Bangkok’s New Airport Shuttles Now Operational

It was the 1st of this month when the new buses from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority started operating at Don Mueang airport. The agency was able to earn revenue of over 200,000 baht after its 5-day operation. The new shuttle service is the one responsible in hauling tourists as they arrive at the Don Mueang airport and transported to the centre of the city. Lucky are those who have accommodations that offer free shuttle service in Bangkok because they are not charged for the travel to and fro the airport.

According to the agency’s director under the Bus Management office, ChitchaiPhuaree, the BMTA was able to earn around 225,000 baht after its airport service started its operation until the fifth day of operation. This is a good start for the service that was spearheaded by the agency.

The shuttle service has two current routes – the A3 and A4. A3 is the route the departs at the Don Mueang going to Lumpini Park while A4 is the route that departs at the airport and shuttles passengers to SanamLuang.

The Don Mueang airport is known to host airlines that offer low-cost tickets as well as chartered flights. Mr. Chitchai added that the buses within the two routes were able to serve 4,506 passengers for the first five days of its operation.

Of the total number of passengers, 2,350 used the A3 route which led to revenue of 117,220 baht which means 23,444 baht is earned on average each day. The 2,156 passengers went through the A4 route and the total revenue was 107,800 baht, which means 21,560 per dayis earned.

They were not able to provide any comparable figures for the revenue earned but Mr. Chitchai revealed that they are planning to put out more shuttle routes all departing from Don Mueang airport. This is because the agency has seen that the shuttle bus seems to be the most common preference of tourists whose accommodations does not offer free shuttle service in Bangkok. There are already two routes available previously but it only delivers passengers to Victory Monument and Chatuchak coming from airport.