Argentines Crying Out For Additional Employment

In Buenos Aires, thousands of people from Argentin are making a move after the call made by Pope Francis. They conducted a march starting from the church up to the streets earlier this month. It is a mass protest by people who are demanding to get more employment from the government as well as to lessen the poverty they are experiencing.

It was during the feast of Cajetan, known to be the patron saint of unemployed, that the Catholic worshippers did their march. They prayed to the patron saint at the same church that is named after him which is located in Buenos Aires.

Thousands of people came to join during the street procession which started at the church located at the western part of the city. They marched going to the central square called Plaza De Mayo which is located directly in the front yard of the presidential palace.

The people marched bringing their slogan with them which bears the words bread and work. There are sounds of the beating drums as well as yells coming from protesters shouting for more jobs.

It was the most recent march conducted among the series of rallies that were made in order to stand against the cutting of jobs as well as the increase in utility rate for this year. These unfortunate events happened under the governance of the conservative representative, President Mauricio Macri.

According to labor unions, around 200,000 jobs have been cut off in different industries ever since Macri took the seat as President last December. The government also revealed that there were 52,000 jobs that were cut off coming from the private sector while 11,000 workers from public posts were removed. This all happened within a span of five months – January to May.

It was during a mass in church that Mario Poli, the present archbishop of Buenos Aires, read aloud a letter coming from the Argentinian Pope Francis who is worried about the high number of people who are unemployed within his homeland.

Eduardo Farrel, one of the organizers of the protest, said that it is the reason why they are conducting a march – in order to support the cry of the people for more bread and work.

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