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Occupiers Service Tips

Iconic Radio House In Cambridge Refurbished To Attract New Occupiers

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There are instances wherein a business can improve the working environment through office refurbishment in Sydney instead of relocating to a newer and more modern space. As the business grows, there is often need for extra space but if space is carefully planned and organized, the need to make an additional investment in real estate can be avoided.

Orchard Street Investment Management, a specialist commercial property investment manager has recently completed a refurbishment of their iconic Radio House office in Cambridge. The cost of refurbishment that reached £8.5 million was delivered on 43,388 square feet of Grade A space.

The refurbishment took 15 months to complete. The property was stripped back to its shell before the installation of a striking new double height reception room, generous shower, a new lift and a change in facilities. The floors offer a unique and efficient floor plate that extends to more than 20,000 square feet and 120 meters in height. From the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows you will see the meadows and River Cam.

The original character of the building was preserved on the first floor including the distinctive wavy roof. The key consideration throughout the design process is sustainability which led to the property gaining the coveted BREEAM Excellent rating.

According to Jamie Munday of Orchard Street, the comprehensive refurbishment project gave them the rare opportunity to be able to deliver a unique prime office asset with considerable scale to an undersupplied market that is currently experiencing good levels of rental growth.

Cambridge continues to experience increased demand from companies and new occupiers because of the presence of highly skilled workforce and the international reputation it has gained through technology and life sciences. Orchard Street believed that Radio House will appeal to a diverse range of companies that are planning to expand or set up a new headquarters in Cambridge.

Impressions certainly count from the moment that clients walk through the front door. Eye-catching and professionally designed office refurbishment in Sydney is guaranteed to put clients at ease. Well planned design can create an office that is both stimulating and relaxing not only for clients for the company’s workforce.

Hair Service Tips

Is Silver Hair Becoming The New Trend?

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Most women are extremely conscious about their hair that is why there is hair salon in Bondi that carefully crafts and styles the hair to match the lifestyle, appearance and personality. Hair is usually the first thing that people notices and this is especially true for women. Proper hair care will keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

Grey hair is frequently associated to “getting older” that is why both men and women dye their hair to hide the natural colour. However, more and more women have allowed their grey hair to show even if it is a sign of aging, which is not really true. According to Lorraine Massey, author of “Silver Hair” hair turns grey when pigment-producing cells start to die off. There is no scientific reason on why some young people have grey hair although genes play a major role.

Andrea Fishkin started to see silver strands when she was just 12 years old. She though there was something wrong about having grey hair at a very young age. However, her mother’s hair turned grey when she was 18 years old. For 12 years, Fishkin dyed her hair every 4 to 6 weeks until she decided to accept her grey tresses.

Even celebrities are not spared of grey hair. Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren were among those who embraced full silver hair along with Kendall Jenner, Pink and Lady Gaga. Silver hair is becoming a trend and many women actually look good in it. In fact, it saves them from going to the hair salon frequently to have their hair dyed.

For those who have had their hair dyed every 4 to 6 weeks, it will take about a year a half for the hair to turn totally into silver. Women need a lot of patience because the hair can’t turn gray all at once.

On the other hand, women still need to visit hair salon in Bondi for regular haircuts that will make the hair healthy. Split ends which are usually caused by regular usage of different hair styling products do not look good and makes the hair appear neglected.

BUSINESS Service Tech Tips

Some Information On How Mig Welder Works

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The mig welder is one of the commonly used forms of welders. Gas metal arc welding or GMAW is the process that this type of welder utilizes. The welders work by feeding an electrode wire through a welding gun. Simultaneously, inert shielding gas will flow continuously, which will safeguard the weld while it is cooling.

For all purpose welding, welders utilize the most typical gases like carbon dioxide. It is considered the most inexpensive welding gases and makes a great weld. A combination of carbon dioxide and argon are also utilized to form an arc with less splatter, providing clean welds. You can use pure argon gas to make a good weld when welding aluminium.

You can enjoy several benefits when you use the GMAW process over other typical procedures. The welding gun has a lever to handle the electrode and permits you to pull it without intentionally striking the arc. Once the welding gun is in its proper place, you will just have to flip down the helmet and pull the lever.

The inert shielding gases make the seams clean and smooth. You will notice that no slag is chipping off. The mig welders are also appropriate for thinner metals and sheet metals. The reason could be welding at lower amperage than the usual. Mig often utilize DC current to strike the welding arc. If you use alternating current, you can’t get a steady arc.

On a mig welder, you can possibly modify the amperage, voltage and speed where the wire is fed by the welder. It has a variable tensioner on the welding wire. The valve will also be used to control the flow of gas.

For the mig welder, you can possibly weld with steel, brass, zinc, copper, tin and aluminium. You have plenty of various compositions for mig wires to select from. What this implies is having you obtain the best combination for any form of welding situation. Mig should be your option if you purchase only one welder, and still be able to weld various metals. If you like to weld, this type of welder can probably be a great choice as it is easy to learn and is very versatile.


How To Prevent Debris Formation In Boiler?

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Any damage in your home poses major inconvenience for you and your family. While there are many types of damages, the most common in homes are the ones caused by leaking pipes or flooding. Protect your property against these problems through various steps. You can also prevent debris formation in boiler to make your heating system run efficiently.

One primary protection measure you can give your home is to purchase home insurance policy. This will cover water damage due to leaking pipes. However, if the leakage is due to negligence, the insurance would not cover it. Before purchasing one, be sure to know all the details about what kind of water damage would be covered by the policy. Meanwhile, below are other suggestions how you can protect your home.

What commonly causes pipes to leak or burst is the cold weather. Once the water going through the pipes freeze and pile up, the pipes would expand causing it to burst. The cracks would start off like small lesions, but through the course of time, they would get bigger. And once the frozen water melts, leaks would start. To troubleshoot this problem, ensure that your tank, pipe structures and surroundings have proper insulation. Also, in any case no one is left in your home, leave your heating system on at least in low settings to prevent the pipes from freezing. If you leave home for a long period of time, ensure to talk to someone who can check up on your home at least twice a week.

Another reason for bursting pipes is when your drainage system is clogged. Small particles like food pieces and hair washed down the sink would cause clogging. When these small particles accumulate, they become hardened, which prevents drain water to smoothly flow into appropriate tributaries. Once the piled up dirt and flowing water become too heavy, the pipes may then give up and start leaking. Avoid this from happening by making sure no unnecessary items go down the drain. Regularly check the drain if there are any objects that might obstruct proper drain water flow. This will also prevent debris formation in boiler so you avoid possible repairs.

Contact a plumber or electrician to fix the problem right away. And remember to take photos of the damages as your insurance company would need proof to approve your claim.

BUSINESS Employment Property Service Tips

Benefits Of Using A Good HR Management Platform

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Human resource management is one of the key functions of growing companies. Human resources are the best asset of the company. With increased automation in businesses, more and more companies are looking for software systems for their Human Resource Departments.

HR managements systems also known as HR Management software or HR management platform help the management to efficiently manage their work force. The software tools are designed to automate all the traditional functions of HR managers like payroll administration, personnel tracking and general administration. The system offers many advantages to small and large corporations and choosing an efficient software system is very important task.

Befits of HR Software System

Effective HR software assists the managers to tackle the work force in an efficient manner. They can easily track the work of the employees and assign suitable tasks. The software system helps in the process of hiring and workforce management. The benefits of using good HR software are:

  • The software integrates various HR functions and automates the entire HR Department of a company. This reduces the labour costs and leads to improved efficiency in managing the workforce.
  • The software can improve the quality of recruiting. It will help you to identify the best talent by using an applicant tracking tool. The software allows you to post vacancies on job portals and social media platforms to attract the best available talent. The database is user friendly and easy to search, you can find a suitable candidate in no time.
  • The HR software increases employee retention as you can easily identify high performing employees and boost their morale by recognizing and rewarding their hard work. The process of performance appraisal becomes accurate and swift and leads to increased productivity of employees.
  • The system will enhance the learning and development of new recruits as well as your existing employees. It provides a centralized hub to design the curriculum and author the content of the training modules and create standardized testing and reporting procedures.

There are many benefits of using well-designed HR management software for the automation of human resource department. The software increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the various tasks of the HR managers and leads to increased productivity and morale of the employees.


Sydney Business Holding Closing Sales For A Decade Now Officially Closing

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Amidst the shop signage in Sydney you can find, there’s one that’s particularly notable due to its nature. It’s Empress Rug Warehouse, located at the Inner-West Sydney’s Rozelle, which has closing down signage around it.

Those who visit it, know that it’s not true, until recently. The Empress Rug Warehouse has had closing down signs since 2008, and now, it is officially closing down, with the doors to close permanently sometime in 2018. Local residents and motorists have noticed the signage, and bemuse the shop’s ‘end of lease’ signs and others like it, whilst the business continues to operate.

The warehouse’s tenant explained that, in order for rug sellers to make money in Australia’s cities, they need to resort to using ‘closing down’ shop signage in Sydney, and the places they operate in.

The shop first advertised clearance sale over 12 years ago, in 2006, two years following its opening, and has been tacking in more and more ‘closing down’ shop signage in Sydney in that time.

The owner, Frank Nasre, started his first business back in 1997, in Melbourne, set down his stall on Victoria Road back in 2004, but then relocated, moving back to Victoria’s capital four years later, in 2008. He says that competition in Sydney was extremely tight, and that’s why the signage was put up.

Empress Rug had its first ‘closing down’ sale started back in 2008, and lasted for a year. The signage stayed up, says Mr. Nasre, due to the costs; it would’ve set him back AU$10,000 to get rid of the closing down signage, plus the costs of having to put up another one if he needed it again.

Mr. Nasres says that the rug stores of Australia get money when they close down, as a result of high competition and maintenance costs. He also points out that a lot of the rug shops in the country have not survived, with the end game being the only viable part of the game.

To make the news worse, its sister store at Melbourne is also closing down. According to Mr. Nasre, the Roads and Maritime Service had given the Sydney store would have to go by the 30th April.

Drug Treatment News Service Tips

Luxury Drug Rehab Help The Addicted Recover

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Drug addiction is an affliction among the youth of modern American society. However, there are now more advanced medical assistance and drug rehab facilities available, that is why it’s curable. Drug rehab programs available in many institutions also handle alcohol treatment. There are those who prefer luxury drug rehab; there are also those who go to inexpensive or free drug rehab. The programs here differ depending on what the addicted can afford.

The various programs of drug rehabs generally fall in various categories. Decisions are only taken after a detailed study of the patient.

The luxury drug rehab treatment includes the patient or the addict to be under supervision in a controlled environment. This is done for severe cases. The patient is provided with physical, medical and psychological treatments to separate him from the harmful effects of addiction. Once the patient manages to overcome the problem, he then can continue for outpatient treatments, which are less intensive programs. For those who can control the addiction, they are also enrolled in outpatient programs.

Addiction can include substance abuse, painkiller addiction, alcohol and smoking. The program is adjusted depending on the severity of the addiction. Substance abuse in young people is the most common problem dealt in rehab centers. That is why there are drug rehab centers dedicated to their needs.

These luxury drug rehab institutions are situated in secluded places far away from cities and pollution. These rehab centers function like exclusive resorts. They are really expensive, but are able to give the best services for those who can afford them. Famous people like celebrities and heads of corporations patronize these luxurious rehab centers. So be ready to expend much money when you opt for these types of treatment programs.

For those who cannot afford exorbitant expenses, there are inexpensive hospital like rehab centers that can even go free. This should enable to restore young people’s lives after the addiction.

More and more people are now enrolling in drug rehab centers to be healed totally from addiction of this contraband. That is why more luxury drug rehab centers are installed to suit their purpose. Of course, there are also free services.