Adobe Dreamweaver 2016: A Bit Of History And Several Tips And Tricks

Adobe Dreamweaver is a tool for web development first created in 1997 by Macromedia. This was later bought in 2005 by Adobe Systems. It is one of the most identifiable website creation software, and it is also one of the oldest.

Dreamweaver is available for Mac and Windows currently. The last version released in June 2015 was CC. It upgraded the responsive design skills for the software. There were also new features like a current code editor and website preview for those mobile devices.

The most recent update to this version that came out by November 2nd already lets developers edit their CSS while also working with HTML, which is a total user interface redesign, multiple cursor function, real time browser preview, and more.

What Adobe Dreamweaver does

Dreamweaver is used for creating websites. It gives its users a user interface where they type their HTML and CSS codes and edit these through numerous tools.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is what is called a “skeleton” of websites. A web developer writes a pages of these HTML codes which describe how a site will look like, the colours, size, font, media support and others.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are text files which are included in the website code to assist in shaping the appearance.

It also uses a “WYSIWYG” or “What You See Is What You Get” interface, where this shows how a website is going to look real time as the code is being modified.

Tips and Tricks

Dreamweaver offers numerous tools in order to have the experience of writing codes easier. In other applications, CSS is separate from HTML. However, here, CSS can be brought over by pressing CTRL + K.

Dreamweaver also lets developers press down CTRL in order to mark several lines of codes to edit all at once.

Its primary screen is also bigger. Its users can modify the background colour for them to read lines of codes well. With CTRL + U, they can launch the Preferences panel, click on Code Colouring to modify this.

For more information, it is best to take a course about Dreamweaver training to fully understand its capabilities and functions.