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Phuket Tackles Quest To Be The Next Smart City

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The municipality of Phuket is revelling on the fact that they have accomplished their goal to launch what they refer to as the trinity of knowledge. This aims to improve the current learning system of the locals especially the young children enrolled in primary schools. Though their standard is still far from an international school in Bangkok, this is a good step towards a better education.

According to experts, knowledge is derived from three major sources – learning in the classrooms through textbooks, library inside the school or within a community and an external outlet where the students can apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned for practical learning.

Majority of the communities in the island does not have a municipality library and they also lack in external outlets where they will be able to put into actions the theories they have learned from the textbooks at school.

As an answer to this problem, the municipality of Phuket decided to organize and launch the Lifelong Learning Centre together with Creativity &Innovative Centre. Both of these are located at the centre of the province of Phuket.

The inauguration of the centres has been spearheaded by the Phuket Municipality Office along with TK Park or Thailand Knowledge Park which is managed by the state.

These two will bridge the gap that has obviously been missing which is essential in the education of the locals. The students do not have an outlet where they can research projects and use their knowledge in order to create something more.

The municipality of Phuket was aware of the importance of finishing the project thus they were determined to create these centres to serve the young people who are clearly craving to learn more.

They have also determined that the construction does not have to start from scratch and they admit that pursuing the project alone would be challenging for the municipality.

The building used for the learning centre is an old community library while the innovative centre is introduced under TK Park. These problems in education are present in provinces of Thailand while international school in Bangkok is well-equipped in comparison.