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Microsoft Partnered With Adaptive Biotechnologies To Detect Diseases By Using AI

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Microsoft together with Adaptive Biotechnologies, an immune-sequencing company with headquarters in Seattle, recently made an announcement regarding their partnership. The collaboration will result to a solution that can detect cancer and various diseases with the help of artificial intelligence or AI. This is one more step towards improvement as IT solutions for healthcare industry is already a priority.

Together they will create an initiative that combines machine learning and cloud computing technologies by Microsoft and innovations made by Adaptive Biotechnologies in terms of sequencing the human immune system. The software giant is also willing to lend their company researchers to utilize their expertise in the subject matter. Aside from this, Microsoft is also investing into the company though they refuse to disclose the exact amount.

The partnership between the two companies will help as they work together to find out more about the immune system of humankind. They aim to create methods through which specific diseases can be detected with blood testing alone. In time, they are hoping to find a universal diagnostic that will help in detecting different types of illnesses.

Adaptive Biotechnologies is an expert when it comes to sequencing the two major components of the immune system of humans – T-cell and B-cell receptors. If they focus on the T-cell receptors, they believe that they will be able to develop a universal antigen map for the specific component through utilizing big genomic data that will be deciphered with the help of artificial intelligence and vast resources from cloud computing.

Microsoft AI and Research’s corporate vice president, Peter Lee, said that if the venture is successful then they will be able to accomplish a breakthrough. The medical community will be able to have a deeper understanding of the functions of the immune system of a patient as well as find out the current and past diseases.

The universal map of the human’s immune system will open up more possibilities such as diseases will be diagnosed accurately and a simple blood test revealing the person’s disease. This might take many years of research but like IT solutions for healthcare industry, innovation did not happen overnight.