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Educating Consumers on the Avoidance of Drain Blockages

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In the United Kingdom, the common reason for sewer flooding is blockages. Almost 50% of the blockages in the sewers in Yorkshire are the wrong things that people flush down their toilets and kitchen sinks. During the process of drain cleaning, the most common items found in sewers include nappies, baby wipes, condoms, sanitary products and hair.

In Yorkshire, clearing of drain blockages is an ongoing project because they want to reduce if not eliminate the incidences of sewer flooding. Yorkshire Water is asking its customers to be mindful of the way that they dispose of their trash. If people will heed the advice of Yorkshire Water, it will go a long way in solving sewer flooding in the region.

People sometimes assume that everything can be flushed down the toilet because the items are marked “flushable” on their packages. There are certain brands of baby wipes that people assume to be flushable but do not break down in the sewers. Yorkshire Water has tried to demonstrate the issue to its customers by pouring water on two bottles, one containing toilet paper and the other baby wipes. Toilet paper easily breaks down in water while baby wipes stay untouched.

Aside from baby wipes, oil, grease, cotton buds and nappies that do not dissolve in water are discharged to the environment when the streets are flooded during a heavy storm. They do not flow with the water but block drainages and sewers to worsen the flooding.

Teams of expert drain cleaners are sent out to the streets with their high-powered jets. On an average day, the drain cleaners carry out 200 jetvan visits to inspect sewers but when there is a heavy rain, the number doubles to 400. Areas that are considered hot spots for blockages are proactively surveyed and inspected using cameras.

When you eat a bacon sandwich, hot fat is a fluid state but when it cools, it solidifies. When you notice that your drains are blocked, call Budget Drains immediately and do not wait for the problem to worsen. Instead of attempting a DIY job allow the experts to handle the problem using their special equipment.