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Different Types Of Touch Screen Technologies And The Benefits Of Touch Screen Monitors

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Touch screen monitors are with us from the last forty years. The high cost of touch screen monitors have restricted their usage to only highly complex and expensive applications. But the advent of low cost options in the past few years, made touch screen monitors affordable and widely used in commercial and industrial settings.

There are many uses of touch screen monitors which has led to an increase in demand for industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand, from a host of industries. Some of the benefits of touch screen monitors are

  • The industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand is durable and resistant to dust, oil, chemicals and other contaminants.
  • They are easy to operate and reduce mistakes
  • Use of industrial touch screen monitors makes it easy to train the users with easy screen guides
  • The industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand does not need peripherals and other components like mouse, keyboard and monitor. They can be easily hung on a wall or on a machine, where the place is limited.

There are different types of technology used in industrial touch screen monitors, based on their costs and applications. Some of the commonly used technologies for industrial touch screens are

  1. Resistive touch technology – This is the most affordable technology and is simple to operate. This technology is commonly used in commercial applications like hospitals, supermarkets and banks. The resistive touch screen works with a stylus, gloves or fingers.
  2. Capacitive touch technology – It is the most widely used technology for touch screens. This technology is used in smartphones, tablets and gaming devices. The capacitive touch screen is more responsive than the resistive touch screen.
  3. Surface acoustic wave touch technology – This technology is used in applications which require detailed graphics with no loss of quality. The technology is expensive than the others and is used for specific high-end applications.
  4. Infrared touch technology – The infrared technology works well with all the different kinds of stimuli, like a stylus, gloves, fingers and more. This type of industrial touch screen monitor is most suitable for point of sale machines and other outdoor applications. The drawback of infrared touch screen is they are susceptible to dirt and dust.

While selecting the industrial touch screen monitor in Thailand, users have to consider the location of the device, the required operation and accuracy, among other factors and determine the right type of technology that is cost effective and efficient.