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Can Electric Fences Prevent Elephants From Destroying Crops?

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Many people prefer the electric fence for dogs because it is more cost effective and easier to install than traditional fences. The dog cannot jump over the fence and neither can he chew the fence to escape. Aside from ensuring the safety of dogs, the electric fence is now being used to prevent elephants from entering crop lands and human habitats.

A week ago, two elephants moved about in the waters of Bharathapuzha near the town of Parali. A year ago, elephants visited a rail ticket reservation counter in Palakkad town. Two months later, three of the large mammals walked further south into villages and paddy fields. The amused public watched the elephants as they walked through the coconut orchards and waded through the rivers until they were driven back to the forests by officials from the Forestry Department.

Even if the elephants were merely passing through the villages, frequent crop raids were reported. In order to mitigate the damages wrought by the elephants, officials used deep trenches and electric fences. Solar powered electric fences are commonly used in Kerala for a 5-year conflict mitigation program because the village lands are adjacent to protected areas. Aside from electric fences, elephant-proof walls were installed.

However, elephants are intelligent and know what to do. They push down an entire tree to cross over an area. Portions of the fence that remain no longer operate properly. Villages surrounding the That tekkad Bird Sanctuary claim that the electric fences are not effective. However, the fences fail to function because of lack of maintenance.

According to Money, S. Assistant Wildlife Warden of TBS, vegetation on either sides and under the fence must be cut down regularly to prevent a short circuit. It is critical for the villagers to contribute to maintenance efforts because the forestry team can only do so much.

Dogs must be free to move and run without being attached to a leash or rope. In order to protect the flowerbeds in the garden as well as the pool, electric fence for dogs can be installed. Innovations in technology have introduced the Wi-Fi-enabled energizer that can be monitored and controlled through an app downloaded on a mobile device.