurance that street food stalls will remain in Bangkok.

TAT has certainly recognized the importance of Thai street food in the growth of tourism. As part of its efforts to gain global awareness for Thai food, TAT has launched the Thai-licious campaign, a part of Amazing Thai Taste programme. The campaign will promote local culinary heritage among international food enthusiasts.

Andy Ricker, one of the best American chefs of Thai cuisine was appointed as the first Amazing Thailand Culinary ambassador. Ricker will be assisting TAT in the promotional aspect of Thai cuisine including assisting a group of influential visitors on their journey to discover the culinary gems of the country.

TAT is also anticipating the arrival of Michelin Guide after it has pledged a considerable amount for the 5-year partnership with the French guide. At the 17th world gourmet festival that will be held in September, top Michelin chefs will gather in Bangkok to cook their home favourites.

On the other hand, you can experience fresh cuisine in Phuket when you book for a pool villa in the rainforest of Kamala. Guests can experience extraordinary gastronomic choices, spa treatments, holistic programs and activities that are beyond enchanting. The pool villa is nestled away from the tourist crowd to offer a private retreat from daily life.


Alarming Number Of Workplace Deaths Caught The Attention Of Worksafe

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To find an NZ health and safety consultant in a particular workplace is not a peculiar site as it is a requirement in hazardous industries. Last month, in just a span of a fortnight, there is a record of seven deaths while employees are in their workplace. This prompted Worksafe to react and according to them, it warranted a culture change.

In the first quarter of 2017, there are 10 deaths in workplace which may be considered as low but in the past several years, it has been recorded that in average there are about one death per week.

Nicole Rosie, the chief executive of Worksafe, said that they are really concerned about the number of deaths increasing and the upward trend has resulted to many anguished families where they lost their parents or children to their work.

She explained that this year’s deaths happened in industries with high risks. In the forestry, three are recorded dead, two in the farming industry and two in the field of construction.

She added that not everything these workers do from day to day is considered as dangerous but there are activities that pose more risk than anything else. The same activities are still the reason why workplace deaths continue to rise in New Zealand.

She relayed that two workers are dead because while performing tree felling which is traditionally considered as an activity with very high risk. One death is due to working with a farm animal while another happened while using a quad bike.

Ms Rosie also explained that in construction, one death is due to a moving vehicle while the other happened when the house that the man is piling accidentally moved therefore killing him.

She expressed that New Zealand is now on its way to providing a safer workplace since the number of deaths have decreased in the last few years.

A year ago, a new law was passed by the government that tackles health and safety in response to the tragedy in Pike River mining almost 7 years ago.

It is important for industries to hire NZ health and safety consultant because any negligence could lead to a fine of $600,000.


Car Insurance: What To Do After A Car Accident

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It can be challenging to focus right after a car accident. Even if you have ประกันภัยรถยนต์, your mind could be muddled with so many things especially if there was an injury or casualty. However, you need to stay focused in order to avoid complications and legal liabilities in the long run. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind after a road accident.

  1. Do not leave the scene. This is particularly true if you were the one who caused the accident. The aggrieved party could easily file for hit-and-run complaint which would further increase your liabilities.
  2. Check the passengers. Before checking vehicle damages, check the divers and passengers first if there was anyone injured or if anyone requires immediate medical attention. If so, call the ambulance for medical assistance.
  3. Call the authorities. The next thing you should do is call the police. This will mitigate your moral liability and may even constitute forgiveness from the other party especially if only minor damage was incurred. The authorities will also assess the damage and determine who is at fault and if you are answerable to any damages.
  4. Exchange vital information. This is an important step for your ประกันภัยรถยนต์ Obtain the names, contact numbers, basic insurance information, plate numbers and driver’s license number including the names and contact information of passengers, if there are any.
  5. Call your insurance provider. The next step is for you to call your car insurance provider to let them know of the accident. Provide necessary information such as your location and the circumstance leading to the accident. Make sure to provide factual information for your insurance company to assist you better. Any misinformation could constitute legal impediments on your part.
  6. Take photos of the vehicles. This will help your ประกันภัยรถยนต์ company in assessing the extent of damage and the amount of compensation needed.

Be mindful of your statements. Lastly, be careful of your statements as they could be used against you. If you have a lawyer, it would also be best to call him for your legal protection and assistance.



Dry Eye Syndrome Sufferers Can Avail Of Several Treatments

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People in Hong Kong who have underwent laser vision correction Glasgow but suffer from the side-effect of dry eye syndrome have been given more options for treatment.

A common treatment for dry eye syndrome is to receive insertions to plug the tear cut and prevent tears from drainage. These insertions can be a variety of things such as dissolvable collagen, removable silicone, acrylic, or even permanent ones. Another treatment is for patients to have their tear ducts closed.

Over 500,000 people in Hong Kong suffer from the disease. Dry eye syndrome happens when there is a lack or insufficiency of moisture on the eye surface due to a decrease in tear production or an increase in the tear film evaporation.

Symptoms of this disease may be dryness, burning, itchiness, and irritation. In some cases, it may also cause the eye to water. These cause the person difficulty in performing daily activities such as reading and using the computer.

Dr. Marcus Marcet from the University of Hong Kong’s department of ophthalmology said that the disease might be caused by a variety of factors such as pollution, old age, and exposure to computers at home and at the office. It is also a side effect of laser eye surgery, which may cause nerve damage that prevents the eye from detecting dryness and would thus tend to cause lower tear production.

Marcet said that the people of Hong Kong should be informed of the availability of tear duct treatments, as many of them did not know of such treatment.

He also said that tear duct plug insertions can be safe based on a study conducted at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, in which he contributed. According to Marcet, the purpose of the study was to make it clear to people about a product, which not many know or heard enough

According to the study, half of the users were able to get some relief from the symptoms. A good part of the users, however, suffered tearing and irritations. The study also said that non-permanent plugs were a better choice as the risk of irritation, irritation, and inflammation is lessened.

Market, recommends based on the study, that it is better for people with the disease to use eye drops and avoid dry arid areas to avoid dryness in the eye than to risk any complication and risks that tear duct plugs may cause.


The Grim Truth About Plastics

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The use of printed paper bags will surely help in giving solution to the increasing problem of plastics in the environment. The evidence around is great that plastic has indeed molded and influenced society in various ways. From computers and cell phones to hospital IV bags and helmets, plastic is used.

Plastic has made life easier and in some ways safer. However, the synthetic material has also its harmful imprints on society and the environment and human health is placed at jeopardy. This alarming news is a consensus of different scientist from around the globe. There were more than 60 scientists who gathered and gave their research in order to give the public a comprehensive review on what really the impact of plastic is to human health as well as to the environment and offer solutions if there are any.

The truth
According to the report by scientists, the amount of manufactured plastics within the first ten years of this particular century is almost equal to the total amount of plastics produced last century. The mass production of plastics started in 1940 and ever since, manufacturers discovered the different unique properties of the material. Today, it is used for considerably any application. It is forecasted that in the next year, there will be at least 300 million tons of plastic produced.

The lead editor of the published reports, Richard Thompson said that the life of plastics is very long and could potentially be used for several decades. However, people are using the product as if it were an item that could only be used once and then dumped immediately. There is much evidence that the unique building blocks used in creating plastics are the very same components that threaten the health of people as well as the environment. The production and disposal of plastic likewise contribute to various environmental problems.

Below are some of the common problems with plastics:
– Chemicals in plastics can be readily absorbed by humans and are found out to change the hormones in humans.
– Plastic debris which is ingested by animals can poison them.
– Floating plastic wastes in bodies of water will disrupt marine habitat.


Buying Tips For HCG Supplement

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As one of the prospective dieters, it would not be surprising if you have already heard about the HCG supplement. With all those positive reviews that you have read, it can be easy to jump into the wagon and purchase the first HCG drops that you come across with over the internet. Suppliers who are only interested to sell their products would advise you to purchase right away and also for you to purchase in high volume of HCG supplements. However, an authorized supplier would advise you to consider a few things before encouraging you to buy their products.

First, one of the things that they would like to know is if you are fit enough to take a low calorie diet or a 500 calorie count in a day. Also, you should remember that no matter how effective the product is, without proper diet and regular exercise, the regimen will still not yield good results. If you have health conditions that require you to take regular calories than or conditions where you are not allowed to go on diet such as ulcers or gastro conditions, consider losing weight the natural way and avoid taking synthetic drugs.

However, if you do not have any health problems, HCG supplement is suitable for you. Visit the supplier’s official website so you can start shopping right away. If you want to get the best value for your money, purchase more bottles instead of buying a single one. With this, you save on the product itself and on shipping. You can also save money by buying in higher volume.  If you have friends who are also into HCG drops, you can purchase in bulk to get bigger savings.

To lower down your purchasing costs, apply for membership in the official website for you to get special member discounts. To get more information on the product and to find out if it is suitable for you, call a representative of HCG Supplement today. They have a toll free number and you can also send them an email. Call them today for more information.