Bumrungrad Hopistal Innovating With Digitalization

Most people travel to Bangkok for the sights, the sounds, the fancy hotels, etc. There are however, some people who have other reasons for traveling. Some stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital not for relaxation, but for medical treatment. They will glad to hear that the hospital is not resting when it comes to providing quality healthcare and medical innovation.

Bumrungrad International Hospital, recognized globally as belonging in the top 10 hospitals in the world when it comes to ensuring its patients receive the best and most innovative medical care they can, serves over 1.1 million patients every year, with international patients accounting for half of that. The Thailand facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, and is a privately-owned institution, one of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. The hospital is considered to be an innovator when comes to medical technology.

In its pursuit of seeking out the latest advancements in medical care, the hospital has partnered up with InterSystems, a Massachusetts information technology company specializing in medical applications for the implementation of the InterSystems TrakCare® and the HealthShare® Health Connect systems. Both of these systems are aimed towards improving patient care and efficiency in the hospital.

The TrakCare system is designed to give the hospital’s staff the information they require for each individual patient whenever necessary via a secure, web-based EMR, or electronic medical record. The system is unified, in that the personnel at Bumrungrad will not have to suffer through multiple system access processes and paperwork, as the system provides a single clinical and patient administration system.

HealthShare Health Connect, meanwhile, is designed to allow the aforementioned TrakCare system to interoperate with non-TrakCare systems present in the hospital’s facility, and to allow for exchange of medical information with other authorized organizations.

Ms. Linda Lisaphanya is the Bumrungrad Hospital’s Managing Director and founder, and she has stated that the aim of the implementations of the system to create a singular record for each patient, all with goal of improving the medical care their patients receive in the hospital. She states that, with access to updated, comprehensive data on their patients, the medical staff can make the best decisions possible. The system will also aid patients with accessing the many services, both local and international, that Bumrungrad offers.

Those travelers staying in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital, will glad to know that, if they ever need medical treatment, they’ll be in good hands.