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Inclusions Of Similan Islands Liveaboard Experience

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Liveaboarding is  similar to a cruise ship trip with the only difference of having diving sessions in liveaboarding.  Another difference between liveaboarding and cruise ship trip is the former utilizes small sea crafts such as houseboats and luxurious yachts. This is one of the advantages of Similan Islands liveaboardbecause with the size of the sea craft used, they crew can easily dock the boat in small, breath taking islands for beach swimming, snorkelling and island hopping. Aside from this, guests of liveaboard can have a semi-exclusive party and socialize with other divers at night. A single boat can take in 12 to 24 guests for every trip. You can opt to have the boat solely to your group or you can join with other guests if you are a solo traveller or there are only two of you. The good thing about exclusive liveaboard package is you will have the trip with utmost privacy. However, if you want to socialize and meet new friends, a mixed trip would bemore ideal for you.

A trip can run from 2 to 9 days. Night divesare offered but you have the option to opt out from it. Everyone can go for Similan Islandsliveaboard even those who are not professional divers or beginners because basic diving lessons are offered during the trip if requested. The diving lessons are handled by professional divers with lots of actual practice dives.There are liveaboard packages that are suitable for non-divers with offered activities that include BBQ by the beach, fishing,snorkelling, partying on sun decks in the afternoons or at night, island hopping and many more.

The good thing about Similan Islandsliveaboardis you can customize your package depending on your preferred itinerary, number of days and budget. All packages include accommodation, meals and diving trips. You can choose a package that includes private air-conditioned rooms with rich linens and private bath while there are packages that offer shared air conditioned decks with linens and shared bath. You also get to enjoy local cuisine. Every trip includediving gears and wet suits and boat transfers.