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Enjoying Free Energy Through Tesla Powerwall

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Imagine yourself owning your own power station. Imagine supplying all the energy that your household need – from the kitchen to the bedroom – without power interruptions or even major blackouts. Just imagine. Is it impossible? To some, maybe yes. But for you, let’s make it possible.

One of the trending issues nowadays around the world is the use of solar energy as the main source of energy. With the rapid increase of innovations and technologies nowadays, it might be better to resort to some natural ways when it comes to energy consumption.

Have you noticed that your electric consumption has been increasing every month? Well, that may be the result of having a lot of technological equipment in your house. With the emergence of new technologies, many problems also arise. For example, we do not notice yet but our use of some technology actually harms the environment. In order to address these issues, the government is now doing its best to use alternatives such as using solar energy rather than continuously using the energy supplied by electric companies.

In Brisbane, Australia, Tesla Powerwall, an equipment used for harvesting solar energy and storing it into batteries, is now introduced to the market. These Tesla Powerwall in Brisbane is now becoming a trending topic for its usefulness especially during power interruptions and major blackouts. So how does this work? First, solar panels are being installed on the roof of your house. The panels will, of course, harvest solar energy from the sun. Using these panels, the energy will flow to wires connected to it and will be stored in the Tesla Batteries inside your house. This will give you more than enough energy to use during the night (when there is no sun) and during inclement weather.

Though the cost of installation for this kind of equipment can be quite costly at first, you will prove that it is even much cheaper than continuously using energy from electric companies. Think of your bills in the distant future. The energy from the sun is free, and you already have the equipment to harvest it. You will definitely get a better deal through these Tesla Powerwalls.


Bumrungrad Hopistal Innovating With Digitalization

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Most people travel to Bangkok for the sights, the sounds, the fancy hotels, etc. There are however, some people who have other reasons for traveling. Some stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital not for relaxation, but for medical treatment. They will glad to hear that the hospital is not resting when it comes to providing quality healthcare and medical innovation.

Bumrungrad International Hospital, recognized globally as belonging in the top 10 hospitals in the world when it comes to ensuring its patients receive the best and most innovative medical care they can, serves over 1.1 million patients every year, with international patients accounting for half of that. The Thailand facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, and is a privately-owned institution, one of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. The hospital is considered to be an innovator when comes to medical technology.

In its pursuit of seeking out the latest advancements in medical care, the hospital has partnered up with InterSystems, a Massachusetts information technology company specializing in medical applications for the implementation of the InterSystems TrakCare® and the HealthShare® Health Connect systems. Both of these systems are aimed towards improving patient care and efficiency in the hospital.

The TrakCare system is designed to give the hospital’s staff the information they require for each individual patient whenever necessary via a secure, web-based EMR, or electronic medical record. The system is unified, in that the personnel at Bumrungrad will not have to suffer through multiple system access processes and paperwork, as the system provides a single clinical and patient administration system.

HealthShare Health Connect, meanwhile, is designed to allow the aforementioned TrakCare system to interoperate with non-TrakCare systems present in the hospital’s facility, and to allow for exchange of medical information with other authorized organizations.

Ms. Linda Lisaphanya is the Bumrungrad Hospital’s Managing Director and founder, and she has stated that the aim of the implementations of the system to create a singular record for each patient, all with goal of improving the medical care their patients receive in the hospital. She states that, with access to updated, comprehensive data on their patients, the medical staff can make the best decisions possible. The system will also aid patients with accessing the many services, both local and international, that Bumrungrad offers.

Those travelers staying in a hotel near Bumrungrad hospital, will glad to know that, if they ever need medical treatment, they’ll be in good hands.


Japanese Food Crafted By Hand Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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For most people who are trying to make Japanese food at home, they would probably follow the recipe down to a T. If they are planning to make katsuobushi, traditional bonito fish dish in Japan that requires boiling, curing, smoking and fermenting, making their own version might be out of the equation.

This is not the case with Brandon Gray, the culinary director for Cape Seafood and Provisions by Michael Cimarusti which is located in Los Angeles. Gray used to be a renaissance chef but his career took a turn and he is now a fishmonger. He admitted that while many people might be intimidated in making their own katsuobushi because of the processes involved, he is not in any way afraid to try because these kinds of dishes are what challenges him the most.

He revealed that he has a passion for making his own version of everything and he prefers to do it from scratch. He is known to make in-house stuffs that are soon included in Cape’s menu. After hearing this, he eventually became one of the only two chefs based in LA that are making bonito where everyone else is serving umami dishes. The other chef is N/Naka’s Niki Nakayama.

Gray shared that if he discovers something which he enjoyed, it encourages him to learn more about it especially with a dish like dashi that is quite complicated. When cooking, he uses only the freshest fish and he starts by filleting the fish before boiling for a few hours with shaved bonito. After boiling, a thick paste of ground bonito is used to cover the fish. The fish must then be smoked daily for about four hours and it should be done in a month without fail. After this, the fish will be half its original weight and the texture is stiff and super dry. You can ferment it in order to have additional flavours but it can be used as it is. It is either shaved thinly or used to flavour pureed soups. Look for a Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit that serves this dish in order to try its umami-filled glory.

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Helpful Tips For Carpet Cleaning In Perth

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Even if you try your best, your carpet would still get unwanted spills, soda, stains, dust, mites and microorganisms that will make your carpet stained and unsafe for you and your family. For this, it would be best to do carpet cleaning in Perth. It would prolong the carpet’s life and make it a safer area for your kids, pets and entire family to hang around. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your carpet in exceptional condition.

  • Have your carpet vacuumed at least once a week. This is highly recommendable in areas where they are frequently stepped on or frequented by your family and pets. By vacuuming your carpet regularly, you prevent dirt build up and the accumulation of unhealthy particles that can damage the carpet before its time. If you have the time, clean the carpet at least once a month. Focus on hard to reach areas on the carpet such as those under the furniture and home appliances.
  • For wall to wall carpets, it would be best to vacuum the carpet in sections. If the carpet is too big, divide the carpet in half or into a quadrant. Your carpet cleaning in Perth should be thorough. Do not skip portions in order to ensure that the carpet would be cleaned and maintained effectively.
  • If your carpet is thick and plush, take more time and attention to vacuum because dirt and grime have surely imbedded deeply into the carpet. Pass the vacuum cleaner as many as possible depending on the need.
  • Aside from frequented areas, pay more attention to areas of the carpet where people sit or rest their feet more often. Vacuum in crisscross patterns using overlapping strokes.
  • To make the carpet cleaning in Perth more effective, add baking soda onto the vacuum bag to eliminate bad odour and musty smell on the carpet. For heavy stains that cannot be removed manually and if your carpet is too big for you to clean, call a professional carpet cleaner and let them handle the job instead.

Dulux Academy Now Open For Painters And Decorators

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AkzoNobel is the parent company of Dulux Trade which is a brand of professional paint in the market. In March of last year, it opened up the very first academy dedicated for painters and decorators in the United Kingdom. The official opening was led by Priti Patel, the Minister of State for Employment.

The academy will be providing over 4,000 decorators as well as apprentices the opportunity to be able to improve their skills every year by learning new skills and techniques. They will be getting expert advice and will be working alongside experts themselves in order to learn more about paint applications and coverings. Through the workshops and lessons, they will be able to understand better the importance of sustainability, design and color.

The Academy will also provide the decorators with various skills which they can use in different stages of their respective careers. Through the courses for marketing and business, they will be able to operate and market a successful business.

The school will also be offering the students a qualification developed by Dulux Academy which will be the first in the country – it is called City & Guilds Level 3 certificate in Color, Design and Professional Decorating. They will not only be training current professionals but also those who wanted to be included in the latest generation of painters and decorators in the industry. This will help upgrade the standards of the job and acknowledge the fact that there is shortage of skills in the country.

The academy will also be partnering with colleges all over the nation so they can have 350 different workplaces for incoming students to rally the next generation of decorators and painters. Tutors chosen at every college will be able to learn regarding the latest products in the market, the design technology and methods used. These learning will then be passed on the students.

According to a report published by Construction Industry Training Board, there is a high demand for skilled labors such as in the area of interior and painting and decorating. But at the end of 2104, KPMG released a report that the construction sector should improve its training by 51 per cent in order to meet the required demand until 2017. The Academy is a great way for new generation of painters and decorators in reading to improve their skills and be an addition to the current workforce.

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4 Reasons For Hiring Qualified Blocked Drains Repairman

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There are several reasons why you should hire a qualified plumbing engineer from Fresh Flo or from your trusted plumbing company. Although you can easily find a plumbing engineer online or in your neighborhood, you would get more value if you would hire a professional plumber. Here are some of the reasons why.

Uses latest plumbing equipment

The good thing about qualified plumbers is that they know the latest technologies in resolving blocked drains. They are also equipped with the right equipment that not only resolves drain issues, it could also help in preventing the recurrence of problems.

Trained professionally

Qualified plumbers from Fresh Flo take regular knowledge update and trainings to further their expertise and at the same time, to attract more customers to hire them. Trained plumbers have higher rates mainly because they can effectively resolve plumbing issues without much difficulty. Check the plumber’s license and training certificates as proof of their qualifications.

Diverse expertise

One of the main reasons why you should hire qualified plumbers over regular repairman is that they are trained and experienced enough to do various projects and services. Hire a plumbing engineer from a reputable plumbing and heating company to ensure quality service and reliable results. If you will hire an expert plumber, you won’t have to hire a different technician to do the job. You can easily set a single schedule different job requirement which would incur less time and even less repair costs.

Reliable results

Another important reason why you should leave the repair of your blocked drains to qualified plumbers is that you can expect better and high quality results for the job. Hiring a professional plumber also means he has a corresponding license including insurances such as liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage.

Before you hire a plumber, check for the plumbing company’s reputation among customers. You can get more information by looking at the plumbing company’s website such as the website of Fresh Flo. Read customer reviews and online discussion boards to find out what previous customers have to say about the service.


Business Presentation Trends Of 2017

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The main goal of marketing companies and advertisement agencies at the start of the New Year is to think of new ways to win more business. Starting at the month of January and all throughout the year, all the staff in every department, including the directors, planners and development teams, will be involved in brainstorming for new tactics and strategies. No task is too small as it is their goal to succeed in the next 12 months.

In winning a business over, the pitch is the most crucial stage and how it is presented. It must be done subtly with both art and science. There are various tools and techniques that may be used by marketers and agencies to win a business over. One of them is presenting in a conversational manner. It is no longer acceptable to present in a one-way manner. Interactions are important thus he audience need to be engaged. A conversational approach helps build trust and the talk will be more genuine.

Presentations can also be done in a storytelling approach. During the pitch, a storytelling will add more to the content because of the back story, personality and characters presented. Presenting should be done effectively as advertising which means emotional investment is necessary. You will be able to sell your work effectively with the help of an emotional storytelling strategy.

Consumer presentations have seen a lot of videos but this is getting popular with business to business presentations as well. This is termed as cinemagraphs. It is one of the most effective methods of visualization but the content should be engaging as well in order to catch the attention of the business you are trying to pitch.

For 2017, virtual reality will be a big thing and it will be incorporated in business presentations too. Its usefulness is not all guaranteed despite the trend around the technology. When considering this method, make sure you have all the required tools and it should be used in the appropriate audience to be more effective.

While there are many digital ways to present, nothing beats the traditional tools used in presentations – presentation folders. These are handy and make everything organize as you pitch. One can easily look for a local printing company that will customize their business presentation folders in Perth.