Alternative Options To A Luxury Rehab

The truth is, getting out from an addiction can be challenging in various aspects. It can be physically taxing, psychologically challenging and of course, there is the financial aspects. However, these challenges should not deter you from getting the help that you need and deserve. If you money would be an issue, forget about luxury rehab where Hollywood celebrities normally get into but look for alternatives where you can save money or even get the treatment for free. Here are some ideas.

Visit sites of support groups     

There are different support groups with websites online that you can contact. There are support groups for addicted to various substances like cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction. These support groups value anonymity so you don’t have to worry about disclosing your identity if you are not comfortable to. Aside from getting support from individuals who are going through the same battle as you, these groups offer free treatment programs or they can link you to free treatments on their network.  There are church groups, nonprofit organizations and charities that offer free services to those who want to kick a bad habit.

Review your health insurance policy

Since 2010, insurance policies already provide mental health and substance abuse treatment in their coverage.  While the coverage will not offer services akin to a luxury rehab, at least you won’t have to worry about the charges and fees accrued during the treatment program. Review your insurance policy well because some insurance policies do not cover all the expenses involved in addiction treatment. Consult your insurance company for more information.

Check for financial aids in luxury rehabs

Even if you do not have the money for a luxury rehab, you can still get hold of their services by asking for financial aid or programs provided by select luxury treatment centers. Visit the websites of some luxury rehab and find out if they offer financial aids to those who are in need of help but cannot afford their services. There might be limited slots to this so call them right away for a better chance.