All You Need To Know About White Glove Logistics

With the increase in the e-commerce business and increased competition between companies, the customer expectations have gone up, in terms of product delivery. Modern customers expect the companies to go the extra mile and provide a pleasant experience.

The demand for white glove logistics is constantly on the rise as more and more companies are willing to spend more to fulfil the customer expectations. A white glove service involves taking the necessary precautions and handling the products with care during storage and transportation, and providing excellent customer service during delivery of the product.

Products of high-value, like jewellery and branded accessories, expensive household appliances and electronics, large furniture items and high-end technical equipment require white glove logistics services. These products have to be handled carefully during all the stages of storage, transport, delivery and installation.

Companies opting for white glove logistics should set realistic expectations from the providers. An open communication with the logistics firms helps the companies to determine what to expect from the service. The white glove service provider should provide the key handling parameters such as regular notifications, automated scanning and list of touch points with customers. The logistics firms providing white glove services should be prepared with proper contingency plans for unexpected emergencies. They should be willing to take the necessary actions to make the delivery on time and keep the customer happy.

Defining liability is a major principle in white glove services. Using white glove services for high-value products reduces the shipper’s liability. Determining the liability and damage guarantees beforehand, helps the logistics firms and the shippers to understand the terms of service.

Since products are handled carefully during the white glove service, companies benefit through lowered product returns. They can easily track the returned goods, saving a lot of time and efforts. Since the white glove services also include reverse logistics, companies save a lot of money.

Engaging the services of white glove logistics helps the companies to improve their customer satisfaction. White glove logistics involves proper delivery of the products as per the customer expectations, explaining the product details and ensuring customer satisfaction. White glove services include service during and after the deliver helping the companies to position themselves ahead of the competitors in terms of product delivery and customer satisfaction.