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Thailand’s Tourism Revenue Grows

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has reported its tourism revenue reaching over THB 627 billion from July to September of this year.

This involves both international and domestic tourist spending.

The statistics from the report

Kobkarn Wattanavrnagkul, the Tourism and Sports Minister, mentioned that in the 3rd quarter, the earnings grew to 12.22%, which reached THB 627,037.25 million.

From this, THB 410,755.03 million came from international markets, up by 14.77%. THB 216,282.22 million was derived from domestic markets, up by 7.69%.

There were international tourist arrivals of 8,228,278, up by 13.09% from 2015 Q3.

Chinese tourist arrivals increased 14.53%, 2.42 million in Q3. This created THB 123,609 million, a 15.67% increase.

ASEAN tourist arrivals increased 14.63%, 2.20 million. This created THB 67,601 million in revenue.

European tourist arrivals increased 12.11%, 1.20 million. This created THB 86,867 million, a 15.6% increase in 2015 Q3.

The government estimated 36.48 billion Thais doing trips in Q3 for the domestic market. This is up by 5.55% from 2015 Q3.

THB 155,631.85 million, an increase of 7.57%, from domestic travel went to 10 destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Rayong, Chonburi, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Additionally, THB 13,141.70 million, an increase of 8.54%, went to the 12 destinations of Lampang, Loei, Nan, Phetchabun, Buri Ram, Samut Songkhram, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Ratchaburi, Chanthaburi, Chumphon, Trat and Trang.

THB 13,777.87 million, an increase of 8.21% went to the 12 destinations of Lamphun, Phitsanulok, Phrae, Chaiyaphum, Phatthalung, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Surin, Sa Kaeo, Ranong, Rayong and Satun.

For Q4, the ministry estimated that the tourism revenue may get to THB 690,616.05 million, which is up by 1.28% 2015 Q4.

Of that estimation, THB 389,884.43 million will derive from the international markets, while THB 219,731.62 million will derive from the domestic markets.

For 2015, it was 29.8 million international arrivals, up by 20.44% from 2014’s 24.8 million. The revenue was also estimated at THB 1.44 trillion which is up by 23.39% from 2014’s THB 1.17 trillion.


This means a great deal for all the tour operators (international and domestic), hotels and resorts, whether that be a boutique resort in Chanthaburi or a hostel in Bangkok. The tourism growth and revenue increase in Thailand is proof enough of it being a major destination for international and domestic tourists alike.



Tips To Lower Rent For Houses For Rent In Pattaya

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Renting a house can be practical especially if you will not stay for long in the area. However, it will still entail costs and will slice up a big chunk from your monthly salary. To choose among the houses for rent Pattaya and get the lowest deal, take a look at these suggestions:

Prioritize your needs, not wants

The first thing you have to do is identify what your actual needs are and not your wants. Of course, anybody would want a swimming pool in the backyard, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or a wide front yard for tending plants and flowers but are those needs or merely your wants? While it can be nice to have extra amenities in the house, they can be the reason why the rent is high. If you want a house that is suited to your budget, look for houses for rent Pattaya that offers your basic needs such as a clean and fully functional toilet and bath including other basic parts of the house. If you can get extra amenities for free, that would be a bonus. Apart from the amenities, you might also want to check if the house is located on a higher ground so it does not suffer from flood during rainy days.

Avoid middlemen

One of the secrets to getting lower house rental is by negotiating directly to the house or property owner. House owners usually post their property online or in property sites. Instead of coordinating with the web administrator, get the number of the property caller and call him directly if you are interested with the house being offered for rent. Avoid middlemen or real estate property agents because most of the time, they get cuts or mark ups for properties that are advertised.


Haggling is a skill. Some people are born with it but you can develop the skill with practice. Talk with the owner of houses for rent Pattaya then negotiate for the price. Offer longer renting time for greater chance to be granted with the rental price reduction.



Thailand’s Booming Tourism Industry

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While the political turmoil last 2013 and 2014 affected Thailand’s hospitality industry, 2015 brought with it a new hope and a record of 29.9 million international travellers.

With Thailand being included in the top ten preferred holiday destinations around the world, the unrest last 2014 may have equated to disaster. However, the impact on the hospitality industry was very little, according to Mike Batchelor, JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group’s managing director for Investment Sales.

Then, this means that it was no surprise that up until September 2015, the year-on-year growth in the number of tourists going to Thailand was at 49.9%.

Does this mean a shift in the tourism sector, finally?

Tourists go to Thailand

Batchelor has pointed to the growing activity of budget air carriers that are flying the tourists to some transport hubs like U-Tapao and Surat Thani, which service famous destinations like Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Other factors that are likely going to increase the arrivals in 2016 are the completed Phuket airport expansion, the reopening of Don Mueang airport’s Terminal 2 and the reintroduction of the multiple entry six-month visas.

Cross-border tourism plans

The Thai government is also set on increasing marketing efforts in order to attract cross border tourism from Myanmar and Cambodia, and to promote cruise and marine tourism by connecting Thailand with the Philippines, according to the Nation.

While this recovery pace can be balanced out given the new hotel supply, Batchelor has indicated that mid-tier hotels will likely do well continually due to increased tour groups. These are now getting 70% occupancy rates. Bangkok will have additional rooms with the opening of 5,500 rooms from the mid-scale hotels.

In the luxury sector, the demand is also balancing out the supply. In the next two years, 900 new rooms are projected to increase in Koh Samui.

Good news for the hospitality industry

The Thai hospitality industry in 2016 is generally positive. This means better revenue for the hotel businesses, whether that be a Sukhumvit budget hotel in Bangkok or a luxury hotel in Koh Samui. The increase in tourist numbers is definitely helping the Thai tourism market.



Argentines Crying Out For Additional Employment

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In Buenos Aires, thousands of people from Argentin are making a move after the call made by Pope Francis. They conducted a march starting from the church up to the streets earlier this month. It is a mass protest by people who are demanding to get more employment from the government as well as to lessen the poverty they are experiencing.

It was during the feast of Cajetan, known to be the patron saint of unemployed, that the Catholic worshippers did their march. They prayed to the patron saint at the same church that is named after him which is located in Buenos Aires.

Thousands of people came to join during the street procession which started at the church located at the western part of the city. They marched going to the central square called Plaza De Mayo which is located directly in the front yard of the presidential palace.

The people marched bringing their slogan with them which bears the words bread and work. There are sounds of the beating drums as well as yells coming from protesters shouting for more jobs.

It was the most recent march conducted among the series of rallies that were made in order to stand against the cutting of jobs as well as the increase in utility rate for this year. These unfortunate events happened under the governance of the conservative representative, President Mauricio Macri.

According to labor unions, around 200,000 jobs have been cut off in different industries ever since Macri took the seat as President last December. The government also revealed that there were 52,000 jobs that were cut off coming from the private sector while 11,000 workers from public posts were removed. This all happened within a span of five months – January to May.

It was during a mass in church that Mario Poli, the present archbishop of Buenos Aires, read aloud a letter coming from the Argentinian Pope Francis who is worried about the high number of people who are unemployed within his homeland.

Eduardo Farrel, one of the organizers of the protest, said that it is the reason why they are conducting a march – in order to support the cry of the people for more bread and work.

Individuals in Thailand who are looking for jobs should contact Scooppeople Asia.


New Airport Security Measures In Thailand Lifted After Long Hours Of Flight Delay

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Link Airport transfers their customers both leisure and corporate travelers from one airport to another. You will be accorded with the best treatment while enjoying their service. With the increase of passengers in Airports today, it is quite difficult to move about. If you are scheduled for another flight in an adjacent airport, it would be especially difficult to make the transfer. It is a good thing that there are companies that offer this kind of service.

In the past year, there have been numerous airline mishaps and because of these series of unfortunate events, stricter rules and regulations have been implemented by airports and airline companies. In Thailand however, just a couple of days ago, two of their international airports abandoned their security measures. The security rules were said to be just promulgated and imposed recently. The former stringent security measure mandated the passengers both traveling domestically and internationally to run all of their luggage and carry-on packs through the x-ray machines before they can be checked in. However, this system resulted in hour-long delays in flights. It was for this reason that management decided to strip off with the procedure.


The root cause to the problem was that there were insufficient scanners in the airports. Travelers were even caught surprised by the new security policy since this was only quietly posted in the website of the airport.

Management requested that the stricter measures be postponed at the Don Mueang Airport until September when a second terminal is set to open. This new building will expand the capacity of the airport from about 18.5 million passengers or travelers to 30 million in a year.

Last Monday, the airport suspended the newly implemented security measure. Travelers are just expected to only have their check-in bags x-rayed and their carry-on baggage scanned when arriving at the gates.

The mandate
Who gave the order to increase security measures at Thailand’s airport? The mandate came from the Department of Civil Association. The department just recently was pressured by the International Civil Aviation Organization to revamp their security standards and procedures. The director of the department said that the security measures were done in order to be prepared for an upcoming audit.


Take Your Cat Anywhere With This New Hoodie

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If there is one thing that people cannot resist, it would probably anything that is cute. People always have a heart for cute things and nothing can be cuter than small furry animals and one Japanese pet supply company has definitely made use of that human weakness by designing a hoodies that will enable you to bring your cat or any other small furry pet with you at all times.

Humans have been wearing hooded sweatshirts, or most commonly known as hoodies, for over centuries now. It has become a part of human culture and as people, particularly the youth, continue to evolve, so does their manner of clothing.

Hoodies are fashionable. They look good to wear no matter if they are designed after a TV show like My Little Pony or if they have plain designs. Hoodies will naturally make a person look better while also providing that comfort and warmth during cold weathers.

Now, hoodies can finally be used to carry your pets along with you and it is all thanks to the folks at a Japanese pet supply company called Unihabitat.
Unihabitat has recently unveiled their new product. With the nature of this new hoodies, it is sure to find favor among people who deem themselves inseparable with their pets. The new product is called a Mewgaroo Hoodie and it features a pouch that is specially designed for keeping and carrying small pets like cats and dogs. The pouch also has the capacity to keep the pet warm, safe and cozy.

But if you think that is the only thing special with this new hoodie, then you may be mistaken. The Mewgaroo Hoodie also has sewn-on cat ears in the hood and also has paw pads that give you the cute appearance of a cat.

If you think you may face a shedding problem, you do not need to worry because the pouch can be detached for you to be able to clean the shed fur.

Unfortunately though, the product page of the new Mewgaroo Hoodie only caters to Japanese speakers for now. But you can also anticipate that it will be open for other people as well.