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3 Advantages Of Installing 12 Volt LED Strip Lighting

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One reason why 12 volt LED strip lighting is in demand among modern homes and commercial establishments nowadays is due to the advantages it offers. Traditional lighting requires high maintenance and even high energy consumption. Traditional bulbs and lights cannot be customized and they have limited applications. On the other hand, LED lights are energy-efficient with minimal wattage requirement to illuminate an area. Due to its efficiency, strip lights are preferred by modern home owners these days. Here are some other reasons for its high demand.

Easy customization

One of the features of led strip lights is you can cut it based on your desired length. You can purchase LED strip lights in rolls or in meters. What makes the product unique is you can cut the strip into a short few inches to accommodate your lighting requirements and the design that you want to achieve. This is something that an ordinary or traditional lighting source cannot provide. With LED strip lighting, you can choose the light’s colour and its colour temperature. You can find a wide variety of voltage options, width, brightness, CRI and other specification. Because LED strip lights can be customized, you have the freedom to control the lighting effects of your project.

Colour variations

Another remarkable feature of 12 volt LED strip lighting is you can select from a wide array of colours that you can use for your project. There are available LED strip lights with single colour and multi-coloured strips. You can also find LED strip lights that can be adjusted in terms of brightness and dimness to suit the ambiance of your room. There are LED strip lights that can be connected to remote dimmers or your DMX systems and other home automation systems.


The size of 12 volt LED strip lightingare also varied. There are 1/16 or 2mm thick which allows you to apply strips even in narrow or tight spaces. You can also hide the strip lights in plain view and stick the strip at any surface by simply removing the protective peeling at the back of the strip.