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Turning Your Selfies Into Wall Decor

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How can you turn your selfies into wall décor? 55 million downloads in a matter of weeks was generated by the photo processing app Prisma that was launched this summer. It looks like selfie enthusiasts have a way to transform the photographs taken through their iPhones into art fit to hang on the wall for visual appreciation.

CanvasPop, a veteran print-your-own-photos-on-canvas believes that there is a lucrative opportunity to monetize on the craze for selfies appearing on Instagram. CanvasPop is working with Prisma so that Smartphone users can turn their selfies into canvases that can be displayed on walls. The services of Prisma is already being offered to Facebook and Instagram users but if the app is integrated with CanvasPop’s API on iOS and Android, many users will be able to convert their digital images into wall art.

Tech Crunch acted on the offer of CanvasPop to try the printing ability of Prisma. Here is what TechCrunch found out. When you use the standard sizes of 12” by 12” and 20” by 20”, the results are of fairly decent quality. There are other options when it comes to size and the service can handle a bigger blowup. The canvas appeared to have a slight sheen to the finished product which you may not desire but it is supposed to make the print more durable. There are tiny bits of imperfections but nothing that cannot easily be fixed through editing.

Smaller print sizes tend to result into cleaner looking prints. If the images are reproduced into large sizes, the color tones tend to be more saturated and look garish if compared to the image on your iPhone. In spite of imperfections, an enlarged selfie on your living room wall is more unique than hanging an Ikea painting.

To end up with something that is more original, go outside with your iPhone and find good images in the environment that are worth using as wall art. With Wall Art Prints on canvas, you do not need to look for a classy frame because the image will look good frameless or divided into multiple panels.


Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control In Perth

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There several benefits of hiring Pest Control in Perth. As a matter of fact, having professional exterminators would only give you benefits and nothing less of it. There could be no reason why you should not eliminate pests inside your house. The moment you noticed that you have unwelcomed guests in your house such as rodents, ants or spiders, call a professional exterminator right away to resolve the issue. Here are some of the reasons why you should act as early as possible.

Health reasons

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests inside the house. Having them around could get you and your family inhaling their fur and this could lead to respiratory issues. Pests could inhabit your sofa, your beds and other areas that you and your family frequently use and they can harm you. Red ants, for instance, can cause skin itchiness and rashes while cockroaches can definitely bring in sickness due to various forms of microorganisms that they take along with them. Keep your house clean and hygienic to keep sickness at bay.

You save your belongings            

One of the reasons why Pest Control in Perth is in demand is due to the fact that they can save your properties from getting damaged. Pest exterminators know exactly how to eliminate pests while saving your furniture and personal effects. Termites and silverfish can easily consume your furniture while your things can easily be engulfed by spiders which, by the way, are very unsightly.

Safe premises

Having cockroaches, rodents, millipedes and other known pest makes you feel uneasy. There are also several reported cases of rodents biting off or even eating babies while sleeping. The thought of it can be unsettling especially for parents of small children. Mosquitoes, bedbugs and millipedes are also dangerous not just for your family’s health but also for your safety. Call experts in Pest Control in Perth to keep your house clean and save for you to live in. choose your exterminators wisely. Consider those who are trusted in the industry and with positive feedback from customers.


Overcoming The Storm That Hits The Hotel Industry In South America

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The last few years have been a difficult times for hoteliers in majority of the cities in South America. This is because of the falling prices in the basic commodities including gas and oil. There is also the problem of devaluations of currency added with inflation which has resulted to the economy continuing to decline even in countries that are rich with resources such as Argentina and Brazil. Several governments have also been faced with charges of corruption. These problems might be a lot but nature added its own with the earthquake that went through Ecuador and the recent crisis that happened because of the discovery and spread of Zika Virus.

There might be a lot of challenges on their way bit hoteliers in South America are still feeling positive because of one reason – the hotel visits are starting to increase because of the local economy which is on its way to stabilization. The recent Olympic Games held there also created positive impacts by encouraging big brands such as Marriott to take an investment gamble into the region which they have never done before.

According to the South America Hotels & Hospitality Group’s managing director, Ricardo Mader, there has been double digit increase in the number of tourists visiting the popular leisure destination cities in the continent including Santiago de Chile located in Chile, Colombia as well as Bogota. The good thing that comes out of currency devaluation is that the exchange rate is favorable for the residents of the United States and gives them a reason to visit South America because of the affordable holiday they can get. In that same note, South Americans are finding travel abroad to be quite expensive at the current state of the exchange rate thus they are touring the region rather than go overseas.

There is now a big difference in the hotel industry compared to a decade ago when establishments used to be family-owned. Now there are new players in the hospitality industry such as professional investors, experienced developers as well as global operators that are making the industry up to par with those found in other countries. This is one of the major reason why now is the best time to take a South America Tour in order to experience the maturing hotel market in the region.


Thailand’s Tourism Revenue Grows

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has reported its tourism revenue reaching over THB 627 billion from July to September of this year.

This involves both international and domestic tourist spending.

The statistics from the report

Kobkarn Wattanavrnagkul, the Tourism and Sports Minister, mentioned that in the 3rd quarter, the earnings grew to 12.22%, which reached THB 627,037.25 million.

From this, THB 410,755.03 million came from international markets, up by 14.77%. THB 216,282.22 million was derived from domestic markets, up by 7.69%.

There were international tourist arrivals of 8,228,278, up by 13.09% from 2015 Q3.

Chinese tourist arrivals increased 14.53%, 2.42 million in Q3. This created THB 123,609 million, a 15.67% increase.

ASEAN tourist arrivals increased 14.63%, 2.20 million. This created THB 67,601 million in revenue.

European tourist arrivals increased 12.11%, 1.20 million. This created THB 86,867 million, a 15.6% increase in 2015 Q3.

The government estimated 36.48 billion Thais doing trips in Q3 for the domestic market. This is up by 5.55% from 2015 Q3.

THB 155,631.85 million, an increase of 7.57%, from domestic travel went to 10 destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, Rayong, Chonburi, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Additionally, THB 13,141.70 million, an increase of 8.54%, went to the 12 destinations of Lampang, Loei, Nan, Phetchabun, Buri Ram, Samut Songkhram, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Ratchaburi, Chanthaburi, Chumphon, Trat and Trang.

THB 13,777.87 million, an increase of 8.21% went to the 12 destinations of Lamphun, Phitsanulok, Phrae, Chaiyaphum, Phatthalung, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Surin, Sa Kaeo, Ranong, Rayong and Satun.

For Q4, the ministry estimated that the tourism revenue may get to THB 690,616.05 million, which is up by 1.28% 2015 Q4.

Of that estimation, THB 389,884.43 million will derive from the international markets, while THB 219,731.62 million will derive from the domestic markets.

For 2015, it was 29.8 million international arrivals, up by 20.44% from 2014’s 24.8 million. The revenue was also estimated at THB 1.44 trillion which is up by 23.39% from 2014’s THB 1.17 trillion.


This means a great deal for all the tour operators (international and domestic), hotels and resorts, whether that be a boutique resort in Chanthaburi or a hostel in Bangkok. The tourism growth and revenue increase in Thailand is proof enough of it being a major destination for international and domestic tourists alike.



How A Student’s Illustrated Map Showcased Lincoln Park

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Brooke Robinson is a DePaul junior geography student who created an illustrated map of Lincoln Park to help incoming freshmen find their way around the school campus and the residential areas along Lincoln. Little did she know that the map will be featured by the Department of Geography and shown throughout the entire school.

Robinson who is a mentor at the Honors Program wanted to provide something useful to freshmen for their first quarter at college. Since the DePaul Geography Student Association had a table reserved for the Involvement Fair, Robinson realized she can give the maps to the freshmen. Most of the professors who attended the fair saw Robinson’s useful map. They suggested for it to be featured as Map of the Month for the Department of Geography. The project started in September 2013 when a map made by a student was chosen to be displayed.

Most of the maps made in the past used poverty and employment in Chicago as their inspiration while others explored the city’s agriculture and energy consumption. Robinson’s map was the first useful map intended to help freshmen. Robinson wanted the freshmen to see DePaul in Lincoln Park from the perspective of a peer, not from the official map that can be found on the school’s website.

The map in the school’s website is focused on prospective students and their parents including visitors who plan to see the campus. Robinson’s map is for students who are not yet familiar with DePaul campus and the Lincoln Park area. There are some things included in Robinson’s map that you will not find elsewhere like shortcuts. Most people do not know that there is hallway connecting the library to SAC or an alley between Clifton and Munroe/Belden that can quickly get you to Racine Avenue.

Navigating the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park is not easy even with the help of the phone’s GPS particularly if you have never been to the place. With the help of Illustrated Maps, students can explore what is around them without getting lost. When an illustrated map is about a city, it highlights landmarks and buildings along the area so that you can easily identify your present location.


Trucking Is A Hot Job In Nebraska

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Even though the technology and analytics careers are dominating the list of top jobs in the United States, in the state of Nebraska, truck driving, is one of the hottest jobs, which is also a surprise to the truckers.

A hot job in the state of Nebraska

Scott Crawford was a little bit surprised, since he thought that there are several other careers which appeal to the people’s attention more than truck driving.

Crawford just recently began his trucking job. In spring of last year, he moved from Virginia to Nebraska to begin his latest career. He mentioned that he loved being on the road a lot, so he thought that trucking was the best job for him.

According to Crawford, he has already gone to various places, and it is not easy as he expects it to be. However, for him, an individual earns money when he gets with a right company. He thinks that this job is very worth it.

The competition in getting a trucker job

With a great demand for these truckers from employers, the hard work pays off, too.

According to the president of Hastings Chamber of Commerce Tom Hastings, he does not think that a lot of people realize that the pay is pretty good. He thinks that several of these truck drivers make money in between $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

However, there exists a competition to look for a right company to be employed with, especially for those who are new to this career.

Crawford mentioned that there is surely a lot of competition, especially in getting into the places which are filled up. There are a lot of people who are going out there to get their Commercial Driver’s License.

Hastings mentioned that this competition is an advantage since as the jobs are filled more quickly, the companies are also more likely to regard a community as a good destination to bring a business.

Hastings also said that for when there is a highly educated community, this means having well trained workforce, as well as the people to fill the trucking jobs which are required in this workforce.


Wise Spending At Bangkok Hotel Near Shopping

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If you are booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre, it can be easy to binge and buy everything that you can possibly afford. With all the glittering things that you see, ignoring them especially those that are on sale can be quite a challenge. Being in a shopping centre and near commercial centres can lead you to over shop and regret your actions later on especially when you realize how much you spent and the things that you need to take home with you. To do away with guilt feelings after a holiday, take a look at these suggestions:

Set a budget

If you have the tendency to buy impulsively, it would be wise to set a budget for your travel and make sure to stick to it. Write down all the things that you need to spend on for your vacation. From trip tickets and other transportation needs, food including your accommodation at a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre and of course, set a budget for your shopping. A holiday in a foreign country would not be complete without buying souvenir items and things that you can purchase therein. When you determine your budget, place them in separate envelopes so you won’t have to “accidentally” spend the budget for other items.

Buy what you need

When shopping or buying things especially in a different country where running out of money can be disastrous, you need to watch your expenses. Avoid buying that you won’t use anyway. Aside from the risk of having excess baggage, some of the things that you can see in huge malls and shopping centres can also be found in your country so why not purchase them when you get home.

Keep your credit card

The key to avoid temptation when you are booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre is to take enough cash when you go out and keep your credit in your hotel room. In a nutshell, you get the convenience of not paying anything upfront but the problem starts when your credit card bill arrives. Snap out of the credit card bait and stay away from it.