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Is Silver Hair Becoming The New Trend?

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Most women are extremely conscious about their hair that is why there is hair salon in Bondi that carefully crafts and styles the hair to match the lifestyle, appearance and personality. Hair is usually the first thing that people notices and this is especially true for women. Proper hair care will keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

Grey hair is frequently associated to “getting older” that is why both men and women dye their hair to hide the natural colour. However, more and more women have allowed their grey hair to show even if it is a sign of aging, which is not really true. According to Lorraine Massey, author of “Silver Hair” hair turns grey when pigment-producing cells start to die off. There is no scientific reason on why some young people have grey hair although genes play a major role.

Andrea Fishkin started to see silver strands when she was just 12 years old. She though there was something wrong about having grey hair at a very young age. However, her mother’s hair turned grey when she was 18 years old. For 12 years, Fishkin dyed her hair every 4 to 6 weeks until she decided to accept her grey tresses.

Even celebrities are not spared of grey hair. Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren were among those who embraced full silver hair along with Kendall Jenner, Pink and Lady Gaga. Silver hair is becoming a trend and many women actually look good in it. In fact, it saves them from going to the hair salon frequently to have their hair dyed.

For those who have had their hair dyed every 4 to 6 weeks, it will take about a year a half for the hair to turn totally into silver. Women need a lot of patience because the hair can’t turn gray all at once.

On the other hand, women still need to visit hair salon in Bondi for regular haircuts that will make the hair healthy. Split ends which are usually caused by regular usage of different hair styling products do not look good and makes the hair appear neglected.