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Cremation Urns Service Tips

Different Types Of Materials Used For Cremation Urns

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Cremation is a process of freeing the spirit of your loved one from the earthly bonding. Cremation is followed in many cultures across the world and is slowly gaining popularity over the traditional burial. There are a variety of emotional, monetary and spiritual reasons for choosing cremation.

A cremation urn is a vessel to store the ashes of your loved ones after the cremation. The cremation urns can be kept at home as beautiful memories of the passed away family member or they can be buried.

There are many types of cremation urns available depending upon the size, material and budget. The selection of the urn should be made on the intended location of the urn, its capacity, measurements and the aesthetic appeal. Some of the commonly used urns are

  • Metal urns – The metal urns are available in a wide variety of metals such as steel, copper, bronze, pewter and brass. These urns are durable and are suitable both for display and cremation.
  • Stone urns – These urns are great options for display or burial. They are made from quarried stones like marble, granite, quartz, slate onyx and fossil stone. The stones are imported and these stone urns are pricier when compared to other materials.
  • Synthetic Urns – These urns are also called as cultured urns and are made from synthetic materials. These urns are available in different shapes and colors as they can be easily molded. The urns are low cost options to stone and wooden urns.
  • Wooden urns – The wooden urns are suitable for display or a cemetery columbarium. The wooden urns are made using wood from trees like Oak, cherry, maple, walnut and pine.
  • Glass and ceramic urns – These urns are delicate and beautiful. They are suitable for display at homes or at cemetery columbarium.
  • Bio-degradable urns – These urns are made up of bio-degradable materials that break down over time. They are suitable for water burials and memorial tree services. The environment -friendly cremation urns that are made from recycled materials. It is advisable to read the product storage instructions carefully, when you are using a bio-degradable urn for display at home as they start dissolving when they come in contact with moisture.
  • There are other types of cremation urns such as keepsake urns and pendants that can be used to keep the remains close, custom and specialty urns are specially designed to suit the requirements like double urns, urns for babies and children, patriotic urns for veterans and personalized urns.