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Increasing Chinese Demand For Condos In Bangkok

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How does Bangkok look and feel when dusk nears? You will only know by visiting rooftop bar Sukhumvit with an impeded view of the breathtaking sunset while million of lights are sparkling below. Views from a rooftop are very precious because you have the city literally at your feet while enjoying some wind on your hair.

Foreign demand for condominiums in Bangkok is quite high and buyers from mainland China are the top source for to demand even if there are controls in place over capital outflows. According to property services firm JLL, about 50% of foreign buyers of condos in Bangkok are Chinese expats working the city.

This is in line with the recent report from the firm “China 12: China’s Cities Go Global” which says that Bangkok is the 10th most popular destination of mainland China firms that are planning expansion overseas. The report also stated that Bangkok ranks third in terms of Chinese corporation’s leasing activity during the last 3 years.

Studies and 1-bedroom units in Ratchadaphisek and Rama9 areas that cost between 1.5 and 3 million baht are selling well to Chinese expats. These Chinese buyers do have any issues regarding restrictions in capital outflow because it is easy to get loans from international banks and local financial institutions. Home loans are offered to expats that have a valid work permit that states the length of employment contract in Thailand.

Other Chinese buyers invest in condos in Bangkok as a holiday home. Most of the buyers from mainland China have purchased condos priced at around 6 million baht in the Sukhumvit area; however, there is also a growing number of ultra-high net worth Chinese investors that have bough luxury and ultra-luxury condos in the city’s central business district as well as riverside areas. They are collectors of trophy assets that they can be proud of.

New hotels have also sprouted in Bangkok like the one with a rooftop bar Sukhumvit on the 26th floor. DJ is available every night except Tuesday where a live band plays from 7 pm until midnight. Here you can meet old and new friends as you enjoy the twinkling stars of the Bangkok sky.


How Far Moto Guzzi Has Come

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At one point or another, you may have heard of Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK but do you know the story behind one of the most iconic brand in Italy? Moto Guzzi is soon going to celebrate its centennial year since its founding and motorcycle enthusiasts have witnessed rise and fall. For the past decade, many fans of the brand have noticed how the company is no longer flourishing as it should be. Still many are expecting for it to make a huge recovery since it has been 97 years in the industry.

The founder of Moto Guzzi was Giorgio Parodi, a pilot during the WWI and Carlo Guzzi, a mechanic. They established the business in 1921 and Carlo’s last name carried the brand because he was the one making the actual products. Parodi, along with his brother, were only there to finance the business. The partnership was supposed to be of three people but Giovanni Ravelli died immediately after the war ended.

Their first shop was established at Madellowhich is located in the northern part of Milan. Moto Guzzi along with Mondial and GIlera used to be the international leaders in Grand Prix racing. The last two are no longer doing business but Moto Guzzi also suffered from financial problems. It entered the receivership status in 1967 and after a few ups and downs it was purchased by Aprilia in 2000. Four years later, Piaggio acquired Aprilia.

Fans are now hoping for the launching of new models because the California 1400 that was released in 2013 is just a model tweaked from the original one which is the California launched in 1971. One of the best selling models of the company is the California 1400 because it had made waves with fans all over the world.

Not all recreations of the California model was good though because when MGX21 was released it was not well received. Despite the fact that Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK is quite common, the MGX21 was regarded a disaster because of various issues. At the end of the day, Piaggio should invest more money to the Moto Guzzi brand in order to rebirth it and the brand should be able to awaken the original glory it ones had.


All You Need To Know About White Glove Logistics

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With the increase in the e-commerce business and increased competition between companies, the customer expectations have gone up, in terms of product delivery. Modern customers expect the companies to go the extra mile and provide a pleasant experience.

The demand for white glove logistics is constantly on the rise as more and more companies are willing to spend more to fulfil the customer expectations. A white glove service involves taking the necessary precautions and handling the products with care during storage and transportation, and providing excellent customer service during delivery of the product.

Products of high-value, like jewellery and branded accessories, expensive household appliances and electronics, large furniture items and high-end technical equipment require white glove logistics services. These products have to be handled carefully during all the stages of storage, transport, delivery and installation.

Companies opting for white glove logistics should set realistic expectations from the providers. An open communication with the logistics firms helps the companies to determine what to expect from the service. The white glove service provider should provide the key handling parameters such as regular notifications, automated scanning and list of touch points with customers. The logistics firms providing white glove services should be prepared with proper contingency plans for unexpected emergencies. They should be willing to take the necessary actions to make the delivery on time and keep the customer happy.

Defining liability is a major principle in white glove services. Using white glove services for high-value products reduces the shipper’s liability. Determining the liability and damage guarantees beforehand, helps the logistics firms and the shippers to understand the terms of service.

Since products are handled carefully during the white glove service, companies benefit through lowered product returns. They can easily track the returned goods, saving a lot of time and efforts. Since the white glove services also include reverse logistics, companies save a lot of money.

Engaging the services of white glove logistics helps the companies to improve their customer satisfaction. White glove logistics involves proper delivery of the products as per the customer expectations, explaining the product details and ensuring customer satisfaction. White glove services include service during and after the deliver helping the companies to position themselves ahead of the competitors in terms of product delivery and customer satisfaction.


Getting To Know Texas Through A Book Project

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Texas is known as the Lone Star state and recently David Danz, an artist based in California, signed a project with writer Lawrence Wright which paved the way for him to get to know more of the state. For a project as big as a book, coming up with Texas Illustrated Map was not easy therefore Daz decided to conduct personal research to know more iconic locations within the state. The book by Lawrence Wright is entitled God Save Texas: A Journey Into the Soul of the Lone Star State.

The state is the home of the writer therefore he decided to divulge more through his book while exploring various sector Texas including its politics, the changing demographics, the border as well as the art that can be found there. For the illustration, he decided to hire someone with fresh perspective rather than a local who is already familiar with Texas. This is where the partnership with David Danz from California started.

They have agreed that the illustrations are going to be displayed in black and while and will be located all over the book. There will be scenes featuring the former presidents of the country, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson as they visit Mount Rushmore and the time when the Capitol building was attacked by feral hogs.A detailed map of the state was also included by Danz with highlights such as the major highways and remarkable location in every city including the Dallas-Fort Worth and art installation found in Marfa.

Danz said that he makes illustrations through scratchboard and this is the reason why he can create various styles. His specialty though would be to create illustrations that look like it has been cut and engraved in a wood. For the book, the contrast with the white and black illustrations can be described as somewhere in the middle while there are illustrations with more graphics in comparison.

He admitted that majority of his clients are brands and this is the first time he will create Texas illustrated map for a book project because Lawrence Wright is known to be a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

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How End Of Lease Pest Control In Sydney Can Handle Pest Infiltrations In Apartments

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Apartment communities do have special issues when it comes to pest control. The owners of these apartments will have to deal with such problem, especially that renters will need to deal with a home full of pests. There can be several reasons for such infiltration and will usually leave renters out of control and frustrated. If they move to another apartment, this may not be the solution to their problem. Renters just have to find ways how to control the infestation and perhaps the owner of the property may need to secure an end of lease pest control in Sydney to check and treat the property within the duration of the contract.

It may be true that some apartments are better than the others when it comes to pest infestation and control. The property needs to be managed properly and accordingly to keep it safe and from pest infiltration. It’s for this reason that renters need to choose the best apartment that will suit their needs. You may not need to consider the price and location alone of the property but do take note of how it is maintained. This should have you some peace of mind knowing you’re living in a pest-free environment.

If the owner has availed an end of lease pest control in Sydney, it is expected that a pest control technician will come visiting the house for inspection and treating of the property. This service may not be enough for everyone living in these apartments. Aside from the regular treatments, they also need to maintain the house by keeping it clean and free from trash, dust and other particles that will entice pests to breed and feed in. They may also need to inspect their premises for possible infiltrations of pests.

If they know their homes are infested with pests, perhaps they need to report the incident to the owner of the property. He or she can send a pest control technician to check on the vicinity and see the extent of damages caused by the pests. If the contract is within the duration of the end of lease pest control in Sydney, they will keep coming back for the services they render. Occupants of these apartments also need to check if the pest controller uses organic products. It’s to ensure that everyone in their home are safe from inhaling harmful substances.

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Positive Traits Of Mexican Women That Make Them Desirable

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Mexican women are beautiful and warm. The girls from Mexico are petite and have clear flawless skin, which makes them naturally beautiful. They are aware of their unique beauty and are proud of their feminism. These beauties are keen to dress up in colorful and trendy clothes and love to enjoy life.

Men from America and Canada are interested to meet Mexican women through online dating sites. Some even visit the country searching for beautiful Mexican women, who can be their partners for life.

Some of the attractive traits of Mexican women, which makes men eager to meet Mexican women

  • These women are beautiful in their unique way. They are hygienic and know how to take care of their beautiful bodies. Mexican women know how to look their attractive best at all times and they dress to impress their partners.
  • Mexican women are warm and tender. They are sentimental when it comes to relationships. These women have large extended families and have fun time with their families. Mexican women love to cook, eat and celebrate with their families.
  • Mexican women are religious and are highly regarded for their traditional values. They are proud of their culture and respect all other cultures.
  • Mexican women are loyal to their partners. They stand like a rock behind their partners and support them through tough challenges. They pamper and take care of their men and do everything to make their men feel respected. This quality of Mexican women attracts men, who come from all over the world to meet Mexican women and date them.
  • Most of the Mexican women are educated and hold a steady job. They are hardworking and can work efficiently at any role.
  • Mexican women love to take care of their home and raise children with love and care. They can balance work and family efficiently and are family oriented. They are adept at handling the household responsibilities and create a happy atmosphere at home.
  • Mexican women are assertive and are not afraid to express themselves. They are open minded and respect everyone. They are passionate and know how to celebrate life. All these positive traits of Mexican women make them most desirable for men, who come from other countries to meet Mexican women.


Reasons That Make Online Live Streaming Channels Attractive

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Football is a popular sport and has fans around the world. Football fans are always searching the internet for different ways and means to watch live telecast of football matches between their favourite teams. Online football matches is one of the most popular searches on the internet.

There is great news for football fans. You no longer need to wait to watch the repeat telecast of your favourite matches. Online live streaming sports channels provide a great chance to ดูบอล live anytime and anywhere. These channels are boon to sports lovers around the world, who wish to catch up with all the sporting action. Some of the reasons subscribing to online sports channels is beneficial

  1. The subscription process is simple and easy. You can start to ดูบอลmatches and other sporting events immediately after completing the registration and payment formalities.
  2. The costs are very low. Online sports channels provide various options like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans. The fees charged by these channels is very reasonable when compared to the various value-added services provided by them.
  3. You can ดูบอลmatches played across the world like champions league, premier league, UEFA, world cup, Fed cup, Davis cup and so on. You will never miss a match of your favourite teams and can watch it on the go.
  4. Apart from watching live matches, you can set reminders and alerts for the matches of your fav teams, receive updates about the score and situation of the teams and get access to reviews and statistics from the best in the field.
  5. You can ดูบอลand enjoy hearing the commentary in your native language. Most of the popular online channels give choice between English and the local language for listening to the commentary.
  6. The online channels provide video on demand feature. You can watch the matches any number of times. Rewind and watch the stunning moments from the match any number of times you wish and enjoy the sporting action to your hearts content.
  7. These online live streaming channels are available in android and iOS formats. You can ดูบอลand other sports on the go, on your laptops and mobile phones.