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Microsoft Partnered With Adaptive Biotechnologies To Detect Diseases By Using AI

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Microsoft together with Adaptive Biotechnologies, an immune-sequencing company with headquarters in Seattle, recently made an announcement regarding their partnership. The collaboration will result to a solution that can detect cancer and various diseases with the help of artificial intelligence or AI. This is one more step towards improvement as IT solutions for healthcare industry is already a priority.

Together they will create an initiative that combines machine learning and cloud computing technologies by Microsoft and innovations made by Adaptive Biotechnologies in terms of sequencing the human immune system. The software giant is also willing to lend their company researchers to utilize their expertise in the subject matter. Aside from this, Microsoft is also investing into the company though they refuse to disclose the exact amount.

The partnership between the two companies will help as they work together to find out more about the immune system of humankind. They aim to create methods through which specific diseases can be detected with blood testing alone. In time, they are hoping to find a universal diagnostic that will help in detecting different types of illnesses.

Adaptive Biotechnologies is an expert when it comes to sequencing the two major components of the immune system of humans – T-cell and B-cell receptors. If they focus on the T-cell receptors, they believe that they will be able to develop a universal antigen map for the specific component through utilizing big genomic data that will be deciphered with the help of artificial intelligence and vast resources from cloud computing.

Microsoft AI and Research’s corporate vice president, Peter Lee, said that if the venture is successful then they will be able to accomplish a breakthrough. The medical community will be able to have a deeper understanding of the functions of the immune system of a patient as well as find out the current and past diseases.

The universal map of the human’s immune system will open up more possibilities such as diseases will be diagnosed accurately and a simple blood test revealing the person’s disease. This might take many years of research but like IT solutions for healthcare industry, innovation did not happen overnight.


4 Features Of The Best Hotel In Sukhumvit

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You can easily find a lot of hotels in Bangkok and within its commercial districts. However, if you want to find the best hotel in Sukhumvit, it would be wise for you to be more meticulous with your choices. There are certain aspects that you should give emphasis during your search to ensure that you will get the best value for your money and at the same time, you will be comfortable during your hotel stay. Here are some tips.

Modern amenities

You will know that you are looking at an upscale hotel by looking at the amenities that they have. You can find this at the hotel website’ gallery or you can also check at the hotel’s accommodation and its inclusions. There are swimming pools with saltwater as its feature instead of ordinary pool water. You might also want to check the furniture and furnishings of the hotel from its website to determine its modernity.


Another important factor to consider when looking for a best hotel in Sukhumvit is its location. It should be accessible from the airport and other major tourist destinations in Bangkok. It would also be best if the hotel has nearby shopping malls, night markets, commercial and entertainment establishments so for you to have something to do while on a holiday.


The best hotel offers comfort and style for their guests to relish. While there is elegance in traditional styles and rustic design, most travellers, especially the younger ones who are in Bangkok to enjoy the place prefers modern hotels with trendy designs. The most sought-after hotels in Bangkok are those with sleek design with contemporary furnishings and décor. It exudes positive energy making the guests ready to explore and discover the city.


The best hotel in Sukhumvit does not have to be expensive. The good thing about Sukhumvit is it has numerous hotels, thus, they are more affordable due to competition. You will also save by booking your reservations ahead or at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Look for promos and deals to get more savings and better value for your money.

HEALTH Nature Products Tips

Is Turmeric The New Super Food?

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As more people are choosing healthier food options, super foods are taking center stage and turmeric is currently the new trend. This pungent spice is the staple of every spice rack. It has a rich yellow color and sales of this spice have continued to rise in recent years and it expected to keep increasing in the years to come.

Currently, turmeric can be found in almost everything we consume including teas and supplements. There are media outlets and supplement sellers claiming that the spice can bring miracle by fighting various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, prevent developing cancer, provide body detoxification and stop inflammation.

What is the truth in all of this? The researches done are promising but health experts said that they need more proof before they can publish that the spice can actually prevent or heal diseases.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health’s deputy director for the extramural research division, Craig Hopp, PhD, said that there is not enough evidence as of the moment that can prove the effectiveness of turmeric in treating health issues.

For almost 4,000 years, turmeric has been used in traditional Indian cuisine and a staple in producing folk medicine. For a number of centuries, it has been used to boost digestion, treat wounds and improve arthritis as well as other illnesses.

Based on studies, the spice has been proven effective as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antibacterial component. These positive attributes are mainly because of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric.

Researchers are currently doing more studies in order to determine if turmeric can cure other diseases such as cancer, depression, diabetes, gum diseases, alzheimer’s disease, high cholesterol, heart disease, infections, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and skin conditions including rashes, psoriasus, acne and itching.

University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine’s co-director, Ann Marie Chiasson, said that turmeric has already been proven to be effective in managing high cholesterol and osteoarthritis. The results of the studies changes depending on the type of turmeric used such as an entire turmeric plant, mixture of compounds or using a single compound alone such as curcumin.