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4 Advantages Of Installing Timber Wall Panels

By having timber wall panels, you can easily transform an average looking room to a rich and trendy area with all the cosiness and warmth it adds. Timber wall’s aesthetic appeal is one of the reasons why you can find a lot of modern homes with wooden or timber accents in their areas. You can find timber materials used on walls, flooring, staircase, partitions, bars and on hallway walls. If you are wondering why timber is trendy nowadays, here are some of the reasons why.

Ease of maintenance

Timber wall panels do not require much for maintenance. You only need to have it polished and applied with finishing and it can stand without much maintenance for a long time. Just wipe the panels,at least once a week or depending on the need, with warm water to remove dust and light particles and that’s it. If ever there is a need for the wall panel to be replaced, the installer would just remove the portion of the panel with damage, leaving the rest of the wall unaffected.

Resistant to scratches and water

Timber is naturally susceptible to water and may even lose its natural colour with sun exposure but with the right polishing and lamination, timber panels resist to scratching and water or moisture. To ensure that you will get reliable and high quality timber wall panels that can last for a long time, order them from a trusted supplier.


One of the excellent features of timber is they are made from natural material. You can find a timber wall panel supplier that obtains their products from reclaimed timbers and old boats which makes their products sustainable and eco-friendly. This means that no timber were cut down just to make your room trendy and elegant. Choose a timber wall panel supplier that offers certified products.


Another reason to choosetimber wall panels is they are proven durable and can even last for a hundred years. This means having a luxurious wall panel on your wall for generations to come. Look for a timber wall panel supplier that offers free shipping along with specials to lower your expenses.