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Tony M Edwards

Welcome to Barbara Hartwell News! We are your source for interesting and meaningful news stories from all over the world. We cover all aspects of the news from local, national and international. We bring to you news about politics, technology, business, culture, science, sports and entertainment. We at Barbara Hartwell News ensure the stories you read are accurate and verifiable because we have our trusted and credible sources.

Barbara Hartwell News aims to report good news but in the interest of balanced news reporting, we have to share with you bad news because the world we live in is not perfect. Our mission is to keep you informed and we promise to accomplish this by ensuring that our stories do not contain personal biases or prejudices. We can also be critical when necessary particularly when our politicians are involved in corruption but we ensure fair reporting. We make it a point to cover both sides of the story because we intend to maintain our fairness and objectivity.

Objectivity and fairness is always applied by our news sources and both sides must always be given equal space to explain their stories. The personal feelings and opinions of our sources should not get in the way of seeking the truth. At Barbara Hartwell News, we strive to maintain our independence so that truth will always prevail.

However, there are instances when accuracy is compromised. When reporting breaking news, speed is essential so that the audience may be given an account of the event as it happens. Eyewitnesses however can be mistaken on the details they share. This is the reason why news is sometimes delayed because stories have to be verified particularly if events are unfolding very quickly. Even with the demands for speed, accuracy must always be prioritized so that the audience will not be confused. We at Barbara Hartwell News want to build a reputation of trustworthiness particularly since news spread today often spread like wildfire due to social media.

We invite our audience to share with us their thoughts and insights. We are also open to suggestions on how our site can be further improved. Please feel free to contact us at