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Korean Senior Trade Official Urging Myanmar To Do More

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Lee Hyuk, a senior trade official and Secretary General of the Asean-Korea Centre, says that Myanmar has to work on creating a better investment climate in order to bring in more South Korean investments into the country. He says that investors from South Korea feel that Myanmar, currently, is not a good place to invest in, pointing to the high pricing in service apartment in Yangon and across the country, fierce competition, and inconsistent government policies, among others.

There’s a lot of things to deal with, Lee says, and, on top of all of that, the ASEAN member states are fiercely competing with each other in order to attract FDI (foreign direct investment). He says that there quite a few Korean investors who looked into Myanmar as an investment option, but found that it wasn’t up to their expectations.

The Myanmar government, he says, needs to put in more effort in attracting FDI, doing things like visiting other countries, talking to authorities and companies and the like in order to create good conditions for companies looking to do business in the country.

The lack of infrastructure, insufficient power, high wages and pricy real estate as the big challenges that could potentially deter Korean investors’ from investing in Myanmar. He gives out an example, saying that if you’re operating a manufacturing factory, there should not be a risk of electricity blackouts.  On top of that, the government’s policies should also be consistent, as well as properly enforced.

There’s also problems with renting apartments and service apartment in Yangon, which are highly priced, much higher, nearly double than that Seoul, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, with Lee saying that should things remain the way they are, it’ll be difficult for foreign businesspeople to live comfortably in Myanmar.

Despite all of the challenges, Lee believes that the Korean investors are still very much interested in Myanmar, pointing to manufacturing, construction, retail, services and garments as some of the more promising sectors. He has also expressed hope that the trade mission to the country, aimed at promoting Korean FDI, will bring good results.

Lee sums up the issue with a past experience, saying that he could sense the potential in Myanmar, but it took them 2 hours to get there from Yangon, 30 km away.

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How To Get A Fabulous Locksmith In North Brisbane On A Tight Budget

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Expert locksmiths possess unrivalled skills in their trade. They can be a bit expensive to higher and finding one can be tedious. There are organizations that provide professional locksmith services and focused on giving the best to all customers. These are the traits you should watch out for.

  1. Exchanging as locksmith in North Brisbane for a long time. Brisbane locksmiths should belong the Master Locksmith Association of Australia (MLAA) that gives administrations to Commonwealth and State Government and in addition numerous real enterprises and private clients.
  2. Brisbane locksmiths should have QLD General Safety Induction accreditation and convey QLD Security Licenses.
  3. For huge business customers Brisbane locksmiths should give a solitary purpose of contact, to give locksmith related administrations all through Australia.
  4. They should possess extensive locking hardware and security framework store and work custom portable locksmith in North Brisbane benefits. This flexibility allows for conveying the most astounding quality and most appropriate locksmith administrations to most Brisbane clients.
  5. In case of lockouts or for crisis private, business or safe openings, your versatile locksmith can rapidly be available to help. Your locksmith in North Brisbane can likewise give experienced auto locksmiths to help you in case of vehicle lockouts.

These are services your locksmith in North Brisbane can provide:

Mobile Locksmith Services

Locksmiths can re-scratch and supplant locks, open vehicles, homes and organizations, make copy auto keys, thus significantly more.

Business and Residential Locksmith Services

Provide practical experience in conveying residential and business security administrations to the inhabitants and entrepreneurs to locksmith in Brisbane and encompassing territories.

Car Locksmith Services

Autos, bicycles, trucks and pontoons are not exempted. Stocking a gigantic scope of substitution locks, copy keys, keys from codes, and transponder keys are necessary.

Most recent in Transponder Technology

Electronic transponders are presently utilized, and every single new auto out and about today accompanies some sort of ‘transponder key’. A transponder scratch is a little transmitter inside the leader of your typical auto key, which transmits to the vehicle that the correct key is in the start.

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Easy Steps To Unpack Your Belongings After House Shifting

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Relocating to a new place or moving homes can be stressful. It involves months of careful planning and research. Packing and unpacking is very time consuming and is a difficult chore. Add to that the anxiety of living in a new place, the entire place of moving homes is quite daunting for many of us.

More and more families are using the services of expert packers and movers for easy packing and unpacking in Sydney to ease the pressure of moving in to a new house. These packers and movers helps you to pack, unpack and organize the home in a calm and stress free manner.

However, here are some tips to help you unpack your belongings and set up your new home

  1. Have the list of inventory in hand. Your packers and movers will make a list of all the items before packing and unpacking in Sydney to have an idea of all the items that need packing and unpacking. You can also use the list prepared by you as part of the home inventory.
  2. First select the items essential to run the household. This should be the first box to get out of the truck or ideally it should be carried by you. This box should contain all the essentials required to run the home for a couple of days.
  3. Unpack all the kitchen items. Arrange all the kitchen appliances and utilities and line up the cupboards in the kitchen. Keep in mind to label all the boxes, in order to find the boxes, you are looking for easily at the time of unpacking. For a more relaxed and calm process, consult professional companies offering packing and unpacking in Sydney services.
  4. Bedrooms are next. Unpack the beds, cupboards and wardrobes first and place them at the designated positions. Then unpack the bed linens and other essential bedroom items.
  5. Unpack the bathroom utilities like towels, shower curtains etc.
  6. Keep in mind to place the furniture at their designated areas first. Assemble the large pieces of furniture and arrange them first. Make a plan about organizing the furniture. Using the servicing of professionals for packing and unpacking in Sydney will help you to easily glide through the process of unpacking and organizing your home and adjust to your new surroundings easily.

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Research For The Right International Courier Services Can Save Your Company From Courier Expenses

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Many companies, from small to global businesses, utilise domestic and international courier services. They may just be across town or from the other side of the world. If you want to deliver your parcels or documents safely and soundly, you choose a reputable courier that can do that. However, if you did a lot of homework, you can choose a courier that saves you substantial money for the service.

Before you make your choice, you need to know how to use an international courier for your business. Do you often send shipments regularly? Talk to an existing courier and ask them for deals they can offer their loyal customers. Sometimes, they can provide you substantial savings just to keep you as their customer.

Next is to look for companies that provide international courier services and arrange for some discussions with them. Tell that about the services you expect and find out more about their portfolio. You may need to understand which countries they ship and the respective rates they offer for the services. This can have you get a better deal with the services they offer.

If you want to save money from these types of courier services, you need to consider the following tips:

  • If there really is no need for hard copies in your documents, you can send the items via email rather than post. However, if you’re sending parcels like products you sell, this will need a reliable courier for timely delivery and safety.
  • Consider other courier companies when you choose your courier. You need to compare features and prices to get the best deals.
  • Group your shipments together. You may need to send them in bulk to cut costs on courier services. You also want them to reach their destination safely so you don’t upset customers.

So if you want to save money for international courier services, why not talk to an independent consultant for recommendations. They can do the research for you and provide you a long list of recommended options so you find your courier supplier. Scrutinise and compare their features and prices. You may need to trust your instincts when it comes to making your choices.


How Far Moto Guzzi Has Come

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At one point or another, you may have heard of Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK but do you know the story behind one of the most iconic brand in Italy? Moto Guzzi is soon going to celebrate its centennial year since its founding and motorcycle enthusiasts have witnessed rise and fall. For the past decade, many fans of the brand have noticed how the company is no longer flourishing as it should be. Still many are expecting for it to make a huge recovery since it has been 97 years in the industry.

The founder of Moto Guzzi was Giorgio Parodi, a pilot during the WWI and Carlo Guzzi, a mechanic. They established the business in 1921 and Carlo’s last name carried the brand because he was the one making the actual products. Parodi, along with his brother, were only there to finance the business. The partnership was supposed to be of three people but Giovanni Ravelli died immediately after the war ended.

Their first shop was established at Madellowhich is located in the northern part of Milan. Moto Guzzi along with Mondial and GIlera used to be the international leaders in Grand Prix racing. The last two are no longer doing business but Moto Guzzi also suffered from financial problems. It entered the receivership status in 1967 and after a few ups and downs it was purchased by Aprilia in 2000. Four years later, Piaggio acquired Aprilia.

Fans are now hoping for the launching of new models because the California 1400 that was released in 2013 is just a model tweaked from the original one which is the California launched in 1971. One of the best selling models of the company is the California 1400 because it had made waves with fans all over the world.

Not all recreations of the California model was good though because when MGX21 was released it was not well received. Despite the fact that Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK is quite common, the MGX21 was regarded a disaster because of various issues. At the end of the day, Piaggio should invest more money to the Moto Guzzi brand in order to rebirth it and the brand should be able to awaken the original glory it ones had.


All You Need To Know About White Glove Logistics

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With the increase in the e-commerce business and increased competition between companies, the customer expectations have gone up, in terms of product delivery. Modern customers expect the companies to go the extra mile and provide a pleasant experience.

The demand for white glove logistics is constantly on the rise as more and more companies are willing to spend more to fulfil the customer expectations. A white glove service involves taking the necessary precautions and handling the products with care during storage and transportation, and providing excellent customer service during delivery of the product.

Products of high-value, like jewellery and branded accessories, expensive household appliances and electronics, large furniture items and high-end technical equipment require white glove logistics services. These products have to be handled carefully during all the stages of storage, transport, delivery and installation.

Companies opting for white glove logistics should set realistic expectations from the providers. An open communication with the logistics firms helps the companies to determine what to expect from the service. The white glove service provider should provide the key handling parameters such as regular notifications, automated scanning and list of touch points with customers. The logistics firms providing white glove services should be prepared with proper contingency plans for unexpected emergencies. They should be willing to take the necessary actions to make the delivery on time and keep the customer happy.

Defining liability is a major principle in white glove services. Using white glove services for high-value products reduces the shipper’s liability. Determining the liability and damage guarantees beforehand, helps the logistics firms and the shippers to understand the terms of service.

Since products are handled carefully during the white glove service, companies benefit through lowered product returns. They can easily track the returned goods, saving a lot of time and efforts. Since the white glove services also include reverse logistics, companies save a lot of money.

Engaging the services of white glove logistics helps the companies to improve their customer satisfaction. White glove logistics involves proper delivery of the products as per the customer expectations, explaining the product details and ensuring customer satisfaction. White glove services include service during and after the deliver helping the companies to position themselves ahead of the competitors in terms of product delivery and customer satisfaction.


Loonie Drops To Two-Week Low, Analysts Seeing Bad Signs For The Future

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Canada and people working in currency exchange Ottawa and across the country saw the Canadian dollar, colloquially known as the loonie thanks to the common loon on the C$1 coin, set its lowest value in a two-year time span on the 25th of May. The drop in pricing was caused by lower oil prices as well as geopolitical tension across the world.

The loonie had already depreciated in value by 3% earlier this year, and sat at US¢77.11 on the 25th of May. Analysts across the country are pointing to the risks facing the loonie could escalate by June, further applying pressure on the Canadian dollar.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Capital Markets‘ Head of North American Foreign Exchange Strategy, Bipan Rai, says that the downside risks plaguing the loonieare caused by the current geopolitical environment, like the NAFTA talks and the uncertainty regarding Canada’s exemption from the US’s new steel and aluminum tariffs that could be renewed on the onset of June.

He says that the CIBC, alongside the currency exchange Ottawa is keeping an eye on the loonie’s price behaviour, but the problem could reach tipping point if the loonie-US$ trade rate drops below the ¢76.40 to ¢77.00.

Canada’s currently exempt from the new tariffs the Trump administration on steel and aluminum, but the country’s exemption is set to end by the start of the June, with officials from the US suggesting that they could impose the tariffs on Canada if the US doesn’t get better terms in the NAFTA deal.

On top of that, the US launched an investigation on whether imported vehicles might pose a security threat; an investigation would allow the US to impose tariffs if it’s proven that its national security is under threat.

Meanwhile, US’s oil prices have dropped again for a 3% drop for the week, which came following top producers from Russia and Saudi Arabia could boost their production on the latter half of 2018, which will increase the supply in the market. The loonie is heavily affected by changes in oil prices as crude oil is one of the big exports of Canada.

Should the Bank of Canada take a more aggressive outlook regarding the interest rates with their policy statement, the loonie can go up modestly.