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The Experience Of Teaching English In Thailand

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Sarah Dawson had no idea that when he boarded the plan going to Thailand, her job would pose such a challenge to her. She also had no idea that in a matter of months, he will be posting to Facebook to appeal to family and friends to help her in raising funds for her student who is suffering with cancer.

Dawson recounted how within a matter of days she was able to gather around $650 from donations which she was able to give to her student’s family. She also shared how it was very hard for her to keep it together while visiting him at the hospital.

Teaching English overseas is considered a mutually beneficial work experience that is currently in high demand. Students have the chance to travel and work as well s live overseas because they are fluent in English. All they have to do is share their knowledge with locals who are not familiar with the English language. There are students that decide to teach overseas once they have graduated rather than go straight into finding a career or moving onto graduate school.

According to the TEFL Iberia’s founder, Richard Davie, teaching English will help one make friends all over the globe, get to know the different cultures aside from the ones you grew up into, improve your confidence, upgrade your skills in other languages and it the experience will result to a new you – more resourceful and employable. TEFL Iberia is a training school for English teachers based in Barcelona, Spain.

Dawson decided to come back to Thailand after she was captivated with the country when she visited it for the first time for her Semester at Sea during her junior year as a student.

She shared how she does not want to jump right into graduate school so she decided to teach abroad because it will give her a chance to visit Southeast Asia once more and she will be able to give her passion a chance.

There are many programs available that can help aspiring English teacher to go abroad and teach. Dawson decided to apply to one these programs, the Council on International Education Exchange or CIEE. They are the ones that sent her applications and then she was automatically assigned a school where she will experience TEFL in Thailand.