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Drug Treatment HEALTH Tips

Budget Cuts In Drug Treatment Can Lead To An Increase In Drug-Related Deaths

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There is a wide range of treatment facilities for substance abuse that offer care and comfort to those who want to recover. However, standard rehabilitation centers have much smaller staff-to-patient ratios. A better option is best rehab centers with fully trained and professional medical staff that provides various treatments and remedies in an environment that is filled with comfort, luxury and peace.

Since 2013, a third of UK’s city councils have cut back spending for drug treatment only to see a spike in the number of drug-related deaths. According to a recent story in The Guardian, many of the deaths due to overdose in England were due to deadly cause and effect. This indicates that whenever the funding for drug treatment is reduced, cases of heroin and crack cocaine overdose go through the roof.

Over the last 4 years, the city councils in 85% of the areas that have above average drug-related mortality rates have reduced spending on drug treatment. For example, Blackpool has the highest number of fatalities due to drug overdose in England and Wales. It recorded 20 deaths for every 100,000 individuals. The funding for drug treatment in the coastal town has been reduced more than anywhere else in England. In fact, the budget for Blackpool’s drug treatment will be more than halved by 2018.

In September 2017, UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) gave a warning that maintaining funding for drug treatment services is very important to prevent drug-related deaths and drug-driven crime. It was observed that cuts in funding could significantly result into an increase in drug-related deaths.

Bristol, Gateshead, Portsmouth and Durham are expected to experience abnormally high death by overdose rates because the funding for drug treatment will be slashed. These are telling trends all throughout the United Kingdom and should be seriously considered before the next budget cuts.

An individual suffering from substance abuse has the option of best rehab centers to recover from addiction. Various treatments and remedies are provided so that the patient can attain physical wellbeing and psychological health. Treatment is undertaken in a luxurious, peaceful and private environment with a magnificent view of the waters.


The Roots Of Atlanta’s Established Limousine Leasing Companies: Mike Dangerfield

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Mike Dangerfield is name that is commonly known to all the limousine companies and car service Atlanta companies. After an abrupt meeting with Mr. Carey from the Carey Cadillac Renting Company, our dear friend Mike here decided to get a limousine for himself and start the business. Although he was 20 years old, it wouldn’t make sense to say that he was inexperienced as he had worked previously in California and in Atlanta with car rental management companies. It was this in 1964 that he had bought his first limousine, and started driving it around for nominal rates.

He describes the initial few years of his company as being rough as the profits were lean and he just used them to pay off his bills. But after about 4 years or so, his company started to flourish. The reason for this is that he had started his company ahead of his time. He was a pioneer in Atlanta. If he had started this company in New York it would have flourished off the bat, as limousines were more a thing that New Yorkers used. But in Atlanta it took a while to pick up. About 24 years after the start of his car service Atlanta, he decided to go global with it. The company that he had initially gone to, was his first choice for a franchise.

Some interesting events happened during the course of Mike’s company. One memorable instance that he recalls is when he drove the Beatles around in 1965 prior to their concert. Although he was at that age, he didn’t really like their music, because he mostly didn’t have time for it. But he definitely wanted to know about them and get to meet them. He reports that they were actually fantastic guys. Another incident was during the death and funeral of Martin Luther King Jr. Many dignitaries from all across the state, and Atlanta, wanted to attend the funeral and he had managed to obtain 87 vehicles by begging borrowing, owning and renting. It is truly a miracle that he managed it in such a short amount of time.

Overall though, his company rose up the ranks and is still considered the greatest limousine company in Atlanta. His company now has nearly 25 limousines and has access to another 20 more, after starting from humble beginnings of having only one car in 1964.

Furniture Tips

Corner Furniture Website For Your Corner Emerges With A New Range Of Corner Desks!

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There are only a handful of websites and companies that offer furniture specifically to fit the corners of rooms. One great example of a corner furniture website is For Your Corner. It has recently been revamped to include a wide range of furniture items. These new entrants include office items such as corner desks, corner plant stands, and corner cabinets. This article will revolve around the use of corner desks and some of the amazing corner desks on offer at For Your Corner.

Corner desks are becoming an increasingly popular trend nowadays. This is because of the amount of space saved by using such desks. Apartments are gradually becoming smaller and are being more densely packed as more people crowd up into the world’s metros in search of a better life. This reduction in size of apartments implies a need for space-saving solutions. There are, of course solutions such as beds that fold up into the wall, and kitchens that double as cabinets. But the best one yet is the corner desk which allows customers to efficiently make use of corner areas. Corner desks may be triangular, in the shape of an isosceles right-triangle, or may have some specific shapes cut out to give it a more premium feel. Here are some of the best corner desks on offer at For Your Corner:

  • Elecwish Wood 3 piece Corner Computer Desk: This corner desk offers an amazing solution and has a redefining design. The slab is made entirely of wood and is supported my metallic beams. These metallic beams are usually aluminum as they have a good strength to weight ratio. On one side of the table, the customer can place a desktop monitor and a keyboard, and the other side can be used for holding other items, or even to keep a book on to read and write on. Coming in at an offer price of $75, this is what market enthusiasts would call a steal.
  • Tangkula Corner Computer Desk: This computer desk is different to its peers as it is used for a laptop setup. It has a drawer in which multiple other items may be placed such as office accessories and loose paper sheets. The white color that the wood has been painted in can be used to contrast the colors of the walls or to blend in with the colors of the walls, depending on the preference of the customers.
HEALTH News Tech Tips

After The Flood, Brazoria County Is Challenged By Mosquitoes

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When parents buy insect repellent for their children, they always make sure that it is deet-free. Deet is a kind of repellent that looks like a yellowish liquid that can be applied to the skin or clothing to repel insects. Many are afraid to use the repellent because of possible health risks although there is no reliable evidence. However, for your peace of mind, there is deet free repellant in Australia that is safe to use for both children and adults.

In Brazoria County, authorities have their hands full after the flooding. Attention is now focused on how to control the influx of mosquitoes. According to Fran Henderson, director of Brazoria County’s Mosquito Control District, they have to increase spraying schedules. Crews have to work overtime during the night including weekends to meet the expected arrival of mosquitoes to the county. They are making all efforts to tackle the problem but it looks like the thriving mosquito population is pretty bad.

The US Department of Defence is using planes to spray for mosquitoes in the parts of Texas that have been affected by the storm. Aerial spraying was required after hordes of mosquitoes appeared after the flood. On the other hand, it is common for flood water mosquitoes to suddenly appear after a major flooding event. Aerial spraying is very important in wet areas to stop mosquitoes from breeding.

Flood water mosquitoes do not cause diseases but they are annoying particularly if you are bitten. Meanwhile, there are also disease-carrying mosquitoes that households have to be aware of. Since mosquitoes are not going away soon, it is important for families to ensure that there are no breeding places in their property. There must be no standing water near the homes and families are advised to use insect repellents when going outdoors.

An all- natural and deet free repellant in Australia is available without compromising efficacy. Since the repellent contains 100% natural ingredients it is completely safe to use for adults and children including pets. The insect repellent is a functional and convenient solution for families that prefer to be outdoors. The product can be purchased online from the comfort of your home.


Millennials Joining The Food Industry Of Canberra

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Many of the young generation in Australia are applying to part-time jobs that are in the hospitality department. This time, the trend is changing as many of these young people living in Canberra decide to remain in the industry not just for a part-time job but as a long time career. There are young people venturing into bar and restaurant business and getting shop fitouts in Canberra in order to attract customers.

Many of these millennials think that having their own bar or restaurant is a good choice for a full-time job as this is a prestigious career. This is the reason why many of the venues currently operating in Canberra are managed or owned by an individual younger than 30 years old.

While there are many in the scene, here are some notable young entrepreneurs who have ventured to revive the food scene in Canberra.

Three friends – Gus Raddon, Ross McQuinn and Mark Brook, decided to open up a pop-up business. They have known each other since they were teenagers. They are the owners of the pop-up restaurant known as Blood n Bones with the goal of introducing offal and offcuts to people in Canberra.

This is their first business together and the three of them have worked in bars and restaurants before where they met. Mr. Raddon said that Canberra is currently encouraging more and more people to remain and join the hospitality sector. This has not happened for a long while because the trend before is that they use Canberra only as a training ground and then they move to more crowded cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

They decided to choose the pop-up kind of restaurant because it allows them to test their ideas without the need to build a physical store for the meantime.

Another notable individual is Caleb Evans, 28 years old. He has been working in the hospitality industry for 11 years. He is currently the owner of Teddy Picker’s, a business venture along with three other friends as investors. He said that the trend is changing and many are trying to put their creativity out there and actually make a living out of it. They opened up the café and hired shop fitouts in Canberra, it was a challenging decision but the passionate ones always make it.

Home Improvements

How To Soundproof Windows And Its Benefits

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There are several benefits of having a soundproofed windows and with all its benefits, homeowners do not mind learning how to soundproof windows or invest on professional services just to ensure that their homes would be free from noise pollution. You can find a lot of techniques on soundproofing your room but to ensure that you will have a hassle-free soundproofing installation, you might as well leave the job to the experts. You can get free evaluation from professional installers and free cost estimates to determine the costs of the service. If you are concerned of the little amount that you will spend on soundproofing, take a look at the big benefits that you can get out of the service.

Better quality of sleep/rest

Having a good night sleep is priceless. With a good rest at night, you will wake up to a rejuvenated, fresh skin, you will have better disposition minus the mood swings and your mental capacity is enhanced. On the other hand, sleep deprivation or lack of sleep is attributed to a person’s development of diabetes, hypertension, memory loss, earlier death, premature aging and many other health issues. The motor skills and mental functions are also affected when a person lacks sleep. Because of this, people wants to know how to soundproof windows especially if they are living in an area that is prone to noise pollution.

Cooler/warmer room

Another benefit of having a sound insulated room is that, not only does it prevent sound penetration, it also traps heat or cold inside a room. This way, you reduce the need for higher energy consumption since there is no need to turn on the AC when cold is trapped inside your room and since the area becomes less heated since sunlight is filtered out from your house.

Energy and cost efficient

Since your room is properly insulated, you reduce your energy consumption and in turn reduces your electricity bill. Call professionals who are expert on how to soundproof windows for better sleep at night. Ask for free cost estimates to determine how much you are going to spend for the service.

Education News Tips

Absence Of Continuity In Thailand’s Education System

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There are many schools and educational institutions in Thailand such as International School in Bangkok but the current system of education in the country was found to be flawed. According to an education expert, it is necessary for the education system in the nation to have a long-term view. This vision should be characterized with continuity which means that changes that are not required in the system should be prevented especially if the change is brought about by the new government.

The education expert is AthapolAnunthavorasakul and he recently gave a lecture at the Faculty of Education at the Chulalongkorn University. He believed that Thailand should create a long-term vision when it comes to the preparations required for the young generations that will enable them to have skills necessary for their growth.

ChaipreukSereerak, the secretary general in charge of the Education Council said that future policies should be of the same goal as the 20-year Education Strategic Plan that was recently given the go ahead by the cabinet.

He added that any policy that will be proposed by future governments should be in line with the framework of the strategic plan to ensure that there is continuity.

Mr. Athapol said that discontinuity happened because of the education policies f Thailand that is keeping the system from moving forward. Add in the fact that in the previous 18 years, the country has seen a total of 21 different education ministers.

He clarified that this number indicates that each minister was only given nine months in the office to spearhead the Education Ministry.Every time a newminister is placed in the office, they only focus in their own initiative which is, most of the time, different than the previous one.

A proposal was made by Mr. Athapol to start an Education Policy Board that will make sure that the long-term vision is accomplished. The members of the board will be stakeholders and the board should not be meddled with politics.

It is the goal to create a better education system locally that will be able to compete with other high ranking institutions such as International School in Bangkok which follows an international way of management and the education system is more advanced.