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Five Tips To Make Your Workouts For Weight Loss Effective

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Losing weight involves a lot of hard work and effort. You have to be mindful of what you eat and workout hard, to create a calorie deficit. Apart from working out at the gym there are other factors like reducing the stress, getting enough sleep and taking good care of the nutrient needs of the body that help you to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Here are some tips from popular personal trainer in Wynnum North to make your fitness regimen effective and interesting.

  • Select an activity that you enjoy doing. Select a walk or jog in the garden, if you are an outdoor person or select gym with the latest equipment, if you like working out in the gym. You can also try out different activities like Zumba, aerobics, Pilates, cycling or yoga. Select an activity that excites you in order to be consistent and be motivated to work out.
  • Do not concentrate on calories only. The reputed personal trainer in Wynnum North advises the clients to start looking for other factors while working out. Aim to lift heavier weights or increase the intensity of the workout, try to execute the exercises with perfect form or increase the time limits. Achieving these goals will boost your confidence and will improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Focus on the intensity of the workout. Use devices like fitness trackers to help you monitor the heart rate. Perform exercises with high intensity in intervals. Speak to your personal trainer in Wynnum North to design a perfect workout regimen with a variety of high intensity exercises. High intensity exercises with proper intervals in between help to achieve the after burn effect and burn more calories even when you are resting.
  • Limit high intensity workouts to three days a week, if you have just starting working out for weight loss. Include steady rate cardio for the rest of the days. The moderately intense activity of steady rate cardio allows you to enjoy the workout session and also does not stress the body much. Combining steady rate and high intensity activities allows you to get effective results.
  • Strength training is also important aspect of working out. If you want to lose weight, include strength training sessions in your regimen. Speak to your personal trainer in Wynnum North and include a variety of exercises that target the different muscle groups. This helps you to tone up and achieve the defined shape.

Korean Senior Trade Official Urging Myanmar To Do More

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Lee Hyuk, a senior trade official and Secretary General of the Asean-Korea Centre, says that Myanmar has to work on creating a better investment climate in order to bring in more South Korean investments into the country. He says that investors from South Korea feel that Myanmar, currently, is not a good place to invest in, pointing to the high pricing in service apartment in Yangon and across the country, fierce competition, and inconsistent government policies, among others.

There’s a lot of things to deal with, Lee says, and, on top of all of that, the ASEAN member states are fiercely competing with each other in order to attract FDI (foreign direct investment). He says that there quite a few Korean investors who looked into Myanmar as an investment option, but found that it wasn’t up to their expectations.

The Myanmar government, he says, needs to put in more effort in attracting FDI, doing things like visiting other countries, talking to authorities and companies and the like in order to create good conditions for companies looking to do business in the country.

The lack of infrastructure, insufficient power, high wages and pricy real estate as the big challenges that could potentially deter Korean investors’ from investing in Myanmar. He gives out an example, saying that if you’re operating a manufacturing factory, there should not be a risk of electricity blackouts.  On top of that, the government’s policies should also be consistent, as well as properly enforced.

There’s also problems with renting apartments and service apartment in Yangon, which are highly priced, much higher, nearly double than that Seoul, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, with Lee saying that should things remain the way they are, it’ll be difficult for foreign businesspeople to live comfortably in Myanmar.

Despite all of the challenges, Lee believes that the Korean investors are still very much interested in Myanmar, pointing to manufacturing, construction, retail, services and garments as some of the more promising sectors. He has also expressed hope that the trade mission to the country, aimed at promoting Korean FDI, will bring good results.

Lee sums up the issue with a past experience, saying that he could sense the potential in Myanmar, but it took them 2 hours to get there from Yangon, 30 km away.