Caring Tips For Melbourne Engagement Rings

Melbourne engagement rings can be costly. Aside from its monetary value, engagement rings should also be taken care of for sentimental reasons. Wearing an engagement ring means that you are already committed with someone. It is important to take care of your engagement ring as it signifies your love and respect to your partner. To keep your engagement ring in excellent condition until you have to replace it with your wedding ring, here are some tips:

  • Make sure to remove your engagement ring if you are going to expose your hands to harsh chemicals such as bleach and other home cleaning products, abrasives, stain removers and similar products. This could damage your ring with potential scratches or the gemstones might fall off.
  • Remove your engagement ring if you are going to do labour intensive tasks such as lifting or carrying heavy loads. Removing your engagement ring is also advisable if you are going to do gardening.
  • Storage is also important to keep Melbourne engagement rings in excellent condition. To keep the rings scratch-free and to protect them from scratching with other Keep the rings in a cool, dry and clean jewellery box with compartments.
  • Have your engagement ring professionally checked by an expert jeweller at least once or twice a year. This is particularly important if your ring has gemstones or intricate design.
  • Send your engagement ring to a jeweller if it was subjected to hard impact.
  • If your engagement ring is made of platinum and it needs to be resized or repaired, make sure that the material used is platinum stock instead of white gold. Mixing white gold to platinum results to dark markings along soldered areas.
  • For platinum engagement ring, use specifically formulated cleaning agents for gold or platinum jewelleries. Another way to clean delicate jewelleries is by using warm water and mild soap and brush it using soft toothbrush.
  • Even if you are going to use soft toothbrush for your Melbourne engagement rings, you still have to be extra careful since it can still scratchor damage the ring’s surface.