A Heating Engineer Or A Specialist Plumber? Weighing In On Which Tradesman To Call For Help

Most companies like Glow Flow Ltd in Doncaster employs both a specialist plumber and a heating engineer. A number of clients seeking assistance are not really sure which one they need, or if both terms refer to the same expertise. It’s a common misconception in the UK and we intend to clear that out in this article.

The confusion is actually based on the mind’s capability of automatically connecting things logically. A plumber’s trade is consist of so many specialties pertaining to pipework. For instance, if a bathroom or kitchen pipe needs servicing, the plumber needs to be well-knowledgeable regarding its heating functions and make sure that is not overlooked as well. Same goes with heating engineers. As they take care of an entire heating system in a particular property, they must ensure that the water will properly be heated as well. Their scope of work is correlated but the two is actually different. But, professional companies such as Glow Flow Ltd make sure all their tradesman are well-trained and capable of managing all situations, making it hard for clients who employ them to distinguish which is which.


In the Roman times, plumbing pipes are made from lead. Hence the name plumber, as the Latin term for lead is ‘plumbum’. Though modern pipelines do not use lead pipes anymore to avoid lead contamination in the water supply, the term is still being widely used. A plumber’s scope of work is anything that needs water in the house.

Heating Engineer
Heating engineers cover everything in the scope of heating a house or a structure. Heating engineers install, service and maintain fixtures, fittings, and pipework for heating systems. They essentially implement heating solutions for all kinds of heating needs.

Where they cross together

In any industrial, commercial or residential structure, heating and plumbing are required. Though different scopes, the functions of these systems interlay at some point. This opens up the demand for professionals for both heating and plumbing to be more knowledgeable in each other’s scope for more efficiency in what they do. But the difference is still big therefore clients must know what the issue is so that the company can send the necessary support. If it’s a water pipe that sprung a leak, they probably need a plumber. If it’s a boiler issue, they probably need a heating engineer.