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How To Become A Sydney Wedding Planner?

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Planning for someone else’s wedding can be a headache even for professional wedding planners in the world. You have to look at every single detail and make sure that everything that the clients have wanted for the grandest day of their love story is met. To begin with, almost everyone wants to get married with their special someone and who doesn’t want a perfect wedding day? Planning a wedding, preparing and organizing everything, indeed offers a more rewarding career compared to just being an ordinary office worker, spending an ordinary work day in front of your desk. For example, a typical Sydney wedding planner can travel along with clients for the purpose of assisting them choosing the best and most romantic venue. And if you can get them the best deals possible, clients may even offer you free accommodation. Wedding planning can be hectic especially for newbies that’s why important that you go through the proper process becoming a true wedding planner.

Like any other career paths, becoming a Sydney wedding planner needs to follow a set of procedures for one to become a highly-respected wedding planner not just in Sydney but in other parts of Australia. Now, if you want to become a wedding planner, below are the basic steps you need to take:

  • Like everything else, the first step you need to take is to go through a good high school education system and acquire your high school diploma. Doing so will allow you to absorb the fundamental knowledge and skills you will need as you go along.
  • It’s recommended that an aspiring Sydney wedding planner has a college degree or at the very least, an associate certificate. Degrees can be related to the fields of hospitality, public relations and business administration. Taking wedding consultant classes is also a good way to gain more skills and ideas.
  • To gain reputation and for building up your resume, you must work at a catering provider or any event planning firm to gain hands-on experience on what’s like to plan any event.
    Get certified by various certifying bodies. This way, clients will know that you are indeed, a legitimate wedding planner.
  • The last step towards becoming a wedding planner is none other than to start getting more and more clients. Spread out the word that you are a wedding planner. Print out flyers stating your capabilities and services that you can offer.

Live Your Dream in Paradise

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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is known to be one of the best places to shop because of its high quality merchandise that has very affordable prices. Bangkok is one of the cities in the world that has a rich culture and deep heritage.

Nightlife in Bangkok is said to be very colorful and wild.

  • Bangkok Lady Boy Shows – This is a show where transvestites perform female impersonations that captures the audiences with their wit, creativity and charm.
  • Siam Cultural Show – Siam’s history are explained through a narrative play that uses real goats and elephants on stage. This 80 minute long performance bring viewers to different places with their world class special effects.
  • Live Jazz Music – If you are in the mood for classy jazz music, Bangkok has a line of Jazz bars that can sooth and relax you while listening to the best local and international musicians.
  • Dinner cruises – For those you want to splurge on good food and away from the crowded and noisy city. A dinner cruise by the Chao Phraya River is a must try.
  • Rooftop bars – Bangkok is recognized to have the most roof top bars in the world. Experience the cool breeze and captivating sight of the city below.

Bangkok is also known to be near to breathtaking beaches. Here is a few of the beaches you can choose from:

  • Koh Samet – This is a tiny island that gets not a lot of storms compared to the other bigger islands.
  • Hua HIn – This resort is the popular choice of the Thai Royalty because of the white beaches and luxurious hotels. Locals gather here on weekends because of the fresh seafood that are laid out on ice on souvenir stores.
  • Pattaya – This Island is known to have a very active nightlife that is full of fun and excitement
  • Pranburi – This location is said to be surrounded by national parks. For those you are looking for a place that is peaceful and quiet, this is the beach to be.

These are just a few reasons why many flock to Bangkok to stay. Why don’t you get your own condo in Bangkok and start living in paradise. The choice is yours.

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Pests Can Do More Damage To Your Health Than To Your House

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Living in Sydney is almost like living in a perfect place during a wonderful weather until an uninvited guest comes and loiter around the house. How will you know that your house is safe for your children and pets from pests? Sometimes there are already signs that we are being attacked by these creepy crawlers without us even noticing. So what are the signs you need to look for to be alerted that these creatures are soon to invade your humble abode? Check for the following obvious and not so obvious warnings:

Sign Number 1: Unusual Strange Stench

An infestation that is already present gives off unpleasant odour. A few sample are as follows: Mice’s urine has that ammonia-like smell that would catch your sense of smell. Cockroaches’ lustrous oily musk have an overpowering odour that will surely get your attention. Bed bugs have that hardly noticeable sweet smell. The downside of it all, these smell could even attract more pests into your home.

Sign Number 2: Droppings, a Few Bits or Pieces of their Body Parts, Trail Marks

This is a very obvious sign that you have unwanted visitors in your home. Rodents and arthropods are very exceptional in masking but they cannot cover their track. They leave grease trail marks, scratches, shed off body parts and droppings. Be very cautious with urine and faeces because they are very hazardous to your health.

Sign Number 3: Chew or Bite Marks on Food Packaging and Structures

These pets are living organisms that also have their basic needs like food, water and a place to live. And your home offers all these free of charge. So if you often see gnaw marks on things be very mindful of the possibility that you have been visited by these pests.

Sign Number 4: Look for Anatomic Deterioration

Having these crawlers live in your home for quite some time may already result in a very serious structural damage. Termites have caused millions and billions of money due to the damages that it cost every year. These nuisance feed mostly on wood, books, insulator pads and can also harm shrubs and trees. Mice on the other hand can damage cables and wires and can also make their passage into walls, floors and ceilings.

If you notice one or two of these signs, make sure to contact a pest control in Sydney as fast as you can. Get a professional team that can inspect and provide control solutions for your problems. If you care so much for your family’s health, there is no time to waste to get rid of these disease causing critters.

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The Changing Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

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For many homeowners, their objective in refurbishing the kitchen is to create a gathering room for the family. When remodeling the master bathroom, it is very apparent that the upgrade is meant to create a private and personal space that is suitable for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Annual Houzz Bathroom Study provides homeowners with a national perspective on bathroom remodeling. According to a study of bathroom remodeling in 2015, majority of renovated bathrooms have retained their original size; however, 67% of those who were surveyed have expanded the size of their shower rooms during the upgrade of the master bathroom.

For 87% of those who were surveyed, their focus is aesthetics and style with 41% having a strong preference for spa-like bathroom designs. National studies like the one made by are meant to gauge what people want but on the part of local experts it is the best way to determine how local bathrooms compare with the rest of the nation.

According to Jill Johnson, manager of KSI’s showroom in Ann Arbor, people nowadays want their bathrooms to be relaxing, soothing and peaceful like a spa. They usually install large showers with multiple showerheads. In most instances, the homeowners get rid of the bath and replace it with a big walk-in shower.

Gone are the days when homeowners would use gray, white or earth tones because they have become quite comfortable with a variety of colors that reflect their personality. While ceramic porcelain tiles are still the favorite choice for shower walls, most of the upgrades reflect the trends mentioned by Houzz study.

While granite and marble are still popular choices for countertops, quartz is becoming a preferred option because of the variety of colors and it resists staining better. While free-standing soaking baths are still trendy, it is not always practical because they can cost as much as $4,000 to $5,000.

One thing is for certain in bathroom renovations, homeowners cannot resist vanity units because it enhances the functionality of the space. It ensures that everything you need is on hand while making sure that the bathroom ambience becomes more stylish, elegant and luxurious.


Funeral Directors Take On Gun Violence And How They Cope

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Funeral home directors may be used to facing deceased but they shared how they are feeling as everyone else when it comes to the rampant homicides happening and ending the lives of a number of young men residing in Birmingham.

According to the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church located in West Blocton, Korie J. Anderson, as a child of God, they cannot fathom how hard it is for a parent to be the one burying their own child. The sentiment is expressed by the pastor who also happens to be a licensed funeral director working for Aubrey Bushelon Funeral Directing and Cremation located in East Birmingham. He added that he is sad of the fact that such young lives are taken suddenly and he is bothered by the lengths people will go to just because of senseless reasons.

The president and owner of Arrington Funeral Home Inc., Rachel Arrington, also shared her sentiments and expressed that the killings are not only senseless but it also continues to happen in even higher number of incidents. She is now wondering why the killings continue to happen. The events might not be happening to her personally but in a community where everyone knows everyone, she is more concerned than ever. Despite her job and the title she carries, she is adamant to express than any human being with compassion and care will be able to know that the killings are senseless.

The Davenport and Harros Funeral Home’s president, Marion Sterling, admitted that she has never in his profession such young bodies covered with bullets. The victims are only between 15 and 17 years old which are still young. He now questions the effect it has on the spirit of those who have witnessed such crimes.

For the last three years, Birmingham’s homicides have increased by 80 per cent. Since 2006, the city is now almost to three digits in record of the number of crimes. Statistics from the Birmingham Police Department revealed that in 2016 there were 92 homicides while there were only 51 in 2014. These killings are the reason why funeral home directors are bothered and concerned. This is not surprising because a funeral director in Rockingham would also feel the same way if it were to happen in the community.

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Tips For Effective Strata Cleaning In Sydney

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A clean and well-kept business environment is highly important. It strikes a positive impression among your targets and encourages your customers to continue their patronage on your business. Although you utility personnel among your staff, it is best to hire professionals to clean specific areas in your business premises especially those that require expertise in cleaning. By hiring experts in strata cleaning in Sydney, you can rest assured that your commercial establishment will be properly cleaned and maintained by trained professionals with the least time allocated for the job.

Before calling a service provider for professional strata cleaning, already identify the areas that need cleaning. List down all the required jobs especially the specific areas that you want to be professionally cleaned or for cleaners to concentrate on. These areas can include parking areas, outdoor stairs, if you have a garden, you might want to include the walkways and pavements, stairwells and other common areas that are frequented by people. Strata cleaners can also handle pruning trees and bushes and they can also cover or remove graffiti which is common in schools and a major sore eye for business establishment. List down all your job requirements and inform the service provider for strata cleaning in Sydney. You can also ask seek the assistance of your in-house utilities or cleaners to help identify the areas that needs to be cleaned.

If you have already noted down your requirements, it’s time for you to start searching for reliable strata cleaners to accomplish the requirements for you. You can search online for service providers or you can ask from your network in the industry for recommendations. You can also check from discussion boards for ideas or you can start the topic to get feedback and suggestions from other internet users.

If you have found a number of potential service providers for strata cleaning in Sydney, you can start asking for cost estimates. This will help you in comparing prices and the inclusions of the rates. Make time to read customer reviews to ensure that you will hire a reliable service provider in the industry.


How To Stay Safe In Sports Bar In Nana

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There is nothing wrong with having a good time in your favourite sports bar in Nana and have a few drinks or two while watching your favourite game show. However, with an excited crowd and the availability of drinks in the bar, you become prone to brawls and drunken customers. You may be able to control yourself but you do not have any control on how others would handle their drinks. Thus, to keep safe while enjoying your night in a sports bar, here are some tips:

Set your alcohol limits

You know exactly the amount of alcohol that you can hold. Before you start drinking, set limits or when you start feeling giddy with alcohol, take a break or stop drinking to prevent yourself from feeling worse. When you are in a crowd and you lose control of yourself, that’s when you become susceptible. It would also be better if you go out with friends so you would have somebody to assist you in case you need one.

Know your drinks

Drinks vary in alcohol content. If you are not sure of the drink’s effect on you or if you are not familiar with the drink, it would be better if you skip it especially if you are in a foreign country or in a sports bar in Nana. The effects of some drinks do not kick in immediately and before you know it, alcohol has already taken hold of your head.

Fill up with food

There is a particular reason why food is offered in bars. Food lowers alcohol absorption in your body especially those that are rich in protein. Also, having food around allows you to take breaks from drinking and it slows down your alcohol consumption.

Have some breaks

When you start feeling the effects of alcohol while in sports bar in Nana, take a break and go to the comfort room, eat or drink water. Drinking water is particularly advisable because it lowers alcohol concentration in your blood and prevent terrible hangovers. You can also get some fresh air outside the bar.